Bad Boy Saved

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The Basement.

My tongue felt heavy and my cheeks felt fuzzy, or maybe that was my head. The music played so loud and we danced until our feet ached. The basement was literally the coolest place I had ever set foot in, the drinks glowed in neon colours and they were free. The VIP section was closed off to the general public and I’m pretty sure I witnessed two casual drug deals.

“You know what I really want?” I asked Harris as I looked longingly into his kind eyes. I really missed him and that’s why I’m sitting so close to him right now. Because soon he’ll be really far away.

“What do you want?” He laughed.

“Some cheese.” I took another sip from my glass, chugging it until it was empty and then I waved the bartender over and asked him for another one. They hated me because I never let them catch a break. “You know when you’ve been drinking a lot and all you want is like cheese or a McDonald’s or like cheese?”

Harris laughed, his whole chest vibrated against my hand and I realized I was touching his chest. I looked down at my hand sprawled out against his t.shirt. I didn’t notice it before, maybe because I didn’t need to notice it. He wasn’t broken.

“I think you’re pretty wasted Olivia.” He giggled.

The bartender brought my drink over and I stood up, swaying slightly on the spot. Harris gave my ass a little push to straighten me out. “Oops.” I laughed. But once I had found my feet I grabbed my drink and took myself off to the dance floor.

“Come dance with me.” I shouted to both Tia and Harris but she had become best friends with some girl she met in the bathroom and was fully engrossed in whatever conversation they were talking about and Harris just toasted me with his drink.

“I’ll dance with you.” I spun around to see a guy standing in front of me, he had chestnut coloured hair like Liam and blue eyes but they weren’t as pretty as his.

I gave Harris a smug smile, pleased with myself that I had found someone to dance with however even in my drunken state I made sure to keep a good few inches gap between us, I wasn’t making the same mistake I made with Luke. The music stopped and I turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

“I need to use the bathroom.” I explained, a slow smile stretched across his lips.

“I’ll show you where it is.” I smiled at him politely, he was so kind.

The line for the bathroom was real long, he told me the disabled one didn’t have line so we made our way up the corridor to that. My feet felt really unsteady and as I ping ponged myself from the walls I laughed hysterically.

“Someone is in it.” He said after trying the door. I leaned against the wall and tapped my hand against my thigh to the beat of the music while I waited in the empty hallway.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly the guys body was pressed against my own and I was trapped under his heavy weight. His face was approaching mine and I tried to push him away but I wasn’t strong enough.

“Stop, what are you doing?” I exclaimed, dodging his attempt to kiss me.

His hands landed on my legs and I felt the material of my skirt rising. I tried to pull it down but without my arms separating our two bodies he fell closer into me, squashing me between him and the wall with no escape.

“Get off, stop.” I shouted again.

His face kept aiming for my lips but I kept turning my head away, dodging him but my efforts to fight him off rendered me useless. He was too strong, too forceful.

“She said stop.” A familiar voice said sternly.

The guy was pulled off my body and shoved to the floor. My mouth fell open as I watched Jordan repeatedly punch the guy in the face.

“I’m going to be sick.” Jordan turned to face me and stood to his feet following me inside the toilet. As I crouched down around the toilet bowl he held my hair back and rubbed my back as the vomit poured out.

“Fuck sake Olive, that stinks.” He flushed away the lining of my stomach and handed me a paper towel to wipe my mouth. I sat with my back propped up against the wall, letting the tiles cool me down.

“What are you doing here?” I groaned.

“You think I’m gonna let you both come here with him on your own? I know these people. People with money they think they’re entitled to everything including your bodies. You’re beyond drunk Olive.” He was talking down to me like I was a child, I felt like I was getting scolded by my dad for breaking curfew.

“I’m gonna be sick again.” My stomach wrenched and I tipped my head over the toilet bowl. He grabbed my hair back making sure no stray strands hung loose. I wiped my mouth and he flushed away the mess.

“Tia’s gonna kill you when she finds out you’re here.” If I’m in trouble, he’s in trouble. I’ll drag him down with me.

“She won’t find out.” He warned.

“Did you watch his interview?” His face changed and I think for a second he beamed with pride.

“Yes.” He smiled.

“It really messed him up you know?” His brow furrowed.

“I know.”

“No I mean, sexually.” I whispered the word like Liam could hear us.

“Oli -” Jordan started.

“We’ve only ever done it a few times but one time was with dark Liam so that doesn’t really count because he was dark, yano?” I counted on my fingers the amount of times we had been intimate but I don’t think my fingers counted correctly. I ended up looking at my hand in confusion. I think the night we did it three times messed up my counting.

“Olive, you shouldn’t be talking about this with me. It’s private.” Jordan stated.

“I’m just saying... being around him makes me so damn horny. I just feel horny all the time because he’s so freaking hot.” I threw my head against Jordan’s chest and cried drunken tears. I felt the vibration of his laughter against me as he cradled my head and smoothed out my hair.

