Bad Boy Saved

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A Sexual Journey.

Hey, I am in the tree house.

Can you meet me? X

I locked my phone and set it down, pulling on a jacket before leaving the house. My parents were binge watching a tv series on Netflix so I didn’t even bother to tell them I was going out.

My heart fluttered nervously as I climbed the tree house. Liam only came here when he was feeling vulnerable, I wondered what was waiting for me when I reached the top.

“Hey” he said as I crawled in next to him, he didn’t appear sad or hurt. “You tricked me.“′ He pointed out with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m obviously not going to go if it means I can’t support you at your interview.” I lay down on my back, facing the wooden ceiling using my hands as pillows.

“No, you should go.” Liam told me.


“Harris is your friend right? You haven’t seen him in a while. You should go, have fun with your friends. My interview will only be about soccer anyway and I’ll come by the hotel to see you the next day.”

“Are you sure?” He slipped his body down to lie beside me supporting his head up with his elbow.

“Of course.” With his other hand he flattened his fingers out on the bare skin of my stomach slowly moving across my flesh, feeling the smoothness with the pads of his fingertips.

“Your skin is so soft” he commented, lifting my cropped tee just a little higher. I chewed down on my lower lip, closing my eyes and really focusing on the feel of his gentle touch.

The light flutters on my skin sent warm tingles through me and I rocked my hips from side to side, unable to keep my body still.

“It tickles” I whispered, hearing the smile in my own voice.

“Would you like me to stop?” He asked quietly.

“No... I would like you to move your hand lower.” I opened my eyes and peered up at him from underneath my lashes. He really was a thing of pure beauty. His enchanting eyes, an ever changing mood stone. Today showcasing a striking cornflower blue that usually held back all of his emotions but right now his feelings were crystal clear. I could see the not-so-secret glimmer of desire written all over his face.

His fingers as light as feathers moved lower, dipping ever so slightly into the waist band of my trousers but not low enough.

“This much lower?” He asked, his pink lips shined faintly. Perfectly symmetrical with the discreetest dimple in the center of his lower lip. And although his mouth may look pretty it was the feel of them that sent my mind into complete euphoria. I wanted them on me, everywhere.

“Lower.” I whispered, almost in broken English. My voice was raspy and unfulfilled. Liam smiled and slowly skimmed his hand lower, tucking inside the waistband of my underwear.

“Is this low enough?” He teased his hand over my cleanly shaven pubic area and wore a seductive smile on his face. I blinked slowly at him, feeling a heavy weight gathering just below his hand, it was the place all of my desire and seduction lay. My never-regions had a heartbeat of its own and I have never wanted him to place his hand on my heart more.

“Lower” I practically begged.

His eyes sparkled with his smile as he slowly moved his hand lower, finally reaching his destination. My back arched and a loud gasp escaped my lips as soon as he touched me. I felt the pleasure flow through my body, screaming to get out.

“I love this.” Liam whispered as his finger circled around my magic button. He didn’t press too hard and he didn’t press too soft. My body moved against the rhythm of his hand and he watched, casting his eyes all over me.

“I love seeing you like this” He continued.

His finger moved up and down over my wetness in long strides and my face screwed up with the pleasure.

“The way you react to my touch, I love it. And I love knowing that I am the only one to have ever seen you like this.”

My breathing became louder and my sweet spot got more and more sensitive the longer he teased it. I felt it throbbing beneath his fingers. I closed my eyes and bit down on my lip.

“I love that I am the only one you have ever felt this burning want for.” He scoffed in disbelief ”you want me.” He added, almost as if he was telling himself but not quite believing it.

My body tightened around his finger tips and my toes curled. I was at the top, holding onto this climatic point for as long as humanly possible. I tingled everywhere, like hot shots of electricity racing through my body from my toes all the way to my head. I was floating, high up in the clouds and he was watching me through those beautiful eyes. Seeing the pleasure on my face and knowing that he was the one to cause it. He enjoyed this as much as I did, giving me everything.

We were on a sexual journey Liam and I. Discovering ourselves, what we liked, what we didn’t like. How to navigate through his barriers and mental blocks. Everything was new, scary and exciting for us both and as I fell from grace at the hands of the man I love he pulled me in close and and cuddled into my panting body.

“You are amazing.” He told me as I basked in the aftermath of my orgasm.

I couldn’t speak or move, my whole body felt weak so I just lay in his arms. Enjoying the sounds of his steady breaths.

“Do you want to have sex?” Liam asked, nervously biting his cheek.

“Are you up for that?” I asked.

“I don’t know but honestly, since the other day it’s all I can think about and I really want to try.” I think the smile on my face was stupidly big. I beamed, Liam really is getting brave.

Sex in the tree house, I think this was always inevitable.

I won’t deny it was a little awkward removing our jeans because of the lack of space but I climbed on top of him and pulled off my t-shirt. He looked up at me with admiration in his eyes and I unclasped my bra as his hands clutched my back. I was about to lower myself down on top of him when his eyes widened in realisation.

“I... I can’t... I need... I need to be on top.” He stuttered out. I lay down next to him and he rolled onto my stomach, leaving a soft, slow kiss on my lips.

My hands clasped around his manhood, ready to position him up but Liam tensed and by my ear I could hear the sexual gasps, groans and moans leaving his lips. I flinched as a pool of warm liquid hit my stomach and we lay frozen, just staring at one another with confusion.

“What happened?” I asked slowly, not moving a single muscle. His eyes widened and his face grew red before my eyes. With haste he climbed off of me and turned away. “Liam?” I asked, wiping my stomach dry with his T-shirt.

“Oh my God.” He whispered quietly to himself over and over again, shaking his head.

“Hey” I said with comfort, I scooted over to him and rested my head on his shoulder, cuddling into his naked arm.

“This has never happened before, I’m so embarrassed.” His face was puzzled, like he was trying to understand how, why and what just happened and then he rapidly turned to face me, eyes wide with fear “Don’t tell the others Liv, even Tia. Fuck, please don’t tell anyone.” He said with panic.

“Liam, whatever happens between us stays just between us, always.” I cupped his cheek and brought his lips to mine briefly. “It’s normal you know? People with a past like yours have these kinds of problems often. It’s okay, we’ll get through it together.” He nodded his head slowly but I could see this really knocked his confidence and my heart just ached for him.

Just when we were making massive progress in the intimacy department this happens. When will his battles end?

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