Bad Boy Saved

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I guess there are two types of people in situations like these. The ones that shut down completely i.e - me and then there’s the proactive ones, like Jordan. There is nothing worse than feeling completely and utterly helpless to a situation, when they took Liam away in the back of a cop car it honestly felt like someone had tore off all of my limbs Shook took over and ’m not sure if it was a delayed reaction to Jax abducting me or if it was seeing Liam so aggressive in the motel room or them taking him away but I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak. I just wanted Liam back.

For several hours now Jordan had spoken with multiple people, lawyers, law enforcement officers and god knows who else. He didn’t give himself five minutes of rest whereas I just sat quietly on my moms sofa feeling useless.

“I can’t bail him out because he hasn’t been processed yet. They’re just holding him in a cell for now and they will question him later or tomorrow.” Jordan placed my phone down on the coffee table and sat back on the sofa with his hands resting on the top of his head.

“Tomorrow!” I screeched, almost jumping up from the sofa in frustration.

“I know, it sucks but the good thing is that he hasn’t been charged with anything yet so his soccer contract isn’t in jeopardy” Jordan informed me, I never even thought about his contract. Shit. “They might even let him go tomorrow depending on what he tells them. My lawyer said it would really help him if we could prove it was self defense. I think I’m gonna go back to his mom.” My eyes widened and I nervously started to bite my nails. Liam would not like that but Liam isn’t here to stop him.

Wait, his phone.

“He has proof.” I muttered quietly. “There’s photos and videos on his phone.” Jordan stood up and I watched him pace my living room, then he bent down to retrieve something from behind the sofa. He handed me Liams phone.

“This phone?” I glanced down at the screen, it was smashed and on the bottom half of the screen the colours bled into one another in a inky display. I typed in the code and unlocked it, hitting on the photo app. The screen was very unresponsive to my fingers and I had to use a lot of pressure.

“You know how many times Liam has changed his phone? He’s got them all saved on the cloud.” A small smile grew across Jordan’s lips, as if that was the exact moment he knew everything was going to be okay. It gave me some reassurance, although maybe not as much as him.

“It’s getting late.” Jordan stood up awkwardly and I glanced at the clock to note that it was a little after eleven. I don’t think they were going to let Liam go tonight. He pulled his car keys out of his pocket and swayed ever so slightly on his two feet. “I better be going.” He said quietly.

“I mean, you could stay ... if you want.” He looked unsure, probably after Liams last reaction to us sleeping together. “I have an air mattress in my closet.” I clarified.

“Okay, if your mom won’t mind.” I grabbed his hand and showed him to my bedroom, it took me twenty minutes to set the bed up for him. I would say he helped me but he didn’t, the whole time he gazed at the pictures on my wall and made comments about each one.

“Done, get in bed.” I pointed down at the air mattress and he looked at it, then looked at me.

“Oh, that thing is for me?” I narrowed my eyes at him but then he started laughing and climbed in. I lay in my own bed and the room fell silent.

I gazed up at the plaster on the ceiling, searching it for bumps or cracks. I didn’t even feel tired, sleeping was the last thing on my mind right now, not when I knew Liam was sleeping in a cell alone and probably scared to death. I glanced over at Jordan, he was mimicking my stance, staring up into the darkness with eyes that didn’t seem heavy enough for sleep.

“I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight.” I admitted.

“Same.” He replied.

Then he rolled over to face me, I could hear every movement that he made on the air mattress and it seemed like a general struggle for him just to move. “Olive?”


“I’m sorry.” I darted upright and peered at him through the shadowy air. He sat up too, again with a lot of trouble thanks to the airbag restrictions.

“For what?”

“For everything. I can’t take back what I said and what I did but I’ve grown a lot since high school. I wanted to apologize to you a long time ago I just never had the balls but you deserve one so I’m sorry.”

Tears streaked my eyes and I nodded my head, trying desperately to hold them back but even in the darkness my eyes shined with wetness and they fell hard and fast onto my cheeks.

