Bad Boy Saved

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“Liv, I have a problem.” My eyes pulled away from my computer and I turned towards the door. I wasn’t expecting him to come here today, he made it very clear that he didn’t want to see my parents after they caught us in bed but the only way he could have got into my house was if my mom let him in.

There was a certain pink blush to his cheeks and he stood in my doorway pursing his lips to stop any words from coming out. My brow furrowed.

“What is your problem?” He walked fully into the room and closed the door behind him. I sat up straight in my chair, giving him my full attention the second I saw him rub the back of his neck.

“Swear you won’t laugh.” He whispered.

“I swear, what’s up?” Automatically I wanted to laugh, it was a nervous thing. But I kept my lips straight, pressing them into one another hard.

He closed his eyes slowly, cheeks getting redder. Then he started rising his T-shirt higher and I came face to face with his crotch. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it before. It stood to attention mightily high. His jeans were unfastened allowing a tiny bit of breathing room but ultimately his boxer shorts were stretched to capacity. Liam opened his eyes and looked down checking to see if it was still there and then sighed once he saw that it was.

I burst out laughing.

It was horrid like I had collected up all of my laughter and forced it to stay inside. So at that point of seeing his manhood stretched out like a ruler I exploded and I couldn’t stop.

“Liv!” He complained, throwing a cushion at my head and then flopping down on my bed with his hand over his face. He started laughing too. “It’s not funny! It won’t go away, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I go from one extreme to another.” He spoke through his own laughter.

“Well how long have you had it?” I settled my laughter. I knew nothing about the male anatomy but I was more than willing to help solve his problem.

“A couple of hours, it hurts.” He groaned.

“Well have you tried-”

“Yes... I won’t... I can’t... finish.” He threw his hand back over his face and I got up from my chair, slowly easing my way onto the bed beside him. Very gently I took hold of hands and pulled them away from his face.

“Hey, it’s okay. You want me to-”

“Your mom is downstairs” he interrupted knowing exactly where my thoughts where headed. I stood up and locked the door, turning my attention back to him.

My own body ached for him now. He lay back on the bed watching my every move. There was fear slowly clouding his eyes but as my fingers found the buttons on my blouse the fear disappeared. I kept my gaze on him as I unfastened every last button and slipped off the chiffon material. His lips parted to allow softer breaths to fall from his mouth.

Two blue orbs watched me greedily as I slowly slipped my jeans down and stepped out of them. Then I crawled up his body hovering just above his lips.

“Are you sure?” He whispered against my mouth and I smiled against his, slipping my tongue inside to confirm that I wanted this. His fingers grasped my hair and his tongue rubbed against mine.

Everything about him was intoxicating, his smell, his taste, the way he looked. He was my obsession, my addiction and I just couldn’t get enough.

“I need to hear you say it.” He breathed out, breaking our kiss. He ran the backs of his fingers up my side, stopping just below my bra. “Is this okay?” The sharpness of his eyes searched mine, waiting.

“It’s more than okay, I want this. I want you.” I confirmed and he pressed his lips against my neck, lighting a fire within me that nobody else had the power to ignite.

“Be gentle, I’m not prepared.” He whispered into my ear, sending shivers shooting down my spine and goosebumps grazing my skin. I clasped my hands around the waist band to his jeans and tugged them downwards, freeing the beast.

I let my fingers trail over his length, feeling the natural ridges to his skin.

“Fuck.” He breathed out.

“You’re so hard, it’s solid... like a rock.” I was actually fascinated by the sight, feel and texture of his body. It was bulging, ready to burst.

“It’s so uncomfortable. It’s been like that off and on since we last had sex and then obviously the thing that we shall never speak about happened and today it’s back to being like this. But my mind, well you don’t even want to know what has been going on in mind.” He nervously rambled.

I wanted to know what was going on in his mind so badly.

“But this is the longest time it won’t go away for.” He added.

I started moving my hand up and down, slowly at first but then I picked up the pace. I watched as his expression changed. It went from being normal one minute to absorbed in absolute pleasure the next. His eyes glowed blue, lit with all of the sensation I was sending whirling around his body. And in the mists of my seductive attack something about Liam caught my eye.

His concentration. He gazed deeply into my eyes, paying his full attention to me as he climbed higher. He wasn’t imagining any other secret fantasy in his head, it wasn’t about the simple hand job he was receiving, it was about me and him being together intimately. And he was coping, more than coping - he was enjoying himself.

My Liam.

Brave, strong and beautiful.

His lips parted slightly and his breathing quickened as my hand stroked him tenderly. Every now and again his eyes would roll back and his eyelids would softly fall closed. He was gorgeous and I was completely consumed by him in every way. His teeth left small indents on his lower lip and his eyebrows caused small frowning lines over his forehead. But his eyes never left mine and mine never left his.

“Liv...” he panted with a voice drenched in seduction. “I’m gonna -” he struggled to talk through the cosmic waves crashing through his body but I smiled at his lack of avidly to converse and leaned in closer kissing him sweetly on the lips.

My tongue grazed his lips ever so slightly and he let me in but as I invaded his space passionately he couldn’t keep up thanks to his body being right on the top of experiencing his ultimate release. I smiled against his mouth.

Liams body tightened around me, holding stiff for a few seconds until an explosion of warmth fell around my fingers and Liam moaned quietly as I slowly pumped out the last remains of his lust. His body started trembling in my hands, something I’ve learnt he does after each time we’re intimate.

He pulled my body closer and kissed me properly this time, clashing his tongue with mine in a greedy way, like he couldn’t get enough of my taste and I matched his strides because I couldn’t get enough of his taste.

“It worked, it’s going down.” He said almost in disbelief and I smiled up at him. He held me close, through the barrier of his T-shirt. I looked down at it, a little disappointed that it was there.

“Can I try something?” I asked, chewing on my lower lip. His brow furrowed cutely but he nodded his head. I sat myself up, holding the bottom of his T-shirt and waiting for him to acknowledge mentally that I was going to remove it. His eyes widened for a second before he nodded his head.

He lay down watching me carefully, instantly on guard. I hovered my hand over his chest, nowhere near his skin but his body still tensed.

“I’m not going to touch you.” I reassured him and he visibly relaxed, a little.

I moved my hand over his chest, leaving only centimetres of air between his skin and mine. He watched my hand, every move it made he studied. His body was held so stiffly, too scared to move in case I accidentally knocked into him. I could feel the heat coming from his body. There was a magnetic pull of electricity between us that was so strong it could be felt even when we wasn’t touching.

“Does this make you nervous?” I asked.

“Yes.” He whispered but there was a certain seductive tone to his voice.

“But I can touch you here...” I stroked his cheek without actually touching him. His blue eyes glowed back at me. Slowly I moved my hands down over his pecks, moving across his abs, down past his naval and hovered above his man hood. “And here...” I moved back up, staying close to his sides. I imagined if I really was touching him it would tickle and he would squirm. “But not here.” I landed over his rib cage, in the centre of everything that is off limits.

He shook his head and closed his eyes. “Everywhere is hard.” He said almost in an inaudible way. He grabbed my wrist and placed my hand down flat against his abs and I gasped at his unexpected move.

“But I want it so bad.” He confessed.

A dramatic ping from the lower end of his body distracted us both. He sat up on his elbows to specifically look at it and I turned to face him with questioning. He sighed and flopped down onto the pillow, throwing his hand over his face.

“Not again.” He complained.

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