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Years Later...


I did as promised and went to school. Every year, at least one of the twins were in my classes. It was Kristian's way of making sure I didn't get into trouble. Not that they interacted with me at all.
I was what they called an alpha. It meant that I was fated to mate an alpha immortal. Someone powerful I guess. They were rare which is why my existence was crucial.
I had my own apartment but even my own space was not sacred. Kristian, Henry, or Andrew would always made themselves at home. I guess they needed the constant reminder I was still alive.
Though Kristian's over protection was annoying, he was more like a parent, making sure I had every thing I needed. Clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, food in my tummy, those kinds of things.
I made my way to the fridge, grabbing the milk and placing it on the island before padding over to the cupboards for some cereal.
I plopped on the stool and began shoving spoonful's into my mouth when the doorbell rang.
With a sigh, I dropped my spoon into the bowl and walked over to the door. I peaked out the peep hole first like Henry had warned me to do several times.
If it was one of them, they would not have knocked.
Peering through. I saw Daniella's petite figure. She was in skinny jeans and a cute frilled blouse. She always dressed pretty like a model. I tried doing the same for like a week but I ended up diving back into my old ways. Leggings and pullover or a hoodie. Today was no different. I was in black leggings and a pullover blue sweater with my haired tied up into a knot on the top of my head.
I opened the door and I smiled genuinely. I liked Daniella. Though we looked close in age, she was actually much older than me. "Hey Dani."
She smiled brightly from the doorway. "Morning. I was wondering if you wanted to come up for breakfast?"
"Oh! For the boy's birthday right?" I completely forgot. Not that I ever do anything for them. We normally forget each other exists.
"Yes! Kristian is cooking pretty much everything we have. We will definitely need all the mouths we can get." She said with a laugh.
I forced a smiled. "Sure! I'll change and come up."
After waving goodbye, I headed to the shower. I didn't want to go but I couldn't say no to Daniella. She was always so kind to me no matter what.
After taking a long shower, dreading heading up stairs to their massive apartment, I reluctantly got out and made my way to my closet. Maybe I should wear something nice. Daniella always dressed cute for special occasions.
I pulled out a floral yellow dress that hugged my womanly curves. It had spaghetti straps and was modestly low giving a hint of cleavage. It was cute and meant for a date night. Daniella had been the one to pick it out. Not that I was dating.
I wasn't interested in dating. I tried it a few times but it just didn't feel right and I wondered if it had to do with the person I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with or not.
Slipping on a white sweater, I headed out the door. I made my way to the elevator at the end of the hall, taking my time.
There was a man walking in my direction with his eyes on me. When I met his gaze, his eyes darted away nervously. He was scruffy and his clothes were a little disheveled.
I looked away keeping my eyes on my goal. The elevator. But that didn't stop my body from tensing up, preparing to fight if need be. Something was off about this guy.
Once I was in the elevator and the doors closed, I let out a sigh of relief and sagged against the wall before punching in the code to the top floor.
With a ping, the doors slid open to the expanse of the apartment. I walked in immediately smelling bacon and my mouth watered.
Walking through the entryway to the main space, I saw Kristian at the stove flipping pancakes with a white towel over his shoulder. His muscles bulged as he clutched the pan and flipped the pancake. Daniella was a lucky girl to have such a handsome and talented mate.
"Ava! You made it." Henry said lazily from the stool at the island. His announcement caught the attention of the twins whose heads spun around in surprise. Their identical blue eyes caught mine and time froze for a second. I couldn't read their expressions as they stood from the couch.
Their eyes looked me over. Scrutinizing me from head to toe. I clutched my sweater nervously as I broke our stare. Maybe coming here was a bad idea.
"What the fuck are you wearing?" Kol growled as he nodded towards my dress.
My eyebrow rose incredulously at his question. His question ignited something in me. Anger. Frustration. Lust? No. Not going there Ava. Focus. I fixed him with my own glare. "What the fuck is wrong with my dress?"
"It's..." Kol bit his lip with a scowl as he chimed in. His nose scrunched with distaste. I didn't walk in here wearing a greasy paper bag. It a dress for god's sake.
"Short." Kaleb finished with matching displeasure.
I was ready to spin around and leave. Giving up on this fucking venture until Henry was suddenly behind me pushing me to sit on one of the stools.
"Your dress is pretty. They are just being assholes per usual." Henry said patting my shoulder before taking his seat next to me.
"Where's Dani?" I asked looking around needing her to be my back up. The boys always behaved in front of their mother for two important reasons. They loved her more than anything in this world. Lastly, Kristian would probably end their lives if they ever made her unhappy.
"Her and Andrew stepped out to get more coffee." Kristian said placing a plate of food in front of me.
The twins walked around the island heading to the Keurig. That's when I noticed the large bandage on Kaleb's forearm. Pain clutched at my chest at the sight as I began to panic. What the fuck happened? How did he get hurt?
"What the hell is that?" I rasped. I didn't realize how upset I was until I heard my pained voice. It was like I choked out the words.
Kol and Kaleb turned toward me in shock. That's when I noticed Kol had the same thing. Kaleb placed a hand over the bandage nervously while Kol moved his arm behind him out of my line of sight. When I met their eyes, they were a mixture of shock and guilt? What would they need to be guilty for? Making me upset?
"It's just a tattoo, Ava." Kaleb said finally. He didn't look at me as he said it and went back to the coffee machine. Kol just stood next to him avoiding me as well.
"A tattoo?" I asked not sure if they were telling the truth or not.
"They are Equalizers now." Henry interrupted. "They will be working with Andrew and I after they graduate."
Ah. The gang that Taylor worked for. They were like immortal police officers except they don't have any rules about killing. Their job was to protect and maintain secrecy of the immortal world. They eliminated immortals that killed, raped, or did anything remotely illegal or dangerous to their kind.
Like the man that killed Nicole.
"What does it take to be an Equalizer?" I asked. If I could become one of them, maybe I could find the goon that killed Nicole.
Four pairs of eyes shot to me coupled with deep scowls. Kol and Kaleb, in particular, burned their gazes into me. I felt like at any moment, I would catch fire. What was so bad about me becoming an Equalizer?
"Only immortals can be an Equalizer." Kristian said turning back to the stove. Kristian's word was always final. I knew that. There are two immortals that you don't cross and that was Klaus and Kristian.
I've only met Klaus few times when he visited away from his home in Oregon. He always rubbed be the wrong way. Not that he was a bad guy. Just that, I didn't like that he could read me so easily. Like he knew my pain and my insecurities. Like the twins did.
They always made me nervous. Making me want to hide away from their stares. Like I was a glass house they could see into.
Kristian did too I guess but he was decent enough to ignore it all and make me feel more welcome.
Frustrated, I tied my red wavy hair into a bun and began to eat. "It's a stupid rule."
Henry chuckled under his breath. I glanced the twins. They were turned away slightly but I could see a hint of a smile on their lips. It caught me a little off guard. They normally never smiled around me. As much as they fought it, biting their lips, they smiled. My heart sped up and before I knew it, I was blushing.
"We are back!" Daniella sing songed as her and Andrew walked in. She dangled a pair of keys in her hand towards the boys.
Their eyes lit up with confusion as Kaleb took them from her. "What's this for?"
"Your own apartment. Andrew and I just stocked it with everything you need as well for your party this afternoon." The boys beamed and hugged their mom before turning and hugging Kristian as well giving their thanks.
With the keys in hand, they didn't stick around to have breakfast, they headed to their brand new apartment taking the tension of the room with them.


