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Bad Boy Saved

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I had been in lectures all day and I honestly wanted to go home, crawl into bed and watch a movie. However I was being successfully persuaded by Lola to go to a party in a nightclub just off campus. She ensured me fake IDs were not needed.

She wore fishnet tights under dark denim shorts and band tee that showed a decent amount of side boob in the over sized holes of her sleeve. I looked at myself in the mirror, horrified at my reflection. Lola had forced me into another one of her outfits, it was a latex two piece, hella tight red midi skirt and cropped top.

“You are rocking that outfit.” Her eyes floated slowly down my body with appreciation and she handed me red lipstick without instructing me further.

The nightclub had a line of people waiting for entry but Lola grabbed my hand and strolled with her head held high to the front ignoring the complaints as we passed by the masses. A bouncer with arms the width of my whole body stood guarding the door, as soon as he spotted Lola he gave her a swift head nod and stepped aside granting us entry to the nightclub.

We made a beeline to the bar and I waved the bartender over.

“What are you doing?” She asked with her face screwed up in distaste.

“Ordering a drink.” I replied with an obvious tone.

“We don’t buy drinks Liv. Look around, one of these sorry losers will buy us drinks.” She gestured around the club with her outstretched arm and I chewed nervously on the inside of my cheek.

Right on que a couple of guys approached us at the bar and she got stuck into conversation right away. Leaving me to the second guy.

“It’s Friday night, what’s a pretty girl like you doing without a drink in her hand?” I turned to my left to see where the voice came from. There was no denying he was attractive with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. His smile was mischievous and it made his eyes glimmer but they were not half as beautiful as Liams eyes.

“Are you offering to buy me one?” I asked with a sweet smile. He laughed, letting a small chuckle vibrate through his chest.

“Sure. It would be my pleasure to have a drink with you.” He mused cockily.

I stifled my ridiculous smile quiet proud of myself for being such a smooth talker “I’m Olivia.” I introduced.

“Luke.” We shook hands, his grasp was strong and manly, it almost knocked me off my stool. “What you drinking?” He waved the bartender over.

“Pink martini, please.” Within minutes I was handed a blushed drink in a martini glass and Lola gave me a knowing smile that silently congratulated me. My eyebrows raised in reply and I reflected the smile back.

“So Olivia, what do you do?” He asked making general conversation now that he had sucked me by buying me a drink.

“I am a student at Santa Clara studying psychology, how about you?”

“I’m a student as well. I’m on the soccer team at Stanford.”

Pink gin spat everywhere from my lips and landed in little splatters on the bars surface. Lola grimaced at me but otherwise ignored my outburst and continued talking to the guy buying her drinks. Luke handed me a napkin and I shyly wiped away the alcohol from my lips.

“Something I said?” His face told me that he was amused, I put my finger to my lips and shook my head. “Shall we get a table? My team are over there.” He turned and pointed out towards the tables at the back of the room.

I closed my eyes over, not wanting to turn around.

Did allowing Luke to buy me a drink count as flirting? I knew how possessive and jealous Liam used to get around Harris and we were just friends, this situation was definitely going to cause a fight between us. I was sure of it.

I sighed deeply and plucked up the courage to swivel in my chair. Sure as shit there he was. Drinking an old fashioned completely oblivious to the fact I had just been letting his teammate sweet talk me for a free drink. Luke jumped off the bar stool and took my hand, leading me through the crowd of dancing people as my heart thundered inside my chest.

“Guys, this is Olivia.”

Liams eyes started on my legs and trailed up my body in slow motion, he hovered his vision on the sight of Luke and I holding hands but then he continued his quest to find my eyes. His mouth dropped open slightly and his eyes bulged as his friends took turns to shake my hand and say their name, not that I listened to a single one of them.

When Liam was the only one left to greet me we stared at each other for a few lingering seconds that felt like minutes or even hours. Then he rose from his seat just by a few inches and shook my hand.

“Liam.” He said straightly.

The group of guys shuffled around the seats to make room for Luke and I. Liam sat wedged between two guys, utterly confused but right now it felt like we were in too deep to come clean. I exchanged pleasantries with the group and admittedly they all seemed nice but we had fallen into a massive situation and neither one of us made efforts to wiggle our way out of it.

“So Olivia, what made you want to major in psych?” Luke asked with genuine interest and I could see Liam tense, there was a dangerous look in his eyes as he watched the whole bizarre scene playing out in front of him.

“Uh...” My teeth toyed with my lower lip as I tried to come up an answer Liam would be pleased with but by now all eyes were on me and I had hesitated far too long. “I had a friend who had a bad childhood and it made me want to help other children in his position.” I admitted as honestly as I could, Liam brought his drink to his lips and took a sip, I could hear his monstrous gulp over the music.

“Hey, you wanna get out of here?” Luke whispered in my ear. His breath bouncing off my skin made me visibly cringe, especially with Liam watching our every move. I could see his fingers turning white from the grip he had on his glass and I knew I walking on a tightrope.

Luke placed his hand on my thigh and Liams eyes widened. At that moment I knew it was time to get out of there before all hell broke loose so I excused myself and hid in the bathroom to catch my breath.

Liam was going to kill me.

I looked back at myself in the reflective glass, slapping my cheeks to knock some sense into me. I was so preoccupied with my mental chastising that I didn’t even notice him come into the room.

“You wanna tell me why Luke is telling me he’s going to have you tonight?” Liams arms snaked around my waist from behind and he spoke his words directly into my ear startling me. I turned to face him as his hands pressed against the sink counter holding me in place.

“Sorry.” I stuttered out. “Why didn’t you tell them?”
A wave of guilt came over me, I could see by the cold look in his eyes that he was and and confused but surprisingly calm.

“I don’t know, I thought we were playing a game.” I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous we were. Liam had no clue what was going on but he joined in with my laughter anyway, easing the tension between us.

“I just got talking to him at the bar, he bought me a drink and then before I knew it we were at your table and he had his hand on my thigh” I laughed into my hand hiding my face away from him. “You’re not mad?” I questioned the amusement on his face behind the slits my fingers made.

“No, you’re allowed to be around other men. I trust you.” That’s new, it drove him crazy back at home, I figured it would be the same for the men here as well. He edged closer to me and trailed his eyes over my body again, this time with a burning hunger in his facial expression. “What is this outfit?” He asked curiously, drinking in the sight of me.

“Lola lent it to me.” I squirmed under his watchful gaze.

He closed the gap between us and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his mouth. He dampened his lips with the tip of his tongue and it shined against the cheap fluorescent light looking extremely appetizable.

“It makes me want to do things to you.” He admitted unapologetically.

I held his eye contact, challenging him to do those things.

“I’m not going to stop you.” I whispered, completely over come by my desire for Liam.

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