Bad Boy Saved

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Epilogue pt 2.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Lola asked me as I gazed longingly at myself in the mirror.

My gown was absolutely gorgeous, made by Lola's mom, it was ivory with elegant lace at the bottom that glimmered in the light. The shape was A-line but the corset back pulled in close to my body, exposing my shapely figure to everyone. I felt like diamond, special, rare and beautiful.

“I have doubted every decision I have ever made during wedding planning. The dress. The flowers. The cake. But the one thing I never doubted was my decision to marry Liam. I’ve never been more sure about anything in my entire life.”

“Then let’s go.” Tia replied, handing me a bouquet of mixed red and white roses.

I could hear the gentle music playing from the harp and I smiled to myself as the fluttering inside my stomach erupted. We arrived outside the ceremony door, Jordan and Zak stood in the doorway with a drinking flask in their hand but when they spotted me Jordan slipped it inside his jacket pocket like he was a naughty child just been caught out sneaking contraband into prom.

“Damn Olive, you scrub up well.” Jordan muttered as he looked me up and down.

“You’re beautiful Olivia.” Zak said sweetly and he leaned in to plant a soft kiss to my cheek.

They looked deathly handsome themselves, both in matching charcoal suits, each with a tail because this was a super formal wedding. A red, silk cravat hung around their necks and their waist coat was ivory with swirls sewn into the pattern. I’d never seen them looking so well put together before.

“Are you ready to walk?” The wedding coordinator asked and suddenly all eyes turned to me.

“Yes.” I said with complete surety.

Zak and Jordan disappeared inside the ceremony room and I waited behind two double doors. I knelt down to Ruby.

“Are you nervous baby girl?” I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand. She shook her head, she was so confident and brave. “You sure you want to walk on your own?” She nodded again. “Ready?” She nodded one last time.

“Okay, let’s get married.” I announced. The music from the harp got louder and my heart raced as Zak and Ben slowly opened the double doors, giving me access to my groom.

Faith walked first, coating the pathway with red rose petals. She was absolutely stunning, the perfect mix of Jordan and Tia. She walked slowly delicately dropping the petals down the aisle.

My bridesmaids followed, Tia first and then Lola. Lastly it was my turn. My dad linked my arm ready to give me away to someone who truly deserved me and together we walked.

All eyes turned to me, the room was full. My family, our friends, his teammates and our friends families had all gathered here to witness our love but the only person I had my eyes set on and my heart was standing right at the front and slowly I made my way towards him. The whole room fell away, except for him.

My Liam.

Safe. Loved. And oh so wanted.

I could see the flicker of emotions on his face, those emotions he always kept buried so deeply inside was flooding out of him like a dam had burst. Today he wore his heart on full display, allowing everyone to see that he was purest soul of all.

My bridesmaids waited for me standing on the left in red floor length gowns. His groomsmen stood beside him, wiping away falling tears macho style. The room was raw with feelings, stronger for those that have known Liams darkest moments and the challenges he faced in order to allow himself to get to this moment.

My dad kissed me on the cheek and handed me over to the man I love and those tearful blue eyes captivated me instantly.

“Who has the rings?” The ordainer asked and our eyes all fell on Jordan who looked at Zak.

“Oh you mean me?” He joked after a few tense seconds. Jordan dipped his hands into his pockets and pulled out the rings.

“The couple have written their own vows, Liam if you’d like to begin.” I inhaled a large amount of breath, preparing for Liams emotional speech.

“Liv” He started but then he corrected himself and I giggled. He seemed nervous, his voice lacked confidence and I could see his fingers twitching just to rub the back of his neck but he kept them down, holding my hands and ready to slip the ring on.

“Olivia, when I think about the word ‘love’ and what it means I can only come up with one answer, you. I always feared you would wake up and see me the way I see myself. I was lost to the darkness but then I met you and you guided the way. I have never felt acceptance as strongly as I did whenever I was with you. You took hold of my heart with both hands and you nurtured it, cherished it and revived it into what it is today. Olivia, I thank you for your patience, for never judging and for not giving up on me. You gave me an amazing gift, instead of my fear coming true the opposite happened, I got to see myself the way you see me.

I vow to be best friends forever, to keep your secrets and to always share my cake with you, even if other people don’t want me to.”

My mascara was probably going to be ruined but I didn’t care. Liams vows made my whole heart happy.

“Liam, You are the bravest and strongest man that I know. I always hoped that you would see yourself the way I see you because you’re a remarkable human being who has accomplished so much despite the cards you got dealt with in life. I don’t want you to ever doubt yourself because nobody could ever compare to how happy you make me feel. I promise, for as long as I live that you’ll never have to question if you’re loved again.

I vow to you to be best friends forever, to always keep your secrets and to share my cake with you, even if other people don’t want me to.”

“Do you Liam Maines take Olivia Charles to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“Do you Olivia Charles take Liam Maines to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

Liam grabbed me and crashed his lips onto mine, dipping me down at the alter as we kissed. I could hear cheers and claps filling the room from every angle and by the time he pulled me back into a standing position my cheeks were most certainly blushed but I was convinced that my smile was permanent.

Faith ran over to us and wrapped her small arms around Liam, he picked her up she kissed him sweetly on his cheek. “Can I have some cake now?” She asked him, he laughed and nodded his head. She dropped down immediately and headed to our fourteen tiered wedding cake - after all we each made a promise to one another to have seven tiers.

“I want to make one of those.” He nodded towards the cake.

“A cake?” I laughed.

He rolled his eyes and laughed “A baby.” He replied.

“When?” He smirked, the boyish smirk that always had the power to melt me like ice cream in the sun.

“I don’t think anyone will notice if we slip out for an hour.” He teased. I bit back a smile but he grabbed my hand and together we sneaked away from the celebrations so we could be alone in the best way imagine.

Just him and I.

Olivia and Liam.

Mr and Mrs Maines.


It’s been a journey guys! Thank you so much for reading my stories, there are four in total.

BAD BOY SAVED. (livs POV) (sequel)
BEING FREE. (liams POV)(sequel)

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