Bad Boy Saved

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Where are you?

Jordan sat in his games room, glued to the screen which showed little men playing soccer. He had one controller, Zak had the other. Tia sat on the sofa beside him sighing every five minutes for his attention but nobody was giving her any.

“Where is Liam?” I asked nobody in particular.

“Duno.” Jordan answered without taking his eyes off the screen.

“Isn’t he here?” I looked around stupidly expecting to see Liam somewhere in the room. Jordan kept pelting his thumb down on the buttons of his controller like a robot on a mission.

“No.” He answered again after leaving me hanging for about five minutes.

“He said he was going to be here all weekend.” I questioned suspiciously.

Jordan’s dark eyes glanced at me from the side and then he pulled them away and to look back at the screen again but he didn’t offer me a reply.

“Well? Has he been here this weekend or not?” Tia asked with a frustrated tone.

Jordan sighed “If Liam said he was here all weekend then he was here all weekend.” He replied with maximum disinterest. Tia looked at me and narrowed her eyes, reading my mind.

Ben walked in with a huge family bag of chips, he gave Tia and I a greeting nod and then took a seat on the single chair behind the sofa, also keeping his eyes on the screen. Tia swiveled her body around to face Ben as he crunched on his snack.

“Ben have you been here all weekend?” She asked innocently. Jordan’s shoulders tensed.

“Yeah.” He said with a mouth full of food.

“Have you seen Liam at all?” She asked again, a little pushier now.

Jordan paused the game much to Zaks disapproval and swiveled his body around to face Ben. I watched as Ben flicked his eyes from Tia, to me and then back to Jordan. The seconds passed by, seconds of deadly silence as Jordan communicated with his eyes a mute conversation that we could all hear loud and clear.

“Yeah, he’s been here.” Ben eventually said.

Jordan turned back around and resumed his game play. I pulled out my phone and searched for Liams number in my contacts, quickly my thumbs got to work typing out a message to him.

Hey, what you up to? X

I watched and waited as three little dots appeared but nothing came through. So I told everyone to get in a selfie. Tia immediately puckered her lips and threw up the peace sign but neither Jordan, Zak or Ben took their eyes off the screen. Either way, I was sure to get a picture of myself with Liams friends at Jordan’s house. Then I sent it to him.

After a while they finally switched off Fifa and we all huddled into his cinema room to watch ‘It.’ I hadn’t heard from Liam in hours, he didn’t try to call or message me back.

I tried to put him out of my mind and focus on Pennywise the creepy clown. Jordan’s cinema room was very dark and the surround sound echoed from every area. It made everything feel more real and scarier. I tucked into the bucket of popcorn that rested on my lap and sat with my feet back enjoying the wealth of this cinema experience.

These movies aren’t even that scary but you know what gets me the most? The music. I hate the way the tension builds and then after moments of lingering suspense something happens that makes you absolutely soil yourself.

Silence fell upon the cinema room as the music climbed higher, alerting us that something was about to happen. My heart pounded inside my chest and my breathing quickened. I was expecting it, this time I wouldn’t jump. This film will not defeat me.

I could see Tia hiding her eyes into Jordan’s shoulder. He looked nervous too but it was obvious that he was trying to play it down like a cool guy. Zak had a pillow over his face and Ben screwed his eyes tightly closed.

Any moment now it was going to happen, the music was climbing and so was the fear.

Any minute.


Just as the music increased to a climax the door banged open and Liams dark figure stood in the door way. We all screamed our lungs off, including Jordan. The popcorn fell to the floor and scattered messily everywhere. Tia clung to Jordan’s shoulder and Ben clung to his racing heart.

“I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.” Zak chanted from the dark corner.

“Fuck sake Liam, what are you playing at!” Jordan screeched.

Liam flicked the light switch on, breaking the illusion of the room. He scanned the crowd for me and as soon as his eyes landed on me he grabbed my hand and pulled me away.

“I’m sorry for not replying.” Liam panted, he seemed out of breath like he had just ran here.

“Where were you?” I asked, keeping a straight face. He reached up to rub the back of his neck and I prepared myself to hear his next words.

“Liam, if you don’t want to tell me where you have been, that’s fine. You’re entitled to your privacy.” He pulled me close to him and rested his chin on my head.

“I just feel stupid. I went to see my mom again and I felt awkward about telling you that because I know you don’t like her and deep down I know I should not believe her.” I raised my head to look him in the eyes, he wasn’t fearful or bad tempered so I assumed it went well.

“That’s not stupid Liam, she’s your mom.”

I wanted to ask him about every detail that happened but I couldn’t intrude like that, if he wanted me to know then he would tell me himself.

“I guess I just felt embarrassed admitting that I was going to see her because she doesn’t deserve my time, I owe her nothing yet I couldn’t stop myself.”

“Don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me something, I will always support your decision and never judge the choices you make.”

“I know.” His eyes softened and he kissed my hair, breathing in the tropical scent of my shampoo as he stroked out the blonde strands with his fingers. “I’ve thought about you all day.” He admitted, his cheeks turning an endearing shade of pink.

“You have?” I asked feeling a little embarrassed he nodded and put his arm around my neck, walking us into the room with the rest of the guys. We sat on the sofa cuddled into one another. The others were elbows deep in snacks but I had overloaded on junk food so I chose the healthier option and grabbed a banana.

“Hey Zak, you cheated on that girl yet?” Ben asked.

Liam sat forward awkwardly in his seat.

“You okay?” I asked and he gripped his chin, resting his index finger against his lips.

“Mhm.” He mumbled but there was the sweetest blush crossing his face. “I gotta go the bathroom.” Swiftly he stood up and left the room.

“What girl?” Zak asked, looking completely clueless.

“The girl you told us about, you said you really liked her!” All eyes were on Zak and he seemed a little nervous.

“Um... No I haven’t cheated... I’m really happy. The happiest I have ever been... It’s like suddenly I’ve found myself.” Zak smiled sweetly to himself.

“Awhh.” Tia and I exclaimed in unison. Ben and Jordan burst out laughing.

“Dicks.” Zak shouted, throwing a pillow at them both.

“Come on Liam! I need to go! What’s taking so long, have you got the shits?” Jordan banged on the bathroom door.

“Fuck off!” Liams muffled voice shouted back.

“That was rude.” Jordan complained. “I’m gonna go pee on my moms rose bushes, I never liked them anyway.”

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