Bad Boy Saved

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We had been back from the camping trip for two days, this morning I said goodbye to my dad because he returned back to work in New York. So it is just my mom and me at home until school starts back up again.

I plugged my earphones in and switched the music louder than I probably should have, blocking out the world around me with the sound of PINK’s voice. My mom sent me to the shop for milk and I couldn’t even find that annoying because it was nice to be wanted by my parents even if it was just to collect some milk.

I pushed open the door to the mini mart and made my way around the aisles, picking out various snacks for myself before stopping at the fridge section for the milk.

“Olivia?” I noticed Mrs Adeniji smiling at me like a creepy clown so I pulled out my ear phones to make nice.

"Hey Mrs A, it's so nice to see you. I'm just buying some milk for my mom."

"You need to come round and have tea with us one day before you go back. I've missed you girls causing trouble around our parts. I know Tiana told me she enjoyed your girls spa trip last weekend."

"Our what now?" Her brows furrowed and I quickly retraced my steps. "Oh yeah, our spa trip... Yeah... It was good." My voice wavered in tone and I tried to keep my face as straight as possible but overall I am a terrible liar so I felt like she could see right through me.

"Well I must let you go Olivia, we wouldn't want to keep your mom waiting." I gave her a swift smile and nod, replaced my earphones and made my way to the cashier. He rang up my items excruciatingly slowly but eventually I managed to escape the mini mart and be on my way.

The warm sun was shining down on my skin and I walked along Brett Street with a skip in my step because of the feel-good tunes blasting down my ears.

Out of nowhere I felt a strong hand clasp around my forearm. Nails clawed in my flesh and the grasp was holding on with a great force. My head immediately spun around to face whoever was holding me and my eyes widened when I came face to face with the culprit.

He wore a menacing scowl and viewed me with such disgust and hatred. He looked like he hadn't bathed in a few days, his mousy brown hair was thinning on top but looked messy and unkempt. A thick,brown mustache sat just above his lips and his cheeks had thinned since the last time I saw him.

In that moment my heart rate sky rocketed and my lungs seemed to be doing twice the work. His brown eyes focused on me, narrowed and sharp. I tried to scream but only silence left my mouth. I tried to pull away but his grasp was far too hard, denting my skin and leaving white patches underneath his fingertips.

"Get off me!" I shouted, fighting away from his grasp. My words lacked volume and he ignored them completely, his only response was his soulless expression. I could hear the fear in my own voice even over the loud music. My attempts to run failed, he pulled my arm tight, dragging me through the street to a nearby grey car. I dropped the milk watching as it smashed on the ground, spilling out white liquid everywhere. Somewhere at the back of my brain told me this was going to be evidence when they find my body and tried to piece together a trail.

He smelt strongly of alcohol, it emitted from him like fumes and caught at the back of my throat turning my stomach instantly nauseous. During our struggle my earphones fell out, allowing a low hum of music to fill the air.

I looked around for help, shouting desperately but the street was empty and he was pulling me too tightly, his grasp was just too strong. There was nobody around and before I knew it he had threw me inside the back seat of a rusty, beaten up, old automobile and slammed the door closed.

Frantically I tried the door handle, it was locked but I yanked on it continuously with all of my strength to try and break it. He pulled on his own door and slipped behind the wheel. I fumbled around my pockets for my phone to call 911 but he reached back and snatched it out of my hand.

"What do you want with me? Let me go!" I dug my two feet into the back of his chair, kicking his seat with all of my might. The car swerved left and right across the road, so I did it again and again. Wanting to cause an accident because at least then I would end up in the hospital instead of in this car with him.

"You fooking bitch!" He shouted. He slammed his foot on the brake making my whole body jolt forward on impact. Then he climbed out of the car and opened my door, taking my sore arm again and dragging me to the back. He opened his trunk and pushed me inside, slamming the door closed.

I could hear and see nothing, except for the sound of my heavy breathing and pounding heart. The trunk was basked in complete darkness and no matter how many times I blinked my eyes would not adjust. The car started moving again and I banged my fist against the metal door, hoping someone would hear me and stop his car.

The fear climbed within me and salty tears fell down my face, they came hot and violent, pouring relentlessly.

Jax was going to kill me.

My whole body trembled, I could still feel his grasp on my arm even though it was no longer there and my knuckles were starting to graze from the continuous banging. Laying in the confinements of his trunk I felt like the car was swaying from side to side, like he couldn't control the vehicle on the road and I prayed he got us into an accident, it was my only chance at survival.

When we stopped and he let me out I was going to run. I was going to kick him where it hurts and run. Or at least that's what I told myself.

I'm not entirely sure how long he drove for, I lost track of time through the absolute fear that tormented me but eventually he did stop and through the deafening sound of my pounding heart I listened for his footsteps so I could be ready.

My eyes squinted in the sunlight as the dark trunk opened and his hand grabbed me again, yanking me to my feet. I took a deep breath, trying to clear my mind of fearsome thoughts and then just as he stood in front of me I brought my knee up and collided it with his groin.

"Ahhhh!" He shouted, letting go of my arm instinctively and coiled over holding his own crotch. I didn't linger, I ran.

I had no clue where I was or even where I was headed but that didn't matter. I just needed to get away. I ran through a parking lot, across a quiet road and into a wheat field of some type. I ran without looking back, I ran without stopping to breathe, I ran faster than my legs could carry me, right into a heavy fist and slowly everything around me faded to black.

Jax had won.

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