Bad Boy Saved

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Liam sat up quickly and pulled off his shirt then returned back to his original position. I was a little surprised by his movement, I figured he’d keep his shirt tightly plastered over his body. Hiding away as much as he possibly could in a situation like this. His chest area was so defined and blemish free, only scars told the story of his past but the outer scars were not half as bad as the inner ones.

“Start here and trail kisses all the way down my body, you can lightly bite as well.” Liam used his index finger to run it down the skin of his neck and over every ab of his chest until he found the ‘V’ poking out from his trousers.

I hovered my body over his, his eyes screwed tighter as he anticipated my contact so I gave him a second to prepare. Once the wrinkles around his eyes relaxed slightly I lowered myself down and pressed my lips along his neck. In a quick, unexpected movement that made me stop kissing his neck, he pulled my t.shirt off. He rested his hands on my hips as I continued using my mouth to warm his exposed skin.

Liam squirmed under my kisses and he seemed to be truly concentrating on what was happening, there wasn’t a spec of darkness in sight.

“Take my clothes off.” His voice was shaky now and I wondered if he was turned on or starting to panic.

His body sprung to life, he was laying naked on my bed and waiting. It was a beautiful sight, one I had fantasized about myself many times. There wasn’t a bruise in sight, his body was like pure untouched silk and I smiled to myself knowing that he had stopped intentionally hurting himself.

“I know you’re staring at me.” Liams voice pulled me back into reality and I felt my cheeks heating up from getting caught out. “Come here.” I slipped my jeans off and then hovered over his body just like he ordered. He pulled me down lower so my body fell against his, feeling every inch of his heat.

Within seconds his mouth found mine and together our tongues clashed in a burst of passion, hungry for one another’s taste like we hadn’t eaten in months.

“Okay, here.” He ran his fingers along his waistband. I moved my mouth towards his ‘v’ gently nipping with my teeth and kissing, making his skin deliciously pink and sensitive. Liam thrust his hips upwards and deep throat-ed gasps escaped his lips.

“Fuck, that drives me wild.” He couldn’t keep his body still, he squirmed beneath my mouth and hearing him struggle through his words made the butterflies erupt inside.

“Now here.” He breathed, pointing at the tip of his manhood. “Start here, pay particular attention to this bit and do it slow at first but eventually work your way down.” His fingers trailed over his length and I watched his instructions carefully, not wanting to mess anything up. “I mean ... that’s if you wan-.” Before he could finish his sentence my mouth found his tip.

“Woah!” He exclaimed and his body jolted with the shock of my touch. He exhaled sexually and then whispered “Fuck” under his breath.

I pushed my tongue around the sensitive area at the top, making sure to trace over every nerve ending on the underside of him. My motions were slow and intense at first, getting my mouth accustomed the new sensation. Liams whole entire body squirmed beneath me, his hips rose up to meet my mouth trying to force his length in me quicker but I continued teasing the tip because I enjoyed watching his frustration build.

“That” He breathed out “Feels” He bit down on his lower lip “Amazing.”

I placed a soft kiss right at the top and then very slowly parted my wet lips taking more and more of his length into my mouth, giving Liam exactly what his body was telling me he wanted. He felt full against my tongue and I moved up and down over the ridges and veins, memorizing the one area of Liams body I haven’t had much chance to get to know.

He tilted his head back into he pillow, truly absorbing all of the pleasure I was giving him. I moved faster and faster against his intimate area, feeling him reaching the back of my throat and the natural instinctive gag reflex kicked in but through watery eyes I continued giving Liam everything he deserved.

His hips moved faster, pushing himself further into my mouth and louder moans escaped his lips in the most sexy way. Deep and seductive as he fucked my face. I clenched my mouth around him, hollowing my cheeks from my powerful suction and with each thrust I flicked my tongue over all of his creases.

“Look at me.” His voice was barely audible immersed completely in pleasure.

I looked up to see his eyes open, watching the whole thing. Enjoying the sight of himself disappearing into my mouth as I deep throat-ed him. His eyes shined the brightest of blues, consumed completely by the intimacy between us, without a single fleck of silver in sight.

Low hums of appreciation vibrated through his throat and our bodies moved together in sync, his hips swaying back and forth to match the movement of my mouth. His brows furrowed and his lips parted to allow for the erratic breathing and in that moment of pure ecstasy Liam has never looked more handsome.

