Bad Boy Saved

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Strawberry Milkshake

There was a high pitched sound running through my head, it was the kind of sound that would make dogs howl. One that you could hear for miles around because it was so high and intense. I thought it was the sound made when your brain bleeds out internally.

Timidly I opened my eyes but nothing was in focus. I could see shapes and patterns but only though a blur. I blinked again trying to clear my vision. Automatically I raised my hand to touch the pain in my temple but my two hands were tied together with a thick rope and as I touched the area I winced feeling the wetness of my head.

“What do you want with me?” I asked as more and more of Jax came into focus. He sat on a lone chair across the room, just watching me. A cunning, evil smirk grew on his face.

“That boy took my whore, so now I’m taking his.” He said casually flashing me his yellow stained teeth.

My head pounded so hard I felt like my whole skull was caving in. My vision still wasn’t perfect and I generally felt dizzy. But I allowed this time to look around, plan my escape. Jax had brought me to a motel, it was a dirt cheap motel. The type of place Jax would conduct his ‘business’ at. It had one double bed, with a red and green spread that looked like it fell right out of the sixties. A small chair, floor standing lamp and two bedside tables but that was all. There was nothing substantial that I could use as a weapon. My legs were also tied together with the same thick rope and then they were tied to the wooden post of the beds foot board.

Jax stood up and I gasped as he made his way towards me, standing right beside the bed, I tried to move my body away from him but the rope restricted me considerably.

“If you’re going to be my whore, I’m going to need to test out what I’m selling. See how much you’re worth.” He ran his hand down my cheek and I screwed my face up in disgust. His hands smelt like pre-rolled cigarettes and his finger nails looked black around the edges. His hand traveled down my neck, towards my chest. I moved hectically trying to shake him off but he laughed at my efforts. So I spat in his face and he backed off, wiping away the saliva that ran down his cheek.

It took him a few seconds to react but then he grabbed my hair between his fingers and pushed my head back into the head board several times. I closed my eyes with each collision, feeling the destruction of my own skeleton as he continuously banged my already tender head. I kept my lips tightly straightened into a line, I didn’t want to groan, cry or complain at all. I wasn’t going to allow him that satisfaction.

Finally he backed away from me and lit up a cigarette, sitting himself back in the chair. The tinnitus in my head rang out deafeningly loudly but I kept my eyes focused on him, doing my best to keep them looking strong and impassive. He blew out smoke a few times, directing it towards me.

“Heard that son a of bitch came into some money.” He muttered after thinking for a while. My heart stopped ad leaped out of my chest. He obviously heard that from Liams mom, who Liam wanted to believe was changing for the better. I said nothing, I just hardened my exterior. “Seen his face in the paper.” He continued. “Soccer player.” He scoffed. “Who would want him?” He muttered to himself, almost like he couldn’t believe it.

“He’s a really good soccer player. Possesses talent that you couldn’t even imagine.” I spat out with vileness. His eyebrows raised.

“How much is he getting for that gig?” I ignored him and turned away, searching the right of the room with my eyes for my phone. I noticed a small notepad with the motel name written across the top ′La Grande Español Motel' and I made a mental note of it in the back of my mind.

Jax stood to his feet, blotting his cigarette out on a glass ashtray. I followed him with my eyes as he paced towards me and lowered his face down to mine.

“I said, how much is he getting for that gig?” His hot breath hit my face and made me stop breathing until the wave of his words had past. But I could still feel the dirty stench lingering on the surface of my skin.

“I don’t know.” I said strongly, sounding a lot braver than I actually felt. Jax grabbed my chin digging his filthy fingers nails into me and holding tightly.

“You must know how much he is getting. The boy is stupid, would share it with you in heartbeat. Tell me.” He ordered, gripping my skin tighter.

“I don’t know.” I repeated, my words coming out muffled thanks to the distortion of my face.

“Gotta be a lot if he’s willing to buy her a house and pay for rehab. What are you worth to him?” I attempted to shake my head but his hands held me still. Then another evil smirk appeared on his face, it made my blood run cold instantly. “Let’s find out.” Jax said with vexation.

Up until that moment I hadn't felt fear quite like I did right now. Jax wanted to involve Liam in this and I no longer feared for my own safety, I feared for his. He reached into the pocket of his murky blue jeans and pulled out my phone.

"Ring Liam up, you tell him you're in trouble and you need money but you can't tell him why. Ask him to meet you on dock at midnight with one hundred thousand dollars." He started searching through my phone, presumably looking for Liams number.

"I'm not doing that." I quipped up. His brown eyes pulled away from my screen and looked at me in disbelief. "Liam doesn't have that money and he would never hand over that amount without knowing why I needed it." Jax laughed sardonically, his stained teeth on full display, making me feel sick to my stomach.

"You underestimate your worth to him. If anything I should go higher, ah fook it. Make it five hundred thousand." My eyes widened.

"I'm not doing it." I stood my ground.

Jax yanked back his hand and threw it into my face, slapping my bare cheek red raw. I raised my hands to my face and blinked in the shock of the sting.

"I won't do it." I said again rewarding me with another slap.

"You got two choices now. I can ring Liam or I can ring Matt. Liam will hand over the money and no harm will come to him or you. Matt will come here, fuck you senseless and then pay me a hefty sum. Either way I get money. You think Liam is going to want to fuck you again after he knows I've whored your body out just like his mom?"

I closed my eyes, the realization dawning on me here that I didn't have a choice in the matter. I wondered if somehow I could get a message across to Liam, letting him know I wasn't safe, that Jax was holding me hostage. But how?

Jax gently moved my hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ears. I swiftly moved my head away from his hand. Oddly I prefer the horrid, painful actions of his hands rather than the soft movements. I just couldn't bare him touching me.

Jax pressed a couple of buttons on the phone and a ringing filled the room. I could feel the tears clogging behind my eyes and the bile clinging to the back of my throat. I wondered if my voice was up to keeping so emotionless, I knew once I heard Liams voice I would break down. But I needed to stay calm, get across a clear message to him, one only Liam would understand.

"Liams phone." Shit. It was Jordan. My eyes darted up to Jax and he looked pissed. I started panicking, needing it to be Liam so he could decode my message. Jordan was no good.

"Where is Liam?” I asked, a little rudely.

“Well hello to you too Olive... he’s in the bathroom, been in there a while... think he’s taking a shit. I can give him a message?” Shit, Jordan was no good!

Jax shook his head at me and there was a small pause between deciding on what to say that Jordan would possibly understand. Jax twirled his finger in the air, indicating to me to wrap it up.

“Tell him..." I started talking, glancing at Jax nervously he was shaking his head vigorously now. "Hax diner just updated their menus and they now do this really good strawberry milkshake. I want him to take me there one day because I desperately need to try it." He pulled the phone further away from me, hovering his hand in the air ready to attack.

"Hax diner. Milkshake. Got it." Jordan said without a care in the world. He didn't understand the message.

"Strawberry milkshake.” I shouted, intentionally making my voice louder because Jax was moving further away with the phone.

“Strawberry milkshake, yes... I got it. He talked down to me in a condescending voice and even in among the turmoil I rolled my eyes.

“Jordan?” I shouted.


“The faster we go the better.”

Jax pushed on my phone screen hard and glared at me.

"What the fook was that?" He roared.

"If I didn't leave a message for Liam then they would have thought it was odd I rang in the first place and got suspicious." Jax lit up another cigarette and slummed back in his chair.

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