Daniella and I spent the day together. She convinced me into a spa day. It was nice even when we went to the nail spa for a mani-pedi.
The day had gone by so quickly. I was sure the boys party was in full swing by now. As I made my way to my apartment, I saw Jordan, one of the guys from school carrying a case of beer to the apartment next to mine.
Did the boys get the apartment next to me? Of course they did. Kristian was always making sure I was watched over.
Jordan turned and a lazy smile crept onto his face. I knew Jordan was interested in me from the looks he had given to me in passing on campus. He was good looking with dark chestnut brown hair and green eyes. He was a vampire like the twins. He also was the quarterback for our football team.
"Hey Jordan." I said in greeting.
"Ava..." He looked me over liking what he saw. I was still in my flirty yellow dress from this morning. "You coming to the party?"
He opened the door to the party inviting me in. The music bumped and blared through the gap in the door. There was a large group of people in there drinking and having a good time. Though drinking at our age was illegal, it didn't really apply to immortals.
I peeked in curiously seeing the twins. A pretty blonde was in between them. Her hands were on both of them as they flirted. Kol leaned down and kissed her neck while Kaleb kissed her lips gently. The sight caused instant nausea.
I stepped back and waved my hands. "No thanks. I wasn't invited anyways."
"I'm inviting you." Jordan quipped eager for me to join him.
"I don't like parties. See ya later, Jordan." I spun around and escaped to my apartment. Slowly, I walked through heading towards my bedroom. Before I could make it, I fell to me knees clutching my chest, trying to over come this random sickness. My eyes slid from the cream carpet of my livingroom to the open door of my bedroom. That's when I saw shoes. Black soled shoes on a man that was under my bed. I could see a shine of a kitchen knife in his hand.
Had he been waiting patiently for me this entire time?
I paled as fear crippled me to wear I sat. Logic kicked in, and I forced my lead legs to move. Every step felt heavy as I hurried soundlessly to the door.
Once I made it out safe, I shakily hurried to the twins apartment and tried the door. It was open!
I walked in frantically scanning the room for the twins. My body shook with absolute fear. What if I didn't see him? would I have been dead by now? How did he get into my apartment?
"Ava!" Jordan said removing himself from the brunette next to him on the sectional. "Change your mind?"
"Where are they?" I asked knowing he would know who I meant.
He frowned slightly but answered. "In their room but I don't think you want to go in there, if you know what I mean."
He winked. I didn't have time to wait for them to finish whatever they were doing. So I hurried to their bedroom door.
Not thinking twice about it, I swung the door open. Both boys had their shirts off as they towered over the blonde on their bed. She was in her underwear waiting for them to fuck her. I knew they liked to share but fuck. At the same time?
The boys turned to me frustrated that someone barged in but then turned to horror seeing me there.
"Ava..." Kaleb choked. He looked ashamed of me seeing him with her.
I didn't have the time to process the situation. Fear drove me forward as I stepped inside clutching my sweater close to my body. "Someone is in my apartment.."
The fear that had built up inside me finally spilled over in hot tears.
Kol's expression hardened as he didn't waste time in rushing past me at an inhuman speed to my apartment.
My head fell with relief. I didn't know why but I knew it would be okay now.

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