Bad Boy Saved

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The Unexpected Tattoo.

“Liv, I’m not drinking tonight so I want them keys.” Lola insisted.

I shoved bacon in my mouth and chewed out the sound of her voice. Reece entered the kitchen and sat beside me on the kitchen counter. I felt like I needed to be nice so I offered her the sharing plate of bacon and she gladly accepted a slice or two.

“Ruth, is Liam up?” Lola asked.

“It’s Reece and he’s in the shower.” She rolled her eyes at Lola.

“Come on Liv.” She pulled my arm forcing me to follow her.

“Lola, we can’t be in his room when he comes out of the shower. I’ll get them tonight” The panic in my voice was clear to hear, he would lose his shit if he came out shirtless and found us snooping through his stuff.

Lola giggled but turned his door knob anyway. The sound of running water filled the room and I could hear him whistling a tune in the shower. Lola threw her hand over her mouth so her laughing didn’t make a sound.

“I’ll look in the drawers.” She said as she opened one and started rooting through it.

I couldn’t move, my eyes just focused on the bed imagining all of the scenarios that took place there last night. I felt angry at myself for helping him get confident enough to share a bed with this girl. How she swooped in from nowhere and took my place.

“Liv, look for the keys!” Lola snapped me out of it. I glanced around the room.

“They’re not here, they will be in his jacket.”

The bathroom door opened and a gust of oud wood and fresh vanilla filled the room. Liam walked out through a mist of steam, thankfully fully dressed. Lola rested her elbow on the dresser hiding the open drawer and I stood awkwardly next to his bed.

“The fuck?” He asked as he eyed us suspiciously.

“Hi Liam, we were just checking if you’re going fishing with the guys or if you’re staying here and sun bathing with the girls?” Lola spoke in a sweet tone that made her seem anything but innocent.

He wasn’t wearing his jacket. I glanced around the room one more time looking for it, he’s never without it.

“What are you both up to?” He asked really slowly, looking around the room paranoid.

“Fine. You caught us.” She sighed. My eyes widened and I tried telling her to shut up without using any words. “Liv wanted to ask you something.” Liam turned his attention to me, watching me carefully because he could probably read the startlement on my face like it was written on a page in black and white. Lola bit back a smile and watched me with interest, I could have killed her.

“Uh... I was wondering ... uh” He rested his hand under his chin and enjoyed watching me squirm under pressure. His hidden amusement sparkled his eyes and it made my breathing hitch at how truly handsome he was. “Uh... if I could borrow the keys to your bike.” I blew it and honesty fell out.

Lola pretended to slice her neck with her fingers but stopped as soon as Liam looked her way.

“You guys want my keys?” Liam asked casually and hope bubbled up inside of me, maybe this will be easier than I thought. I nodded and he laughed. A beautiful, carefree, boyish laugh. “Well now I know to keep them on me at all times because nobody drives that bike but me.” He walked out of the room leaving a draft of delicious scent floating our way.

“Well done Liv.” Lola said sarcastically. “I still want those keys.”


The guys got back from their fishing trip and we all gathered around a campfire in the backyard while they turned their captures on a stick in the flames. The boys were buzzed after drinking all day in the open sea air and they found everything hilarious. It was annoying.

“Liam did something stupid today.” Jordan announced through hysterical laughter.

“Liam does something stupid everyday, what’s new?” Reece joked.

The circle erupted in ‘ooohs’ but I stayed quiet because his name on her lips irritated me. I ate my fish quietly.

“Right we’re gonna play a game. We’re gonna go around the circle and name one thing about the person next to you that you like. It’s good to lift each other up, Liv you go first.” Jordan said, picking me first because I needed to say something nice about him no doubt.

“Umm... I like that you’re loyal to your friends even though you’re an actual jackass.” The group started laughing and Jordan put his hand across his heart with a longing face.

“Tia, you’ve got a smokin’ hot bod.” Jordan said making a shy smile cross Tias lips.

