Bad Boy Saved

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"I can't, not with you watching." I could feel the infamous blush all over my cheeks giving away my embarrassment but no matter how much I needed to pee I just couldn't bring myself to squat down and relieve myself like an animal. Especially with Liam here.

"I'll turn my back, please just go you're gonna get ill." He turned around but I knew he was still in hearing distance and although my stomach had incredibly strong cramp from holding in my urine for the past few hours I just couldn't go.

"I don't hear you going." He shouted, confirming my suspicions. Truthfully I hadn't even pulled my pants down or attempted to empty my bladder.

"I'm going to turn around now." He warned right before he did and sighed when he noted me standing in the exact same position.

"I just can't do it Liam." He marched over to me and grabbed my hand. His footsteps were far too quick for someone corking up an oceans worth of pee.

"Here. Sit here." He practically plonked me down on a round wooden tree stump with a hollow middle. "Take your pants down and sit on this stump, you can pretend its a toilet, no squatting." I laughed but only a little because if I laughed too hard pee would definitely come out. There was no way I was doing that.

"Liv, come on... I'll close my eyes." He pleaded. I took a deep breath and then pulled my pants down sitting my bare bum on the cold stump. I swear his lips twitched but he had the decency to hold back his smile. "Now pee." He ordered but I just couldn't. "Pee." He said again. This time he allowed himself to smile and my face which at this point resembled a tomato scowled at him.

"Pee." He muttered for a third time, poking me in the side as he did, I burst out laughing.

"Liam stop." I pleaded as he poked me again and again. I squirmed away. "Liam that's too much." I laughed. "Liam I'm going to wet myself, stop." He kept tickling me and the harder I laughed the more I couldn't hold my bladder until it was too late.

It felt so good to finally be free of everything that I had been holding in, yet it felt so damn bad as well. There's being close to your boyfriend and then there's been too close to your boyfriend and that was just too close for comfort.

"You're so innocent." He shook his head at me and laughed, probably at the compete and utter horror written on my face.

We returned back to the campfire and rejoined everyone else who had broken out the beer bottles.

"You hear this Liam?" Jordan uttered and Tia sighed. "Tia doesn't want to drink." He waved a beer bottle under her nose and she turned her face away. "How could you refuse that Tia, it smells delicious."

"It smells disgusting and my stomach just isn't up to drinking right now. I think I had a bad burger or something." She clutched her tummy and groaned.

"Oh no Tia, are you okay?" I sat beside her and gave her arm a small comforting rub and she nodded in reply.

"When you say you had a burger, would you say you craved the burger?" Zak asked with amusement, Jordan's eyes widened but then he looked to Tia for the answer. She ignored them both.

"I cooked some brownies." Lola pulled a tub out of Jordan's boot and brought them over to the campfire. There was a few secretive smiles shot between the guys and as she placed the brownies down in front of us all everyone grabbed one.

"Are you sure you want that?" Liam asked me and I nodded, of course I did. It both looked and smelt delicious.

"Of course she does Liam, leave her alone. We don't body shame here." Jordan said smugly. I looked at him weirdly.

"Yeah Liam, leave her alone." Lola joined in with a wicked smile. I honestly don't know what had gotten into my friends but everyone was acting so weird.

"But you don't." Jordan said, yanking the brownie out of Tia's hand before she could take a bite.

"What the fuck is wrong with you today?" Tia shouted, her temper running off a short fuse.

I grabbed my second brownie from the pile and started eating it, they really did taste as good as they looked. Extra chocolatey, beautifully dense and -

"They're pot brownies." Jordan told Tia and I spat out the last remaining mouthful. His eyes flicked to my commotion for a second before returning his gaze back on Tia. "Do you still want it? or is there a particular reason why you can't have it?" He held the chocolate brownie under her nose and her face screwed up in distaste. "Because you know, if there's a particular reason you can't have it... like if you're allergic or something I'll not eat one too. I'll not drink either. If you can't, I can't."

I was freaking out that I had just eaten a pot brownie. I had no idea what was going on between Jordan and Tia but now everyone had turned their attention on Tia, they were watching her so carefully. Granted, Lola was the exception, she was more interested in her brownies. But the guys were waiting for something and Tia was caught in a crossfire.

"I don't want - What are you all looking at me like that for?" She spat out moodily.

"Your boobs are bigger!" Jordan shrieked.

"I think I'm hallucinating." I whispered.

"You have been for a pee like five times, I counted." Jordan carried on.

This argument was so surreal, why was he shouting at her about boobs and bathrooms. It was definitely the brownies. I losing sense of what was real.

"I don't think this is really happening." I whispered again.

"You won't drink, you won't eat a pot brownie, your tummy feels off." He started counting everything he listed on his fingers.

Tia yawned loudly and Zak gasped dramatically.

"See!" Jordan shouted, making me jump. I was so jumpy and felt nervous inside for no apparent reason.

"I'm too tired for this" She muttered sleepily.

I looked around over my shoulder frantically "Did anyone hear that?" I asked with a worried tone. "Are there bears out here?"

"Tia! Your period app alerted me today that you're late and not by a day, by like two weeks!" Silence filled the group. The chewing stopped, my nervous rambling stopped, the guys stopped gasping and nodding at certain things Jordan said. All eyes fell on Tia. She stood up, positioning herself strong, confident and in charge.

"Well." She said and I knew just by her tone that everyone was about to be in deep, deep shit. "Let me educate all you idiots, sometimes periods are not regular. When you're on your period your breasts can swell and be sore. You get stomach cramps. Your mood can change, not really feeling up to drinking or partying because of that. And overall you bloat making me look like I gained a few pounds. Now I could talk about toxic shock and why one must use the toilet regularly, but I think it would go over all of your heads. So now that we've discussed my menstrual cycle in front of all of your friends I'm going to go bed, that is of course providing none of you have any more questions?"

The guys all kept their heads buried, not daring to look at her murderous glare. Lola returned to her brownies and I focused on the tent zips, feeling utterly petrified of getting stuck inside the tent once I had zipped it up. Tia walked off in a huff and my saliva thickened when I watched her zip herself in the tent.

"Fuck sake Liam, I told you I should have just asked her." Jordan said, earning him a slap on the back of the head from Jordan.

"What are the chances she's happier by tomorrow?" Zak asked.

"I gotta go speak to her." Jordan said slowly, hesitating before walking off.

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