Bad Boy Saved

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A Closet of Secrets and Truths.

I had drunk too much, I could feel my cheeks becoming numb and I knew I was making a fool out of myself dancing recklessly with Lola and Tia in the living room but I was too intoxicated to care.

“Let’s throw it back to an old classic, seven minutes in heaven.” Jordan lowered the music and gestured for everyone to sit around the coffee table. He placed a beer bottle in the middle and spun it until the neck landed on Tia.

I looked at her apologetically because I really wouldn’t want to get stuck in a closet with Jordan for seven minutes. It’s not that I thought he was capable of pressuring her into something she didn’t want to do it’s just because it’s Jordan.

I cast my eyes around the circle of guys. Ben was picking ear wax out with his index finger, Zak was burping the alphabet to impress Lola and Liam sat with a deep scowl on his face, probably pissed we’re playing another invasive game. I guess whoever Tia got wouldn’t have been a match made in heaven.

“I hope I don’t get Ben” Lola announced.

“Gee, thanks.” Ben replied, making everyone laugh at his misfortune.

When Tia and Jordan returned from the closet they both wore smiles on their face but neither one disclosed anything that went on. Zak was next to spin and I watched the green glass bottle scrape in a full circle once before landing on me. Great.

He stood up and held his hand out for me and I took it willingly following him into the closet. It was cramped in there but I felt comfortable with the space Zak left between us.

“I’m not doing anything.” I lay my boundaries out straight away and he laughed, showing me his perfect smile.

“You think I would do that to Liam?” He asked without malice. I shrugged. I don’t really know his friends all that well and what I have seen of his friends are them being manwhore jocks.

“Bros before hoes Liv.” Zak said and my eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Did you just call me a hoe?” I questioned and Zak’s smile fell.

“Uh...” he looked confused and I giggled which made his expression straighten. “This is my seven minutes Liv. So I want you to... uh... tell me a secret.”

“You tell me a secret.” I told him.

“That’s not how it works Liv.” Zak’s face was becoming more and more bewildered the longer we spent together. I was actually enjoying myself. He was so easy to confuse.

“You tell me a secret and I’ll tell you a secret.” I bargained. He sighed.

“Okay. Fine.” He huffed. “So I didn’t want to live off my parents money when I went to uni and then my friend told me about this club and got me an audition. Well... I got the job.”

I tilted my head to the side and looked at him like he was dumb. “Your parents are rich, you got a job in a bar, that’s not a secret.” I pointed out.

“It’s not just a bar Liv. It’s a strip club. I go on stage every night, dance, take my clothes off, have people rub oil into my body. I make thousands.” My eyes widened and I threw my hand over my lips to stifle my laughter. He lifted up his T-shirt and made his pecks dance which made me laugh even harder. “Don’t tell the others or I won’t live it down. Your turn.”

“Uh... I don’t like Reece?” I muttered pathetically.

“Nah, try again.”

“Liam and I kissed last night?” I offered.

“Really?” He asked slowly, rubbing his thumb and index finger against his chin like he was thinking really hard.

“Yeah but that was it and now he’s back to Reece.” I said sadly.

“He’ll come back to you. Liam does things in his own time.” Zak told me, sounding so sure.

“Tell me another secret.” I asked again, trying to lighten the darkened mood. Zak paused for a few moments and for a second I thought he was plucking up the courage to tell me something big.

“I... I think...” he began.

He looked around the closet and then giggled to himself. “What?” I laughed.

“Nothing.” He shook his head with amusement.

“Times up!” Liams voice shouted with haste. Zak rolled his eyes at me and I just giggled.

I held my breath as Liam spun the bottle. I silently prayed in my head that it wouldn’t land on Reece but my prayers were not answered. I saw her face light up like the Fourth of July the second the neck pointed at her. The gang remained quiet, waiting for them to stand up but neither of them moved.

I watched Liam as his head darted from Reece to the closet and back to Reece again. Not wanting to commit to this decision. His eyes slowly drained of colour, they shone silver as his walls grew taller.

“Pass” he muttered.

“You can’t pass every game we play.” Lola complained. I could sense Liam was really getting on her nerves. She didn’t know Liam like everybody else did, we were all fully used to it.

“I just did.” Liam said coldly and I laughed quietly. Thankful he wasn’t about to go into that closet with Reece.

Lola spun the bottle and got Ben much to her disapproval and Liams enjoyment. When they returned it was my turn to spin the bottle. Of course it landed on Liam and Lola sighed again.

“I guess you’ll be passing that one as well?” She complained.

“No. I’ll do it.” Liams answer was instant. He didn’t need to dwell over the confined space. He wasn’t battling with darkness. He was already up on his feet making his way towards the closet.

His friends all made whipping noises and I shot an apologetic glance at Reece before following Liam. I felt guilty. First the kiss now the closet. How was I going to be able to remain in control enough to not kiss him again.

I stood far back against the shelves, giving Liam as much space as I could. His eyes were the colour of forget-me-nots, bright, bold and beautiful. It’s ironic that shade resembles a flower of that name because Liam sure is impossible to forget.

“This is a bit wrong on Reece.” I pointed out, feeling incredibly guilty. His eyes focused on my lips and my heart rate climbed. Is he going to kiss me?

“Are you wearing Reece’s lip gloss?” He asked me curiously. I instantly felt disappointed. He’s looking at my lips because he recognizes the lip gloss. He knows it’s Reece’s because he spends so much time looking at her lips - or kissing them.

“I’m wearing Lola’s lip gloss who probably stole it from Reece.” I shrugged.

I wanted to leave this closet now, put some distance between us. He stepped closer to me closing the gap between our two bodies.

He knew exactly how to get my pulse racing and my palms sweating. Like a magician that only had the power to affect me in certain ways, even when I tried to fight it. He tucked a strand of my hair behind my ears and let the pad of his thumb trace down my cheek.

“Liam... we can’t keep doing this to Reece.”

There. I said it. Phew.

He ignored me and placed his whole hand on my face, cupping my cheek. I wanted to close my eyes and melt into him. Succumb to temptation and let him kiss me like I knew he wanted to. But I couldn’t. I have morals and I wasn’t going to abuse them by kissing someone’s boyfriend, again.

My heart aches because it longed for him so bad. I felt angry because he caused this mess. He’s the reason we’re not together anymore.

“Why did you kiss her?” I asked sadly.

“I didn’t.” He dropped his hand instantly and stepped away from me. His worlds came out with a harsher tone. Like he was fed up of being accused.

“Liam there was a picture.” I defended my reason to accuse him.

“Liv, I’m telling you nothing happened.” I was whispering but he was using his normal voice, not caring if anyone heard our conversation.

“But your teammates-” I continued.

“I’m telling you nothing happened.” He said again.

“But Reece-”

“Nothing happened.” He pulled me in close, pushing my head down to rest on his chest and held me tightly, never wanting to let go.

“Nothing happened?” I asked peering up at him.

“Nothing.” He told me.

The closet door sprung open and Jordan stood in the door way. “Times up.” He shouted with a smirk.

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