Bad Boy Saved

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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words.

“Two honeycomb lattes and a chocolate muffin please.” The barista set to work on my order and I tapped my Amex card on the counter to the beat of the background music playing in the coffee house.

“Olivia, right?” I turned to face the voice behind me and my smile dipped when I saw her.

She stood in her soccer uniform, red and black just like Liams but her jersey hugged her figure more showing off how perfect her body is. She was even more beautiful than I remembered with perfect features and glossy, dark hair that hung low by her waist even though it was in a high pony.

“Yeah, Reece hey!” I tried to be as enthusiastic as possible but in all honesty her appearance irritated me and my smile was fake.

“This is my favorite coffee house.” She smiled warmly and gestured around the shop. I offered her a polite smile, one that didn’t reach my eyes.

“Yeah they do decent coffee, I’m just here getting a latte for my roommate and I.” I informed her.

I didn’t like the awkward small talk we were having.

“Two honeycomb lattes and a chocolate muffin.” The barista shouted and I sighed a breath of relief as I grabbed my order.

“It was nice running into you Reece.” I offered politely as I made my way to the sugar counter.

“Olivia, wait.” Reece followed after me, leaving her place in the line.

I gathered up the small bags of sugar and dropped some in the lattes.

“I just wanted to apologize.” She started

“Reece, don’t be silly. You have nothing to apologize for, I have no problem with you and Liam sharing a room.” I lied, throwing on my sweetest smile.

Reece grabbed my arm sympathetically, making me look up and focus on her hazel eyes. She tilted her head sympathetically and I wondered if she was mocking me with unwanted pity.

“No, Olivia. I wanted to apologize that Liam and I kissed... I knew he had a girlfriend and should not have let it happen but we just got carried away... I know Liam said you were fine with it but I felt like I needed to come apologize anyway, I’m really sorry Olivia.”

I listened to her rambling words but I couldn’t absorb them. They crashed into me and sent cuts throughout the whole of my insides, causing the blood to rush around my body in the most unwelcome way.

“Olivia, are you okay? You’ve gone really pale.” She asked nervously as I blinked blankly back at her.

“What did you just say?” I manage to coil out slowly.

Reece backed away three small steps and looked a little perplexed.

“I’m sorry Olivia, I thought you knew ... he said he told you.” She twisted her lips up disappointingly and I rolled my eyes.

Turning my attention back to the lattes. The sugar had clumped together and grown heavy in the warm liquid. I grabbed a wooden stirrer and mixed the coffees tapping on the edge of the paper cup three times to rid any lingering froth. I felt her eyes on me assessing my reaction with caution.

“I don’t believe you.” I finally replied calmly after waiting for her to stew on her failed attempt to get under my skin.

“What?” She said in utter disbelief so I turned to her, giving her a deep scowl.

“I don’t believe you. Liam wouldn’t do that.” My tone had lost all niceness now, I was done being pleasant to this girl.

She pulled out her phone and scrolled through it. My brow furrowed at her in disgust but I wasn’t letting her get to me. I picked up the two cups and proceeded to walk towards the door.

“I’m not lying Olivia.” She eventually called out, flashing me a picture on her phone.

A picture of Liam standing on the soccer pitch with Reece. Lips touching, bodies touching. They were kissing, he had his hands resting on her hips and she had her hands pressed up against his chest. Why was he letting her touch him there? Why was he letting her kiss him?

I could feel a burning between my ears and at the back of my throat vomit was trying to escape. Reece had hammered nails into my heart and was successfully breaking it apart, it was a pain like no other. I was crying but no tears were falling. I was screaming but no sound was coming out of my mouth.

I walked out of the coffee shop feeling completely numb. I dumped the lattes into a nearby trash can, Lola would just have to go without her morning coffee. Then I hailed a cab to Liams campus and searched the whole of his dorm for him. When he wasn’t there I headed to the soccer pitch.

I stopped a random soccer player and asked him if he knew where Liam was in a menacing tone that showed I meant business.

“Uh, he’ll be in the locker rooms changing.” He pointed to the locker rooms and I charged across the turf and pushed the door open with a bang.

All eyes fell on me. The locker room was filled with half naked men all hiding their bits or wooing excitedly at my presence but I didn’t even care that I was betraying their privacy, I only cared about confronting Liam.

“Where’s Liam?” I said to another random player who wore only a towel around his waist. The guy nervously pointed to the end of the locker room and I followed the direction of his finger.

“Being a soccer player gets you a lot of girls, high school was -” I turned the corner to hear Liam bragging about his high school glory days to a group of his team mates.

One fairly large guy looked in my direction and muttered “Oh shit.”

Liam had his back to me with his head in his locker but hearing his friend mutter curse words under his breath made him turn around and his eyes widened at the sight of me. The shock on his face was not unmissable.

“Liv!” He screeched with a high pitched tone.

I shoved my hand into his shoulder hard, he flinched and the fear crawled into his eyes. Consuming his thoughts right in front of me. Even in my angered state I regretted shoving him.

“You kissed her.” I shouted and his face drained of colour before my eyes. His hands reached up and rubbed the back of his neck and my eyes closed, taking that as his admittance.

“I didn’t” he lied but he looked clouded with guilt.

“Don’t lie to me Liam, I’ve seen the picture.” I warned aggressively.

“What picture? Liv, it’s not like that. Nothing happened.” He pleaded.

I’ve grown accustomed to Liams mannerisms and body language now. I always thought whatever it was that was plaguing his mind, we would talk about and over come. But that never included him lying to me. The picture was as clear as day, Liams reactions whenever Reece got mentioned was as clear as day. There was no disputing what was going on here.

Our confrontation had attracted quite a crowd, his whole team had gathered around to watch and I mentally prepared myself to take them all on. If we were at home they would all be jumping in to defend him but right now but only silence filled the locker room walls. Here Liam was alone, alone to face the consequences of his own actions.

How could he do this to me?

“Liam, don’t lie to your girl. We were all there, we saw what happened between you and Reece.”

The name on Luke’s lips made my heart sink further, I never mentioned Reece was the one he kissed. So it must be true or how else would they know?

Liam pulled his eyes away from me to look at Luke, the look in his eyes was one I hadn’t seen in a while. He was broken and betrayed, but this time - so was I.

Other team mates mumbled ‘yes’ or just nodded their head in agreement to Luke’s comment.

I backed away, wanting to disappear. To run, to cry. To just put some distance between us because the image of him and her kissing replayed in my mind like a broken DVD.

“Liv.” Liam pleaded, ignoring his team mates. He stepped forward offering me his hand but I looked down at it like it was the dirtiest object I had ever laid my eyes on.

I held my hands up at him.

“We’re done.” I spat out before walking off and leaving my last words echoing through the locker room.

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