Bad Boy Saved

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He is Happy.

The lake was beautiful and serene. There was a certain calmness to the waters and the sun baked down between the trees giving everything the warmest of glows. The deep hue of the still liquid reminded me of the sapphire shades in familiar eyes and the reflection of the forest brought back memories of what lay behind the trees.

I traced my fingers over my lips as I relived our first kiss through the power of my own mind. Back then Liam was constantly blowing hot and cold, he struggled to let me in and I misunderstood his character. But at least he wasn’t showing his attention to another girl.

“I slept so good last night.” Lola said as she stretched her body on the sun lounger.

I wish I did. Instead I lay unable to remove the image of Liam and Reece in bed together just three doors down. My mind plagued me into thinking of all the different things they could be doing and I ended up tossing and turning frustrated with myself for even over thinking it. I hated myself for allowing him to practice sharing a bed with me because if that never happened he would never of climbed into bed with Reece so willingly.

The rest of the guys followed out breaking through the calm with their portable freezer box and loud mouths. I was thankful my eyes were hidden behind a pair of shades when Liam walked out because he did a double take at me and I squirmed uncomfortably, unable to hide my barely clothed body from his watchful eyes.

Jordan placed the freezer box down and made a run for it towards the lake, he flipped his body through the air and landed in the water, spraying wetness all over our bodies.

“Jordan!” Tia shouted with annoyance as she wiped the droplets from her skin with a towel. I’m pretty sure up until now she was sleeping.

It wasn’t long before Zak and Ben had located a tire swing and used it to hover their bodies above the lake and then drop in from a substantial height. Reece pulled off her t.shirt exposing her very toned mid-drift and a frilly pink bikini, then she was right in there with the guys, taking on any daring challenge they offered her.

Everyone seemed to like her, she fitted in well with all of the lads. It made me jealous that she got on so well with Liams friends, they tormented me for years and even now I don’t really know what they think of me. But Reece laughs with them, talks to them with ease, has small games of soccer with them. It annoys me how well suited she is for Liam.

“Why aren’t you going in?” Tia asked Liam who now sat beside us looking awkward, drinking a beer. He glanced nervously at me for a split second and then looked away.

“I don’t wanna.” He muttered quietly, although I could tell by his face that he wanted to. I didn’t fully understand it, surely by now the bruises would have faded.

“Well since I got wet I’m going in.” Tia announced as she stood up and fixed her black bikini in place.

“I’ll come too.” Lola said with a sly smirk, I gave her ‘the look’ that told her not to leave me alone with Liam but judging by her smile I think that was her intention all along. As soon as the pair of them disappeared the air felt thick again, like a knife couldn’t cut through the tension that surrounded us.

“Your friends seem to like Reece.” I voiced my thoughts. Liam gazed out towards the water where Reece was sitting up on Zak’s shoulders throwing a ball around the water. He smiled to himself.

“Yeah, she’s great.” He concluded, making my insides churn.

There was a long pause of discomforted silence. Everything felt heavy between us, there was so much stuff left unsaid but neither of us made efforts to speak.

“You can go in wearing your t.shirt you know?” I uttered nervously.

He looked at me with softened eyes that thanked me for trying but I already knew he had fully made up his mind. “It would look weird, people would question it.” He said as a way of an explanation but I honestly think he was being paranoid, I don’t think anyone would bat an eyelid to it.

“Liam come here.” Reece shouted from the water, he looked at me for permission and I smiled granting it unwillingly. He stood up and walked closer to the waters edge as Reece desperately tried to persuade him to get in.

I rolled my eyes at her tactics, she was flirting with him mindlessly from within the water and although I could see from the way his body stiffened that he was visibly uncomfortable by her advances it still made me mad. I got up from the sun lounger and walked over to him, I didn’t miss him looking my body up and down before he cottoned on to what I was about to do.

With two hands I pushed into him hard, he didn’t have time to flinch before he grabbed hold of my waist and dragged me down with him. In the few seconds our heads were under water I tried to pull my body away from his but he grabbed my waist tighter, pulling me closer to him so my body glided against the friction of the water and smacked into his.

The first bit of closeness we’ve had for weeks, it was improper but somehow hidden away under the depths of the water made it seem alright. More than alright.

It was a fleeting moment, one far too brief. Once we rose to the waters surface he detached himself from me and swiped the wet locks out of his eyes.

“Liv!” He complained.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“You’re in now.” I replied as I shot a secretive glance towards his drenched t.shirt.

Somehow Lola, Tia and I got coaxed into playing a game of water soccer with our hands. I think everyone could safely assume we didn’t win. In fact we didn’t even know what we were doing half the time but it was fun. For a couple of hours I wasn’t worrying about Liam and Reece, I was just having a good time with my friends.

Liam lunged at me and pulled me beneath the water in efforts to get the ball away from me. We were enclosed in aqua for all of a few seconds but there was a confusing moment shared between us. I could see him through my water stained eyes, he tried to touch my hair but it floated away so instead he touched my cheek and even in the water my whole entire body felt that simple touch. When we rose to the surface I convinced myself it didn’t happen, that it was all in my mind and carried on with the game.

But I watched him enjoying himself. I missed his smile, I feel like I haven’t seen it in a long time and maybe I haven’t. I loved the way his eyes twinkled the brightest of blues whenever he smiled big, showing the world his pearly whites. He was happy and that is all I ever wanted for him, even if I did want it for him in a different way.

I needed to take a step back, and accept that he’s moved on with Reece and she’s a better match for him than I ever was or ever could be.

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