Bad Boy Saved

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“Please don’t do this to me.” I cried out desperately, suffocating under his heavy body, suffocating in fear.

Jax froze at the sound of a loud bang and before I could react his body was pulled away from me and thrown across the room like he had no weight to him what-so-ever. In that moment I thought I was hallucinating, that Jax was doing unspeakable things to my body and I had conducted up a whole other scenario just to shut out the darkness. It was the tiniest slither of a taste of what Liam has gone through his entire life and it was poison to my tongue. My heart broke for him all over again.

I looked to Jax who had been thrown into the dresser that he had earlier been snorting cocaine on, then I looked to Liam who had an unrecognizable inhumane look in his eyes. He was right on the verge of releasing the burden that he had carried for nineteen years in the form of a brutal attack, fists against flesh. Next my gaze fell on Jordan, who at this point seemed conflicted between calming Liam or freeing me. Instead he picked out his phone.

“Police.” He looked over at Liam “and maybe ambulance” he instructed the call operator.

I tried to wiggle myself free one more time, I thought now that Jax wasn’t anywhere near me the ropes would magically come open. Jordan spoke to the police but I stopped listening to what he was saying and watched Liam lay into Jaxs skull. I winced at the sound of every collision, like his knuckles were bouncing off his skeleton instead of his skin. He was going to kill Jax.

Jordan moved my hair out of my face to get a good look at the cut on my temple and I hissed with pain as I felt each individual hair that stuck to the sticky blood lift. “Pretty deep cut to her temple” He informed the call handler. His eyes traveled the full length of my body and I froze under his gaze.

My jeans showed enough of my flesh to be low-rise jeans, my blouse had been torn from my body completely and during my struggle with Jax my bra wasn’t exactly supporting much. I urged to place my hand over my body to cover myself but I couldn’t move.

“Did he ... hurt you?” I knew what he was asking me and I was thankful he didn’t come out and just say it. I couldn’t face hearing that word right now, not when I had such a close call.

“No.” I quickly shot it down. He nodded, relief washing over him. He informed the person on the phone of my answer and ended the call. Finally he placed his hands on the thick brown rope and I watched as he made attempts to untie the knot. Then he stopped and looked at me.

“Olive I gotta take pictures before I untie you.”

“What? No!” I protested. Trying to wiggle myself free, yet again.

“For evidence, we need to explain that.” He tilted his head towards Liam who was going to town, no fear of consequences, not even with us in the present. Lost, somewhere in the darkness of his own mind. I nodded my head giving Jordan the permission he needed. He took dated pictures of my injuries and my position on the bed. He managed to untie me and I rubbed my sore wrists trying so desperately to get the blood circulating again.

“Here.” He unzipped his jacket and handed it over, I threw it on instantly feeling the warmth and largeness of it like a over sized hug. Then I set my attention on Liam.

The scene playing out in front me was murderous, Liam stood with his foot against Jaxs throat, suffocating him with the weight of his entire body. Jax struggled beneath him, desperately trying to cling onto his life. His face was crimson and veins popped out all over his forehead. His fight was no longer with Liam, his fight was to stay alive and he was losing.

I could hear the distant sirens growing closer and closer. In a few minutes they would enter this room and find a picture painted very differently to reality. Jax would be dead, murdered by Liam. Slipped away into nothingness, maintaining a clean record and no punishment for his unthinkable crime. But Liam would suffer, he would be the one facing jail time. Even after death, Jax would still manage to ruin his life. I couldn’t let that happen.

I needed to do something.

I glanced at Jordan who looked equally as frightened as me, Liam was out of control, an untamable beast. Just one look in Jordan’s eyes told me of his silent warning not to approach but we’ve been here before and this time was no different.

So I took a deep breath and edged a shaky hand towards him, placing it down on his shoulder. Immediately he froze, every muscle in his body tightened on the spot. My simple touch brought him back into the ‘now,’ the connection between the darkness and the light. Slowly he turned his attention on to me, his eyes growing softer as soon as they met mine.

“The cops are coming, you need to stop.”

The world stopped suddenly, only us on it. Jax melted away, Jordan disappeared and the siren sounds muted. Only our connection mattered. He blinked slowly a few times and I wondered if he was blinking back tears. His expression told the story of a thousand words, like his darkest secrets written on a page in his journal had just fallen open for the world to see.

He hated himself.

He carried with him regret, sorrow and guilt.

He blamed himself for Jax’s actions.

He lifted his foot from Jax’s neck and stepped back away from his body. He grumbled something inaudible on the floor, wheezing back his breath but everybody in the room ignored him.

“Olivia I-”

Cops flooded through the door, they yanked Jax up by his arms and then handcuffed him. I was stunned to a silence, unable to say anything or recall what had happened. Exhaustion hit me like a truck and I felt emotional like at any given moment a dam could burst within me and I wouldn’t be able to stop the tears falling. Jax had been caught, Liam was safe.

“His hands.” The male cop pointed towards Liam and we all turned our glare on his hands. They were destroyed, broken knuckles, bleeding and grazed like a burn that hadn’t yet formed a blister. They looked painful and swollen. Liam clenched up his fist and released a few times, like only now he was noticing the pain he felt.

It only took a fraction of a second before everything changed for the worse. The two cops nodded their heads at one another and then grabbed Liam, restraining his sore hands behind his back and locking them up with handcuffs. It was a violent attack, they showed no care or remorse. They threw his body against the dresser and held him down captive, trapping him, touching him. I could see the pure undiluted fear in Liams eyes as he silently cried out for help. Searching for me in the darkness.

“What are you doing?” I shouted, I went to run forward. I was going to jump on the cops back and scratch my knuckles across the top of his head until he let Liam go but another officer held me back, grabbing my torso and keeping me in place.

They started reading Liam his rights.

“You can’t arrest him, it was self defense!” Jordan shouted.

They dragged him out, but he made no efforts to make it easy on him. Keeping his feet still as they dragged along the floor gathering up the dirt on his shoes. I remained glued to the spot just kept replay the look in his eyes of pure terror, it was haunting.

“Don’t worry Liam! I’ll get you out!” I heard Jordan’s loud voice shout from outside, he had followed Liam out and watched them place him in the back of a patrol car. When he re-entered the room he looked furious. “I’ve got the best fucking lawyer in town, you can’t touch him for this I’m going to sue all of you bastards and I promise you I’ll be bailing him out.” He shouted at the female officer, I stood like I was mere ghost of myself. Unable to react.

“Sir, it would do you well to calm down or I will be forced to make another arrest. I need to take statements from you all and it could help your friend to recall the details of this evening to the best of your abilities. Now who wants to begin?”

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