Bad Boy Saved

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Losing Hope

I didn’t know exactly how long but it felt like hours had passed since I spoke to Jordan. I believed my message had been clear but of course it all relied on Jordan actually passing the message on and we all know what Jordan is like.

Strawberries, Liam knows I am allergic so that should be the first thing that rings alarm bells in his mind.

Hax, as close to Jax as I could possibly get it without alerting him I was giving away secret messages.

And lastly using a ‘H’ instead of a ‘J’ because in Spain they pronounce their ‘J’ like a ‘H,’ I thought that was a clever nod to the Spanish motel he was holding me hostage in.

Okay, maybe that last clue was a little bit far fetched for Jordan and Liam to work out but I knew Jordan took Spanish in school and although doubtful I just hoped something would stick in his brain from that class.

I watched Jax use a plastic card to gather white powder into a neat line on the small table surface. Then he rolled a dollar note into a strip and inhaled the powder up through his nose, sniffing and rubbing afterwards. He did this several times, each time becoming more and more detached from reality.

A knock on the door made me sit forward in my seat as best I could with all of these restrains. My heart pounded against my rib cage and adrenaline ran through my veins.

Finally they found me, I'm saved.

Jax got up and opened it straight away, letting in a tall man of Asian ethnicity. His eyes searched my body for a few seconds but then he ignored my presence completely.

“Kilo?” Jax muttered as he handed over a brown paper bag. The other man exchanged a large sum of cash. He turned to face me again, his expression filled with interest and curiosity.

“What’s this?” He waved his hand in the direction of the bed and my heart fluttered, maybe he will save me after all. He will leave here and alert the authorities. Or maybe he is an undercover cop, after all they were looking for Jax ever since he stabbed Liams mom.

“Whore.” Jax replied like that explained everything. The man searched my body again, halting his eyes on the ropes that tied my legs and arms together, taking it all in. “Haven’t tested out the goods yet but why your sudden interest? you want some?” Jax asked, turning his head to face me as well. I watched them both with caution.

The man approached me, inspecting me like I was on display at an auction house. I kept my threatening gaze one him as he searched my body for faults.

“Hmm.. She’s a young thing, could make you a pretty penny in the trafficking ring. Wouldn’t waste that as a street whore.” Jax joined him by the side of the bed, they both looked down on me assessing all of my features, every curve of my body. I looked away feeling disgusted with myself for allowing them to ogle me like a piece of meat, like somehow having their eyes all over my body made me dirtier.

His fingers found the buttons to my blouse and I jerked my upper body away from his hands. “Get off me!” I screamed but he pulled back his hand and slapped me across the face. I stilled instantly, feeling the burn of my face as the blood rushed to the surface and tingled again.

“She doesn’t have a very good temperament, but that could be knocked out of her easily enough.” The man told Jax. He pulled a knife out of his pocket and I sucked in a large amount of air, watching as the sharp, metal objected danced in front of my face.

He sliced into the fabric of my blouse, cutting it completely from my body and for the first time I let a warm tear fall. The man nodded in approval.

“She looks good in underwear.” He told Jax as he stood back and admired me. “Don’t like this freckle.” He commented, jabbing the surface of my skin with the point of his knife. “Smile princess.” I looked up at him, obviously without smiling. He snapped a few pictures of me on his phone from different angles and then popped his phone back into his pocket. “I’ll let you know.” He told Jax and then he headed to the door. Slamming it closed behind him.

Jax smiled to himself with pride, it sickening. He slouched back down in his seat just enjoying his own secret thoughts.

“If that son of a bitch doesn’t come through with my money you might have your uses after all.” I closed my eyes, silently praying Liam and Jordan came to my rescue soon.

I watched Jax consume a whole Chinese takeaway meal, take more drugs, smoke more cigarettes and make phone calls to many people. Even though the curtains were drawn the room was filled with a dull shadow and I figured that night must have fallen outside.

My hope was slowly disappearing, obviously Jordan hadn’t passed on my message to Liam or if he had then they were having trouble figuring it out. I twisted my hands in the rope, trying to get them free or at least loose enough for it to not hurt but apparently my movements attracted attention from Jax. He launched his body forward, clasping together my arms.

“Don’t even think about it.” He warned, his face only inches in front of my own. I could almost taste the second hand Chicken Chow Mein from his breath. His greedy eyes floated down my body, checking out my exposed breasts that hid behind my black lacy bra. He shot me an appreciative smile that made the vomit pool in the back of my throat and I closed my eyes.

Within seconds the heavy weight of his whole body pressed against mine, he had climbed on top of me, weighing me down, pushing me further into the mattress beneath us. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe. I could just smell him. Dirt, alcohol, cigarettes and Chinese food.

I thrashed my body around frantically, the best I could being tied up. I was trying to push him off me using only my hips but he pressed down harder, lowering his lips down into the crook of my neck. His raging erection pushed into my leg and he thrust his body up and down on top of me, dry humping me. I screamed, I cried but he didn’t even acknowledge my plea for help.

I felt his slithering tongue slide down my skin, leaving a snail trail of cold, wet saliva that I urged to wipe away. My flesh burnt in every place he touched and my crying got louder.

"Keep still whore." He grabbed my hair, tugging on it so hard I thought he was going to pull every strand out of my scalp.

"Get the fuck off me." I protested, not keeping my body still long enough for him to do anything sinister.

He held my head still with a grasp of my blonde hair gripped tightly in his palm and then his hands traveled south. I felt them at the waistband of my jeans, tugging at them to get them down. He didn't bother to undo the button, he just wanted them ripped off and it was working. I could feel the heavy denim slipping just beneath my hip bones.

I closed my eyes.

"Please don't do this to me." I begged, unable to fight him off any longer.

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