“Shit don’t cry.” He got up and sat beside me on the bed. It was a release of everything I had been holding back all pouring out at once. Jax. Liam. The arrest. Jordan’s apology. He put his arm around me and cuddled me into his chest but I could sense he felt awkward. Jordan did not console crying girls.

I managed to get a handle on myself and apologize with a blushed face. He stood up and switched the lamp on then walked back over to the wall of photographs. I watched him from the bed as he studied each one.

“It really bothers me that you don’t have a photo of us up there.” He finally admitted, I wiped my eyes one more time and stood to join him. “You’ve got plenty of you and Tia, you and Liam, your parents even one of you and that Haggis.”

“It’s Harris.” I corrected. He shot me a smirk and raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, that’s what I said.” He muttered sarcastically. “But you don’t have one of us, are we not friends Olive?” I looked at the photographs hanging from my fairy lights. I hadn’t updated it in about a year, back when Jordan was someone who intimidated me and teased me. But I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

“Seriously?” I was waiting for him to tell me that he was teasing me but he genuinely looked hurt by this and that shocked me, they’re just photographs.

“I would put you on my dangle little picture twinkle light thing if I had one.” I giggled for the first time today.

“I promise I will update it immediately, add you all on.” He smiled sweetly.

“See to it that you do Olive.”


I tossed and turned all night, not sleeping a wink and when the phone rang I answered it almost immediately.


“Hey, they let me go. Can you have Jordan pick me up at the station?” Hearing his voice made my heart boom with happiness. I wanted to burst into tears.

“They’ve let him go, go pick him up.” I told Jordan who jumped to his feet and was out the door without a second delay. Then I proceeded to ask Liam what happened and listened carefully while he explained it. I was trying to gauge his well being by the tone in his voice.

“I gave in my statement about what happened yesterday, I showed them all of the pictures that I’ve kept over the years. They were looking for him anyway because of what he did to my mom. Plus his crimes link with Colins arrest and in that one moment everything just came together for them.”

“Liam that’s amazing! He’s finally going to be punished for what he put you through.”

“Yeah.” I decided he didn’t seem happy, something was eating him up and I didn’t know what.

“Liam what’s wrong?” I heard him sigh down the phone sadly and then there was a moment of silence shared between us, he hesitated.

“It’s my fault.” His voice like a broken whisper.

“What is your fault?”

“I tried to push you away but I had these feelings for you that I didn’t understand, I know now that those feelings were love. But that’s why I should have tried harder, succeeded. If I didn’t let you in, you would never have got involved with all of the shit that I have going on in my life. Jax would never have hurt you. I would never have hurt you.”

Oh my sweet Liam, when is he ever going to learn that he is not a burden in our lives, he is a gift.

“Liam... I love you. Your struggles are my struggles. What Jax did, it’s not your fault. The only one to blame for that is Jax himself. You got there before he could do anything truly sinister and it wasn’t for nothing, it led to his arrest. Don’t you see? I would relive everything that has ever happened between us, just because I know that it would eventually bring us here and here is a pretty wonderful place to be.”

“Liv, I’m so sorry. I walked into that motel room and lost control. I should have comforted you, checked you were okay but just seeing his face and knowing he had hurt you flooded me with this intense rage.”

“I know. I understand.”

“I’m so done with all of this. This town, these people, once the trial is over I am heading back to Stanford early. I got soccer stuff to do anyway.”

“I will come with you.”

“No Liv, I can’t ask you to do that. Stay here, finish your summer break and spend time with your family.” I laughed at his suggestion, my dad had already gone back to New York. My mom will be joining him soon, my family have never been there so why should I stick around now? Liam is where I wanted to be.

“Liam, I’m coming with you. We can go house hunting... that is if you still want to move in together?” I was beyond ready to move past this and start a new chapter in our lives. The trial will be over, Jax is being dealt with and as for his mom... I hope he now sees her true colours and can move on from her.

“Of course I do.” His reply was instant, no hesitation or doubt. It made my heart do somersaults and a smile appeared on my lips, one that was glued to my face never removable.

“Good.” I said happily.

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