Bad Boy Saved

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A few weeks ago Liam made the bravest decision of his life and I couldn't have been more prouder of him. But it frustrated me that we haven't heard anything since then. The cops are slow at doing their job and although I didn't tell Liam that I was losing faith in the justice system I couldn't help but think it.

Liam is the king of pushing his emotions deep down inside of him so hearing nothing back was great news to him because it meant he could pretend everything was normal. Lately he has been throwing himself into soccer and I was pleased at that because that was a healthy distraction, even if it meant I was seeing less of him than usual.

But tonight was some frat party Lola was dragging us to on the Stanford campus and although I didn’t really feel like getting drunk and partying right now I was looking forward to some much needed time with Liam.

The fraternity house was huge, bigger than the ones on our campus, the exterior was white with fancy pillars and dome shaped windows. Lola knocked on the door in one of her more risque outfits and waited until a guy opened the door with huge muscles and a beaming smile.

“Hey, this is Liam and Liv.” She introduced us but failed to mention the big guys name. He looked Liam up and down and gave a swift head nod like he knew him which would make sense since we were on his campus, then he stepped aside to let us in.

It didn’t take long before Lola was playing tonsil hockey with him and ignored us for the rest of the night. Liam had disappeared somewhere with Reece and I was standing alone in the kitchen with the kegs. College parties were a lot different to high school ones, I didn’t know anybody here.

“What do you major in?” A petite girl asked, her eyebrows were mega high definition and she looked like a beauty artist.

“Psych but not here, over at SCU. You?”

I knocked back a few drinks with my new found friend, I learnt that her name was Charlotte and she majored in media. She kept making me drinks and they were so strong I could feel myself getting tipsy from just four. With the liquid courage I felt like I had known Charlotte my whole life, we talked about anything and everything and nothing all at the same time.

A crowd gathered around the dining table, the voices were rowdy and challenging. Charlotte grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the masses. We pushed through the crowds to see what was going on. Liam sat on one end of the table, Luke on the other. In front of them were twenty shots, untouched.

The atmosphere was dire, Liam wore a glacial stare and Luke looked bitter. There was nothing friendly about this encounter.

“That’s Liam, I crush so hard on him. Act Cool.” Charlotte whispered, she started fixing her hair down nervously and her cheeks blushed beneath her foundation.

Shit. There goes our friendship.

“Okay, ten shot challenge, except there’s twenty shots each. First one to pass out or throws up is the loser, if you can handle twenty we’ll give you more.” One of the jocks acting referee shouted enthusiastically.

Liam didn’t take his eyes off Luke and likewise. There was something more at stake here than just bragging rights.

“Go.” The jock banged his fist down on the table, clanging the glasses against the wood.

Each player picked up a shot and tipped it to the back of their throat, the liquid was as blue as Liams eyes and as lethal as Luke’s personality. In a bubble of testosterone they picked up the next glass, without hesitating they knocked that back too. Neither one of them breaking eye contact. People had their phones out videoing the ultimate showdown between the two players who were meant to be fighting on the same side.

Seven shots in and neither player was looking too good. Luke’s complexion was greener than usual and Liam’s movements were not very precise but no guy showed any sign of giving up as they picked up the eighth shot. Luke tipped his head back to face the ceiling and let out an exaggerated breath and Liams lips curled up into a drunken smile.

But they both picked up another glass, refusing to let the other win. By the tenth shot Liam looked ill, I don’t think he would last much longer but then he was in a better state than Luke who swayed on his chair like he could pass out at any given moment.

By shot number eleven Luke shouted out for a bucket and he ended up coiled over, throwing up in someones cap. Liam smiled cunningly and just for dramatic effect he lifted shot number twelve to his lips and knocked it back. The crowd clapped their champion and he got flooded by desperate girls who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Liam strolled over to us with a little more sway to his hips than usual.

“God, I hate drunk girls.” Liam said to me in a drunken slur, he then noticed Charlotte “Hi.” He uttered politely. Charlotte looked like she had seen a ghost.

“Oh my god, you’re talking to us?” She stuttered out in the style of a hot mess.

Liam laughed awkwardly, like he didn’t really know what was going on but then his brow furrowed. “What?” He asked with confusion.

“Charlotte this is my boyfriend Liam.” I cringed so hard when I said those words. My whole face screwed up tightly and the horror on her face made things so much worse.

Liam was drunk, probably the drunkest I have ever seen him. His steps turned to staggers, his mind anaesthetized from drinking vodka and his general persona was unpredictable. He grabbed me and pulled me into him, kissing his lips into the crook of my neck. I squirmed under his delicious touch but I also felt bad he was unknowingly doing that in front of Charlotte.

“Hey, I’m going back to Luke’s dorm. Don’t wait up.” Lola thankfully interrupted. She didn’t give me a chance to dwell on her choice of guy this evening before she turned to leave.

Liam grabbed her arm and pulled her back, taking us all by surprise.

“Don’t make a sex tape.” He warned with the heaviest tongue.

“I’m not going to have sex with him Liam, I’m just going to make him think that I am.” She flicked back her auburn hair and I laughed at her seriousness.

“Be careful.” Liam slurred.

“She’s so weird.” I giggled after she walked off, Liam turned to me with a serious face, one as serious as it could be without a drop of sobriety in him.

“She does what she has to.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what he meant by that and I assumed he was just talking nonsense. Charlotte made an excuse to leave after feeling mega awkward and I watched Liam fix himself another drink. I felt so sure that my evening was going to consist of nursing him back to health.

“Let’s get out of here.” Liam grabbed my arm and pulled me through the crowds of people, leaving a trail of spilled beer behind us.

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