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the 2nd prince Li Jie of Shogia empire is looking for another bride . the announcement has spread through the town and the family of lu has been granted favor but has secretly lost they're daughter in a robbery upon traveling but in urgent need to become rich they use their son Lu Qian Fai threatening him of his mother's life in exchange to be hidden as prince's concubine

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Chapter 1

"if i pass here i can go to my mother for food i can definitely slide through there"

the young boy climbed through the small hole in the wall dug by him and headed for the servants kitchen, but on the way there one of his fathers wife's servant saw him and dragged him by the hair angrily to the lady.

...servant: "madam i caught him heading to the kitchen he probably snuck from somewhere in the room again"


da Xian: "Qian fai i kept you inside there for just three days and you dare crawl out again were you planning on going out to the market "

"no..i was going to... my mother."

da Xian: "ha! you son of a wh**e always causes trouble no wonder why your father hides you, he is way to ashamed to know he did way with his servant."

"i am NOT. my mother LOVES me and so does FATHER"

*all*: "did he just say father ahahahaha "

da Xian: " as if your father lays eyes on you ever"

da xian : "*slaps* now go back to that room."

the young child was covered in dirt and dried grass in his hair and looked so hungry but the servants and cold hearted wife and her child just laughed and punished him.

he was so hungry that he tried to grab some nuts from the table but the daughter of the cold woman saw and tried to fight with the child for it until she grew tired and lounged herself onto the ground.


da Xian : "you brat dare push my daughter."

"but i haven't eaten as yet aunt da Xian"

...? : "you dare call me aunt am i related to you in the slightest way, never, servants whip him now"

the servants whipped the poor child causing large scars on his back and took him to the room locking him for five days and nights. luckily during those days his mother secretly gave him food and medicine and took care of his wounds.

Qian fai's father has always believed in superstitions and the day Qian fai was born his fathers' mother and brothers were burnt in a fire and da Xians' mother kept fighting to take her daughter because he was a disgraceful man to rape his servant Qian fais' mother Alix. he thought the heavens were punishing him because of the child and kept him hidden from people since the village was already gossiping of the child being unlucky so when Alix threatened to leave he thought his name would be spat upon and he beat them until they stayed because Alix had no one to go to for help and had no home. The only times they would see others were if Alix went to the market alone or when guests came over and they would be referred to as servants.

Alix could not stand seeing her son grow away from socializing so she normally help disguise him using Yi xins' garments and would wear make-up taught by alix to present himself as a young woman.

since he was basically brought up as a girl his voice changed and so did his appearance with the help of constantly not being fed the only thing that would distinguish him from a woman was his reproductive part and his chest which was wrapped and wrapped with cloths to give the effect of breasts.

It was almost impossible to notice it was him and the only problem was that he would steal from others that did bad to people which was a half good and bad habit most people in the village know him as a good person but never knows his name they would call him "the good beauty" it was in the market he found his bestfriends who were also like run always.

Qui yan one of the four concubines of the 2nd prince li jie, is a gentle girl, always shy, cautious, always suspicious and head over heels in love with the prince.

May Lin another concubine is a dependent friend, goofy, care free and madly in love with...jewelry.

ciao hong was a maid at shogi and was a friend of them both she is innocent, sneaky[in a good way], afraid of power and ranks and is always the first who brings gossip.

i met them all in the market:

"lady you sell too much for your herbs?"

lady: "i don't have enough to pay for my family*cries*"

"hmph lieng and crying for the sake of money everyone knows you have no childrean or husband."

lady; "who told you that lies"

" tch aiyaa let's see what you have"

lady: "there are varies i also have ciwujia and it will help a beautiful young lady like you in your aging."

"ooo*picks up three bags* nice nice well let's see"

the well presented girl searched through her bag suposidley in search of "money" but when she couldn't find any she began looking to the floors.

"aiyaa have i lost my money here can you help"

the woman got unto her knees searching desperately in mind to hide it and let the girl buy with others. the girl quickly shoved the three bags in her pouch while the woman was busy and picked up three stones.

"well since we can't find it i'll pay with another here"

lady: "xie xie, xie xie"

and with that the girl dashed out of the shop and ran knowing the woman will find out immediately and she did the woman took a large stick and took of behind her too.

lady: "thief thief she is a theif"

"ha serves you right for cheating my mother"

lady: "catch her!"

the girl clutched her clothes running faster and the people cleared way those who didn't, fell or they're equipment knocked over.

"move people move"

after a few more running the lady is still after her, she turns back not noticing the group of girls with cloaks standing beside a seller they too did not notice her until too late.


*crash* all the girls fell and so did the bags unnoticed the girl got up and began running again but after a few seconds she realized they were still down with the ciwujia beside them. she quickly ran back to pick it up but the woman was now running with 2 men beside her.


"tch come on get up hurry"

the girl pulled and tugged the others, grabbed the bags and ran with them until they were far enough to stop for a minute.

"quick do you have another cloak?"

girl 3: yes but"

"i need it and your veil...now since they are looking for us all we'll split up i can give your belongings beside the well ok?"

girl 3: "yes but still the pockets have.."

she puts on the cloak and face veil just as she spotted the woman.

lady: "there they are the thieves"

"run ...now"

they each ran in different directions the old woman running after the other girls and the two men after other. after running and running she was out of the market but the men held they're pace still following her the girl didn't have more strength and stopped when she shoved her hands in the packet of the cloak she touched..jewelry. when she pulled them out she saw jade and gold jewelry probably one of the concubines own them.

"as if i'm giving this back"

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