“Lola, you’re so brutally honest and it’s surprisingly refreshing.” Lola nodded as she gladly accepted Tia’s answer.

“Zak, you’re a great kisser.” Zak pulled a cocky smirk and then turned to Ben.

“Ben, you find everything funny.” Ben laughed.

“Reece, You’re easy to talk to.” He said.

“Liam, your soccer skills are on fire.” Reece told Liam.


My heart started racing, this was such an awkward situation. Liam needed to say something nice about me with his girlfriend sitting right there. After the past few weeks did he even have anything nice to say about me?

“Your eyes are my favorite thing about you, they’re beautiful and they let me know exactly what you’re thinking and feeling at all times. They’re so vibrant and green like two rare emeralds that sparkle illuminescent in the light. I love the way you blush sweetly all of the time, even at the most innocent things, like now. I like how your hair always smells like coconut and is always so soft and comforting. And of course your smile, how sometimes it’s so wide I can see your wisdom teeth, I love it when I make you smile like that and get your cute dimples appearing. But what I love the most is that you’re the light inside the darkness. You have the power to take it all away just by being close.”

Silence fell around the circle, you could hear a pin drop it was that quiet. But Liam and I just looked at each other, I was completely stunned by his words. After a tense minute the group burst into heavy laughter and Liam looked around, realizing he just said all of that out loud in front of everyone, in front of Reece who didn’t look very happy. Liam blushed a strong shade of scarlet and rubbed the back of his neck.

“A simple, one sentence would have been perfect.” Lola muttered sarcastically.

“Joking aren’t you? The boy tattooed her face to his arm today and they’re not even together.” Zak laughed.

“What?” Lola, Reece, Tia & I exclaimed in unison.

“Let me see.” Lola ordered as she leaned over to grab his t.shirt.

Liam stood up immediately before Lola could put her hands on him.

“I’m going to bed.” He announced to the group.

It didn’t take me long before I thought of an excuse and went searching for him. I knocked on his bedroom door and waited for him to shout “Yeah” through the wood before opening the door. He was laying across the bed wearing grey sweatpants, a t.shirt and no socks. He looked ridiculously good.

“I just made a fool out of myself down there, didn’t I?” He asked.

I shrugged “I don’t think you looked like a fool.” I admitted.

His cheeks tinged pink again and I think mine did as well.

“You didn’t get a tattoo of my face did you?” He smiled coyly.

“It’s not what you think.” He said nervously.

“What do I think?” I asked.

He sighed and reached up for the skin at the back of his neck again. After a few moments of hesitation he peeled back the sleeve of his t.shirt to reveal my face on his bicep. It was one of his hand drawn portraits, exactly like the one he drew above his bed at home. I looked beautiful and happy and among the black and white shading my eyes were coloured slightly with green ink. Liam looked really shy and avoided eye contact with me.

“So I painted things on my walls at home that made me feel happy. I needed that, you know? During the rough times I needed to just be reminded that the darkness doesn’t stay. There are happy moments in life too. Sometimes I just ... need you with me. You’ve not been with me recently and I got lost. I can’t paint you on my dorm walls and I can’t carry my sketch pad everywhere. So at the spur of the moment I decided to get your face tattooed onto me. It reminds me that I am capable of feeling happy. I know it’s weird because we’re not together anymore but you really did save my life and I’ll always be eternally grateful for you”

Slowly I brought my hand up to his arm, letting him watch my slow movements so he could prepare for my touch. Gently I traced over the ink with the pad of my thumb. He winced and my eyes widened.

“Is it sore?” I pulled my hand away quickly.

“A little... but I like you touching me.” I bit my lip slightly and watched as his eyes focused in on my mouth.

Before I knew it I was leaning in closer to him, craving his mouth on mine and he was leaning closer to me. With the hope of tangling up somewhere in the middle.

“What are you doing in here Olivia?”

Liam and I pulled back rapidly and faced Reece who stood in the doorway.

“Nothing I’m going to bed now, night.” I stood up and walked out of the room without looking back.

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