Bad Boy Saved

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We're home.

We lay in the blissful silence of our afterglow. Our bodies shined with sweat and Liam looked radiant and completely sated. I wondered if I would always feel proud of him after we were intimate or if eventually my pride would wear off. But right now I feel like he overcome a massive challenge which is such a weird way to think of sex.



“Do you think she meant what she said at the hospital?” Liam turned to face me, the clouds were slowly starting to appear back in his irises and his question caught me off guard. I didn’t know how to answer it.

“I think...”

I wanted to say no. I had a strong dislike towards the woman, I blamed her for everything that had happened to Liam. She let Jax hurt him. She let a man buy him. She had the opportunity to get clean or run away but she wasn’t brave enough or just didn’t want to. She failed him completely.

“I think she has let you down too many times before, I find it hard to trust anything that she says now.” I answered honestly in the nicest way I could without making him feel bad about his upbringing or the bad hand dealt when the powers that be dished out the parenting cards.

He held my gaze for a few moments and I could see his mind thinking over what I had just told him.

“Do you?” I asked lowly.

“No.” He spoke defensively but something about his posture made me think that wasn’t the full truth. He shot me half a smile that didn’t reach his eyes and I sucked my lips in as response.

“It’s okay if you believe her you know?” I reassured him.

“Hearing her tell me that she loved me and that she was proud of me was all I have ever wanted but I would be stupid to believe her Liv. She’s probably just saying that so I go back home and take the beatings for her. You don’t know the things she’s said or done to me, there was definitely no truth to her words.”

He spoke confidently but I don’t know if he was trying to convince me or himself. I nodded quietly beside him, not feeling strong enough to tell him I hated her and I agreed with everything that he was saying. Nothing would make me happier than Liam cutting all ties with his mom and Jax but that wasn’t my decision to make.

Our eyes darted to my bedroom door which was getting pushed open.

“Liv, you’re home! Oh -” My mom and dad stood in the door way, shell shocked at the sight before them. They stood in silence for what felt like forever, just blinking in the disbelief of their only daughter naked and in bed with a boy.

Liam and I awkwardly lay staring back at them with just a thin sheet hiding our modesty. I rapidly pulled the sheet to my neckline and Liam lay completely still, like if he didn’t move maybe they wouldn’t notice him.

“Sorry, we didn’t know you had ... company.” mom said with haste as she pulled the door closed.

“Shit.” Liam whispered, with a face as equally as red as mine.

He got out of bed almost immediately and started dressing frantically. I lay in bed tangled in the sheets just watching him cover that delicious body.

“Liv would you dress? We’re going to have to go down and talk to them.” He threw my clothes at me but I just giggled at his worried expression.

“Liv!” He snapped.

Reluctantly I pulled my clothes on and took hold of his hands. I guided him down the stairs but I could already see my parents hovering in the hallway at the bottom. They were whispering in hushed voices and stopped immediately when they spotted us coming down.

“Mom, dad ... you remember Liam?” I slowly plucked up the courage to say as we made our way towards them in the ultimate walk of shame. Mom looked Liam up and down, obviously checking him out and my eyes widened.

“Yes of course, how could we forget?” She had a sneaky smile on her face and I knew she wasn’t referring to that one time we had dinner together. I rolled my eyes.

Liam outstretched his hand for my father to shake and I swear my dad gave it a double take, as if he didn’t want to shake his hand because he knew where his hand had been. I was dying of embarrassment.

“Liam, would you like to stay for dinner?” Dad offered, remembering his manners.

“Uh, no thanks. I gotta be somewhere.” Liam said without confidence. My head darted towards Liam silently questioning him where he was going when we both knew he couldn’t go back home anytime soon. He didn’t give me any clue though.

“Maybe next time.” My mom said politely.

“I will walk you out.” I led the way to the front door with Liam following close behind me, I walked him to the end of my path and once we were out of ear shot of my parents I saw it as my opportunity to question him.

“So it’s like that is it? The old pump and dump situation? Hitch and ditch? Nail and Bail?” Liams eyes widened and his eyebrows shot to the sky. His hand came up without hesitation and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Shit Liv, it’s not like that.” He blurted out with a worried tone.

I started laughing at his cuteness. “I’m joking Liam, calm down.” He visibly relaxed but I knew that’s how my parents were going to see it because they had old fashioned views and were probably struggling to come to terms with me being intimate with a boy before marriage as it is. “Where are you going anyway?” I asked.

“I’m going to stay at Jordan’s for the weekend with the guys, give you time with your parents.” He pulled me in for a hug and kissed the top of my head but he didn’t linger around long enough to draw out the goodbye.

Dinner with my parents was ridiculously awkward after they witnessed Liam and I together. They danced around the subject of him being my boyfriend and later my mom attempted to have ‘the talk’ with me, even at my age.

But it was nice, being home, watching movies and playing board games like the old times. We played an epic game of monopoly which went on for hours. I don’t know why we bothered playing because we all knew from the start my dad would win and of course he did.

I finished off the evening with a face time call to Lola who showed me around her moms house, turns out her mom is a wedding dress designer with a boutique on the ground floor of her home. Some of her designs looked breathtaking and I was jealous that Lola could play dress up at any time she wanted but Lola being Lola always refused.

I got into bed and I could feel Liams presence all around me, his smell was intoxicating as it clung onto my bed sheets. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He had only been gone one night and I already missed him, how was I going to cope the whole weekend. My phone illuminated the room and as soon as my eyes flicked over the screen my smile grew wider.

Goodnight Beautiful x

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