“Fuck” He moaned as sweet, warm liquid oozed into my mouth, I didn’t stop sucking until I had tasted every single drop of him and then slowly and delicately I moved my tongue back to the head of his penis, making his body jolt with every lingering slow massage as I helped him ride out his high.

Liam made room for me beside him on the bed, I was careful not to press our naked bodies together but I did rest my hand on his chest, feeling the racing of his heart. I wasn’t sure if it was beating fast because of the rush of blood in his body or the fear of intimacy.

His whole body trembled in the aftermath of his orgasm and I questioned if that was good thing or a bad thing.

“Are you okay?” I asked timidly.

“I’m better than okay.” he pulled my body closer to his and planted a feather soft kiss to my forehead that made my doubts slip away.

“You’re shaking.” I pointed out the obvious.

“I guess that’s just how my body reacts to it.” He shrugged looking a little flushed.

“Can I touch you?” His finger trailed over the lace of my panties and my whole body reacted to that simple touch. I nodded my head, trying to remain calm. I’ve wanted his hands touching my body for longer than I cared to share, I wanted to feel his mouth on me and I wanted every part of his body to own me.

“I might not be good at it.” He warned shyly, I raised my eyebrows at him. “The girls I’ve been with... I don’t even like kissing their lips never mind kissing anything else.” He looked down at my area and pulled a disgusted face, one that instantly made me laugh out loud.

“Liam! Way to ruin the mood.” I joked.

“Sorry.” He said as he gripped the edge of my panties and slowly slipped them down.

I sucked in a sharp breath as he pushed two of his fingers inside of me and then used his thumb to circle over my clit. Then his face started lowering down, finding his way to the sweet spot that screamed his name.

Liam parted my skin and pressed his lips against the small pink bump that spiraled my body into euphoria. At first he didn’t use his tongue and he didn’t kiss more than once. It was just one simple, lingering touch of his lips against the most sensitive area of my entire body and it put me on the edge of explosion.

But then Liam swirled his tongue around me and I convulsed under him. He was taking me to paradise with each time he circled back over my arousal.

“You taste so good.” Liam said, his lips vibrated against me adding extra sensation to an already heightened experience. Sensual waves crashed through me and my body started flushing with heat.

His tongue, warm and inviting flicked over the sweetest area slowly, delicately, almost like he was french kissing the lower regions of my body. I didn’t just feel his touch there but rather everywhere on my body. I tingled all over and goosebumps dressed my arms. And as I became more and more sensitive to his touch he pressed harder, moved faster. The sounds leaving my lips grew in volume.

“Can I be inside you when you come?” Liam asked and it was a question I very quickly and willingly agreed to.

Liam climbed up my body, not really touching my skin anywhere and then as if he was the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle he slipped into me like our bodies were made for one another. The whole of my lower regions accepted him instantly, gripping onto him and never wanting to let go. Liam gasped each time he moved in and out of me.

“Touch me” he moaned.

Timidly I lifted my hands up and ran them down his back, feeling the dip down the middle where his muscles naturally curved. Liam tensed under my fingers but that didn’t stop my climax building. He closed his eyes as my hands traveled up his sides, tickling the smoothness of his skin. I placed my hand on his chest and ran it down his torso, his eyes screwed up tighter.

“Okay, don’t.” He breathed out “d... don’t t... touch me.” I dropped my hand instantly.

He was doing magnificent things to my body, internally there a rush of sensation, feeling and emotions. Ones bursting to get out. I was like a volcano ready to explode, high on the intoxication of Liam. I wrapped around him so tightly as my insides contracted through a mind blowing orgasm that left me stranded somewhere on cloud nine.

A ripple of screams fell from my lips, alerting everyone for miles around that Liam was worshiping my body in the best way humanly possible. My back arched into him and I threw my head back, soaking up every wave of pleasure. My fingers clawed at the bed sheets, needing to hold onto something because the feeling was just overly intense.

I could see the look of pure exhilaration from Liam, he was riding his high. His jaw clenched as he moved faster, harder, deeper until he reached his ultimate fulfillment. When his body started quivering I knew it was finished, he pulled out of me and lay down on the bed facing toward the ceiling as he tried to regain control of the tremors.

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