Bad Boy Saved

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Is it in?

I have noticed a change in Liam recently, he’s been flinching less at my touch - or anyone’s touch. He seems more relaxed and happy, like reporting the terrible things that happened to him lifted a metaphorical weight. But tonight, laying on the soccer pitch with him when he is absolutely wasted was like I was laying with a completely different person entirely.

His hands touched me with ease, he kissed me without seeking permission. The alcohol quieted all of the noises, drowned out all of the voices.

“I’ve never seen you this drunk.” His hand landed on my naval and traveled up under my t.shirt. Smoothing along my skin.

In his drunken state he somehow looked childlike and innocent. He wore a goofy smile that cheered me up instantly. His eyes were dosed and his movements lacked control.

“I know my limits, I need to keep my composure always so I don’t drink like this but fucking Luke wants my girl and I’m not going to let him win.”

He pulled me to sit on top of him as he lay back on the turf looking up at me. I rested my hands against his chest to steady myself, wishing his T-shirt wasn’t a barrier in the way.

“God, you’re gorgeous.” He complimented, I smiled shyly still not able to take a compliment. He pulled on my jacket to lower me down onto him, finding my lips with his own, again.

Would I be taking advantage of him if I let something happen between us right here in the middle of the pitch?

With our lips locked I tugged at the material of his t.shirt, slowly bringing it up. Wanting for more. But he pulled away from our kiss and smiled at me sweetly.

“I have an idea.” He stammered. He wiggled his body so I fell off of him and then he got up and walked towards the goal post. Leaving me feeling cold and disappointed.

“Here.” He handed me a soccer ball and I looked at it like it was an object from a foreign planet. Liam was busy setting up the goal like he expected me to play and I watched him curiously wondering where his mind was at. “Stand on this spot.” He instructed with exaggerated movements. “If you can get the ball into the net once I’ll tell you a secret.” He backed up a few paces and positioned himself in goal.

I gave him a sideways glance “Liam I’m not going to be able to do that.”

He laughed, his carefree, boyish laugh. The one that warmed my heart.

“Try!” He encouraged. “I can’t even see straight, I’m not going to be able to block your shots. Besides I’m not a goalie so you’ve got good odds.” His words were heavily slurred and I had to focus really hard to understand what he was saying.

What could Liam have to possibly tell me? Maybe this was his opportunity to talk about what happened back at the lake house, it wasn’t healthy to bury all of those feelings deep down inside, sooner or later it’s going to come spilling out like lava from a overflowing volcano and destroy everything for miles around.

My converse skimmed the ball and it very slowly rolled towards Liam, never lifting from the ground once. Liam stopped it with his foot without breaking a sweat. He laughed hysterically.

“You have to try.” He pointed out, placing the ball back on the spot.

I did try.

I took a few strands backwards and focused my attention on the ball letting the determination overcome me. Liams eyes narrowed, watching me extremely carefully. His body was positioned slightly over to the right side of the goal, so I glanced at the empty space beside him and a slow smile stretched across his face.

I paced up to the ball and knocked into it hard with my foot, this time it flew through the air. Liams body instantly moved to the left side of the goal, knowing exactly where I had planned the ball to go. He knocked it out with his hands and it rolled back to me.

“Better but you told me where you were going to kick it with your eyes. Try again.”

I sighed, knowing there was no way I was going to be able to accomplish this challenge even if his movements were either slowed down or completely dramatized thanks to his intoxication. There was no in-between with him but I so desperately wanted to know his secret already.

I looked down at the ball and kept my eyes only on the ball, not giving any clues away this time. I ran up to the ball and pushed my foot into it with a great force, it almost knocked me backwards but I steadied myself and watched it bounce from the top bar.

“Rubbish!” Liam exclaimed. “The goals down here. You got two more tries.” He placed the ball back on the spot and I looked at it with anger.

Obviously Liam didn’t want to tell me this secret. Why else would he make me do an impossible challenge. Seeing me struggle amused him and that frustrated me. I wasn’t going to let him win this, I was going to get that ball in the net one way or another.

“I’m gonna make this shot.” I told him, feeling confident in myself. Liam bounced on the spot and laughed as if I had told a joke.

I narrowed my eyes at the ball and then looked back at Liam, he filled the goal central and he was both ready and waiting. I decided to go with the right side so I leaned in and kicked the ball to the right, before I had even touched the ball with my feet Liam had leaped to the right and pushed the ball away.

“Told me with your eyes again.” He said irritatingly.

He brought the ball back over to me and placed it by my feet. “Last shot.” He smiled smugly. I grabbed his hand before he tried to walk back to his position and he turned to face me. Blue eyes glowing in anticipation, I stepped closer to him touching his body with my own and I could see the desire building in his face.

“I’m going to get it this time.” I warned him. His eyes floated down to my lips and I purposely bit into them. He placed his hand behind my head instantly, gripping my hair and bringing my face closer to his with force.

His lips found mine, in a rough, powerful embrace. He tasted strongly of vodka but that didn’t bother me, I couldn’t get enough of him. Liams drunken kisses were much different to his sober ones, he was more assertive and forceful. Knowing exactly what he wanted and taking it, no questions asked. His drunken mind wasn’t plagued with thoughts that held him back, he didn’t have the fear clouding his judgement.

Although I was surprised by this new experience it didn’t stop me achieving my goal. As he held my head in place and allowed his tongue to explore mine I made my shot, kicking the ball towards the net.

“Is it in?” I asked, breaking our kiss. He looked at me with a dumbfounded expression.

“No Liv, it’s not even out.” He laughed.

“It’s in!” I exclaimed jumping up and down on the spot. Liam followed my gaze towards the net and his face straightened out in displeasure.

“That’s not fair!” He complained.

“This whole game wasn’t fair, you said I needed to get it into the back of the net once. I got it into the back of the net. It’s not my fault you don’t take soccer seriously enough to stay in goal.” I shrugged casually but inside I was beaming, feeling very pleased with myself.

“Fine. C’mon I’ll tell you my secret.”

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