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Surrounded by people, they both felt alone. Both possessed magic but kept it hidden. They each walled themselves off but by using different means. Annie O'Brien was a source of great light in the world but had lived a sheltered, protected life. Jaeden Kang represented everything dark in his out in the open, over-indulgent lifestyle. And yet, like magnets, they were drawn to each other over and over again. When Jae and Anne find themselves working together with magical beings at an international firm, unique relationships are formed, and true bonds are tested. With nature, the fates, and magnetism colluding to push our stubborn couple together in this slow-burn supernatural romance, will the strength of their bond be enough to counter that which threatens to tear them apart? Will Jae and Anne find their soulmates and themselves when so many forces are at play? Copyright © 2020 by K. B. Thompson (@angstyjane) All rights reserved.

Romance / Fantasy
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In a world where most supernaturals existed primarily as hybrids, soft magic prevailed. After all, when genes, potions, poisons, and spells were at play, the results were hard to determine.

Unique gifts were sometimes apparent to those who were aware or open to recognizing them. Everyone had a bit of something hidden within, but whether they accepted it was a different question. Typically, supernaturals hid their gifts for fear of persecution. Judgment still existed.

Jaeden Kang came from a more traditional family. His parents' families had long, pure bloodlines. He was one of the first hybrids for either lineage. His parents remained deeply rooted in the “old” world and didn’t openly discuss it, holding on tightly to traditional values and rituals. Of course, when money and power were at stake, they happily did what they could to gain more of both.

Although overprotective, Anne O’Brien’s parents willingly accepted the “new ways” and were willing to break with tradition. That meant allowing Anne to leave her highly sheltered life to explore the world. She, of course, did so willingly all be it nervously.

Everyone had a unique, integrated whole. Demons and shifters’ baser instincts were part of them through and through, despite the need or ability to have a shifted/changed presence. Witches, warlocks, angels, faes, goblins, ghosts, and trolls all seamlessly blended in with longer lineage humans as well. Supernaturals and humans existed in a tentative detente.

Somehow those with gifts all still managed to find their own kind within each other. After all, one thing many supernaturals always believed in was finding their soulmate. None of them wanted to give up on the idea that their unique other half existed in the world- that once you found them, you would feel complete. Old habits died hard, especially when it came to love.

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