“You’re really going to regret this conversation in the morning.” He said though hums of laughter.

“You’re so nice, why did I ever think you were a nasty boy?” I reached up and kissed him on the cheek. He wiped it away with his sleeve instantly.

“Ewww.” He shouted.

“He pleaded guilty to everything” Even in my drunken state I could see his eyebrows raise in surprise and then his lips curled up into a smirk. “What?” I asked, assessing the secretive expression on his face.

“Would you get up!” He complained and I rolled my eyes, feeling like my body was too heavy to manoeuvre right now and my stomach was far too unsettled to move. So we sat together on the grubby floor, leaning against a cold tiled wall.

“Tell me what you were thinking.” I knocked on his brain and he rapidly edged his head away from me and gave me a disapproving stare that I didn’t take too seriously. Jordan sighed.

“I guess I can tell you since you won’t remember anyway but if you do, then you cannot tell him, under any circumstances.” I nodded very seriously, keeping my drunken face very straight.

“We went back.” He continued and my brows knitted together.

“We?” I asked really slowly.

“Zak, Ben and I. We went back, with the gun.” I felt my mouth drop open “It wasn’t loaded, but he didn’t know that and we followed him after work so we knew where he lived.” He pushed my chin upwards and my mouth closed with the force of his hand. “We roughed him up a bit, held the gun to his head, told him if he didn’t plead guilty we would come back and finish the job.” He started laughing to himself as he replayed back the memory in his mind. “He pissed himself.” I was utterly speechless, my drunken mind couldn’t find the words to reply. “Come on, I gotta get you to bed so I can watch out for Tia.”

Jordan carried on like he didn’t just drop this massive bomb. Somehow we ended up outside the suite, I don’t remember my legs carrying me here but Jordan’s arm was supporting the entire mass of my body weight.

“Give me your key card.” He said. I started laughing, laughing more than I should have laughed. Tears rolled down my cheeks because it was that funny. Jordan’s jaw ticked in frustration, I think that’s what made it funnier.

“Harris has it.” I giggled.

“Fuck sake Olive.” He grumbled through gritted teeth.

He ended up taking me back to his hotel room, it was still nice but it wasn’t a patch on the suite. His was just a standard room but the bath was incredible and real selling point, it was in the main room instead of the bathroom and it was huge, placed directly in front of a window that had views out all over the city.

“I’m going to make sure Tia is okay, get her back to the suite then I’ll come back for you. Don’t leave this room.” He warned but I waved my hand to dismiss whatever he was saying and ran my finger through the bottles in his mini bar fridge.

I took out a small bottle of vodka and I chuckled to myself as I took a drink. My fingers picked up the fancy bath products and I read the back but my eyes blurred so I just took off the lid and smelt each one.

“Mmm” I hummed as I filled the bath with water and tipped in a generous amount of product.

Once the water was full I climbed in and pretended I was a mermaid, flipping my fins and splashing around.

“What are you doing! Fuck sake! You’re in the bath with your clothes on, you’re soaked. Why would you do that?” I heard Jordan’s moaning voice and I just rolled my eyes as I knocked back the vodka to remove the after taste of sick. He was so uptight, why didn’t he just chill out and relax.

He pushed my feet out the way and reached in to pull the plug, water started emptying around me. Then he pulled off his t.shirt and got some clean underpants from his jacket pocket.

“These were meant to be for tomorrow, go in there, change and I swear to God Olive, don’t come out until you’re fully dressed. You’re such a piece of work, this is too much for one person to handle.” He complained.

“Nobody asked you to come.” I pointed out as he shoved me into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

“Yeah well, it’s a good job I did because that guy was going to force himself on you.” He shouted from the other side of the door. I just rolled my eyes and slipped away my wet clothing.

I tugged on the door to get out but Jordan held it shut.

“Are you dressed?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said with a sigh.

“Good.” The door opened and he looked down at my outfit, his white t.shirt and his black boxer shorts. He gave me a swift head nod, or himself one for getting the job done. “Let’s get you back to your room.” He said happily.

“I don’t feel well.” I grumbled, hearing my insides roar at me. He picked up the nearest trash can and held it under my face. I could feel his eye roll even with my head in the bucket. “My stomach and throat are so sore.” I groaned.

“Fuck sake!” He sighed “Get in bed.” He pulled back the bed sheets to make room for me, I lingered a look on him for a few seconds before complying with his wishes. “Stay this side, face this way and don’t touch me. This is weird, I am not comfortable with this.” He placed a clean trashcan next to me and a glass of water. Then I heard the belt buckle opening on his jeans and before I knew it he had slipped into bed too. Leaving a whole meter of space between us as we both faced away from one another.

“Jordan, don’t tell him okay?” I said through a hoarse voice.

“Don’t tell him what?” He spoke through gritted teeth, I had annoyed him.

“Don’t tell him I look at other couples and feel jealous of how normal their relationship is.”

“Olive, go to sleep. He’ll be here tomorrow.”

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