Bad Boy Saved

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Forbidden Kisses

“Hey, it’s me. How are you doing?” Tia asked on one of our daily phone calls, ever since she found out Liam and I broke up a few weeks ago she has been calling me every day to check in.

Things were getting easier, I had gone through my
five stages and landed on acceptance. I love Liam still, I always will but I’ve come to realize that Liam and I were just not meant to be. There were just too many obstacles, I pushed him into something he wasn't ready for far too soon. However he still pretty much consumed my every thought so I’ve been keeping proactive, willing to throw myself into anything just to get Liam out of my mind.

“It’s still hard but I’m doing better.” I said honestly.

“What are you up to right now?” She asked.

“Nothing much I’m just waiting for Lola to get back from her classes.” I glanced outside my window at all the students walking around campus, I couldn’t spot her luminous hair coming up the path just yet.

“Want to go for a coffee or something?”

I started laughing at her ridiculous suggestion. “Oh my God, I’d love to if only you wasn’t the other side of the state.” I stated sarcastically.

“Liv, I’m on the other side of your door.” A smile grew across my cheeks so wide my face ached and I darted towards the door opening it to reveal a face of familiarity. I instantly grabbed my best friend and wrapped my arms around her, telling her I was never going to let her go.

Tia looked me up and down and gave me an approving nod, clearly I looked in better shape than she expected. Now that she was here everything just felt better. Lola walked in the room and dropped her key on the desk she pointed her finger at Tia.

“Tia?” she asked.

“Yeah. Lola?” Tia replied with a polite smile.

Tia and Lola have only ever met on face time or during phone calls through me. They seemed to get along during our three way conversations but this was the first time they officially met each other.

“Yeah. So now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s go out. Girls night.” Lola suggested pulling Tia’s suitcase into the middle of the room and unzipping it. Tia looked at me with wide eyes and I just shrugged. You get used to Lola’s ‘no bullshit’ attitude.

“I’m wearing this.” She announced to Tia as she pulled out a small, black strappy number. Tia didn’t protest which is a good thing because Lola had already stripped down to her underwear and was pulling the dress over her head.

It didn’t take us long to be fully dressed and ready, not surprisingly Tia and Lola had thrown my outfit together and now I was wearing a skimpy leather skirt, completely see-through red mesh top with a black bralet underneath complete with black thigh high boots. It was anything but 'me' so it kind suited my mood because without Liam I didn't feel myself.

“I don’t have a fake ID you know.” Tia said nervously.

“It’s chill the bouncer will let you in and once you’re in they won’t ask for ID.” She finished putting on pink lipstick and clasped her lips together. “Let’s go.” She said looking a lot more conservative than she usually does.


We headed straight for the dance floor and I decided tonight was the night I let loose, forget everything and just have fun with my friends. I learnt fast that Lola liked to dance for an audience, and boy did we have an audience. I could feel his eyes on me, watching me so intensely and I wanted to give him a show. Or show him what he was missing.

Lola placed her hand on my waist and rubbed her body against mine slowly from behind, Tia grinded her body against my front and I was sandwiched between two beautiful girls who seductively swayed their hips to the beat of the music. I ran my hands through my hair and raised them in the air as I met the friction and heat of the two bodies that enclosed me.

I didn’t give Liam the satisfaction of eye contact at all.

I just let him watch the show that I was putting on just for him.

The moment was heated, seductive and sexy. I actually enjoyed the attention. When the song came to an end we walked off the dance floor laughing hand in hand and headed for the bar.

“That dance will definitely earn us a few drinks.” Lola laughed.

“I’ll buy you both one if you kiss.” Some perv sitting at the bar replied. Lola shrugged her shoulders and grabbed Tia closer before putting her tongue down her throat. I cheered in excitement.

“Olivia, right?” A familiar voice pulled my attention away from my friends and a shy smile stretched across my face.

“Sorry for leading you on the last time we were at this bar Luke.” He smiled brightly back at me and ordered a pink martini from the bartender as a peace offering. He remembered my drink but needed to confirm what my name was, interesting.

“Hey, no worries. Sorry things didn’t work out between you and Liam.” He pushed the glass towards me and I took a big sip.

That was the first time in a couple of weeks I have heard his name coming from somewhere other than my own head. It stung. So I just picked up my martini and downed the whole glass in one gulp. I slammed the glass down on the table and wiped my mouth with the back of my arm.

“He talked to you about us?” I asked, not really sure I wanted to know the answer. Luke appeared awkward now and I think he was trying to hold back on telling me something. “Just tell me Luke.” I blurted out.

“Um, no not exactly. I just know your relationship didn’t work out because Reece is his girlfriend now.” He tried to talk in a tone that was sensitive to my feelings but nothing could ever cushion the low blow I had just received. My head flashed with all of the images of them on social media and my stomach felt sick.

“You wanna dance Luke?” I asked with a certain fire to my voice that wasn’t going to be extinguished any time soon.

Luke jumped down from the bar stool and outstretched his hand to lead us to the dance floor. I positioned him right in the line of sight to Liams table, making sure he had the perfect view of what was about to happen.

Luke stood behind me with hands resting just below my breasts, and I rocked backwards and forwards, rubbing against his manhood which seemed to fully appreciate it. This time I gave Liam his eye contact.

Blue eyes filled with revulsion met green revengeful eyes. He wore a murderous glare and didn’t back down to my intimidation. His walls stood tall, unbreakable and the mood between us was toxic as Luke moved his hands all over my body, claiming me in every respectable place he could given we were in a room full of people.

Luke spun me around to face him keeping our bodies tight, he placed his hand at the back of my neck and pulled me in closer, not giving me much time to react before he crashed his lips onto mine and threw his tongue into my mouth. Second hand alcohol exploded on my taste buds and the butterflies lay completely still, bored. I pushed him away with my two hands making his body recoil backwards.

“Sorry.” I muttered, wiping the unwelcome taste away from my lips. I don't know why I felt the need to apologize, he kissed me. I didn't ask for it, I didn't want it.

Luke didn’t make any movements, he just watched me with a confused expression but I offered a quick glance at Liam and was greeted with nothing but an empty chair. I felt my shoulders sag with regret.

What did I just do?

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