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The Ice Cream Girl

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Chapter 2

Chelsea soon grew bored when I didn’t reply to anything that she had said and she headed downstairs to presumably talk with Grandma and Grandpa but I suspected that she was going to bug my Mom and ask her why we were really here. I pulled my laptop out of its bag and quickly logged onto my email. Maybe one of my friends had already emailed me. I hoped that that was the case because I already hated being here and I hadn’t even been here for a whole hour.

I logged onto my email and nearly shouted with joy when I saw an email from Natalya. She wasn’t my best friend per say, but she was a really close friend of mine and when Kennedy was gone Natalya was my go-to-girl.

From: [email protected]

Subject: What the hell?

Whitney! How could you not freaking tell me that you were going all the way across the country to Rhode Island? Do you know how shocked I was when Jeanie of all people told me that? You don’t even like Jeanie and she knew before I did! Like what the hell? I am so pissed off right now at you bitch but I guess I still love you.

How is Rhode Island? Is it hell? Is what Jeanie said true? Are you actually on a farm? If so, I really pity you boo. I would die, but please don’t because I need you for when we go to UCLA together with Kennedy. I’m guessing that you are dying to hear about all the latest gossip huh? Even though you have been gone for about a week (I seriously thought that you were at a spa, but you were trekking across the country without telling me L)

Hmmmm…..Let’s see the gossip….Kennedy is dating Zade. Zade. What kind of name is Zade anyways? Zade is the guy who would sometimes hang around your ex, although you probably know this since you probably met him. But yeah, Kennedy and Zade are a thing and Jeanie has been attempting to date your ex. There have been a few shootings, mostly gang related and I hate not being able to see you L Literally, I am extremely miserable right now.

I sort of have Kennedy, but she is sooooo enamored with Zade that I barely see her anymore. You were my only hope to get through the summer and now you are gone! How could you do this to me?

- Your lover Natalya

A giggle escaped me as I finished reading what Natalya had written and a pang of longing hit my heart. I missed Natalya so much right now and I was upset that I wouldn’t get to spend the summer with her or Kennedy, but from the sounds of it I wouldn’t have seen Kennedy much anyways. Still, I didn’t want to be here. I would much rather be with Natalya in Long Beach, California.

Hopefully her summer would be better than mine and I hoped that maybe I could coerce her or Kennedy into visiting me here but the chances of that were slim. Maybe, just maybe, I could convince Mom to let me visit them in Long Beach. I needed to spend a little time with my friends, especially if I was going to be stuck here for a year.

From: [email protected]

Subject: RE: What the hell?

Sorry bish. I didn’t have a choice when I was told that we were going to Rhode Island. Trust me, if I had had a choice, I would still be in Long Beach with you. I hate it here, and yes I am on a freaking farm with a bunch of my cousins and I hate it. I don’t want to be here at all and I’m totes upset that I won’t get to spend any time with you guys.

I really want to raise hell here to make them as miserable as I am, or is that too bitchy? Nah, it’s not bitchy enough I say. If they are ruining my life then I should ruin theirs. Fair is fair. But anyways, I hate it here.

And seriously? Jeanie is trying to get with my ex? What a bitch. But anyways, he wouldn’t even want her. She’s too dim-witted for him, you’re more his type. But that doesn’t mean that I approve if you go after him. Hook-ups I guess are okay but you seriously dating him. Nope. I only broke up with him because Mom made me. Said he was “a bad influence” and all of that shit and then when I did and snuck behind her back to see him she ships me to Rhode Island.


So Kennedy is dating Zade. Huh, I didn’t really see that coming but if he hurts her I’ll have to kick his ass (even though I couldn’t hurt anyone, cuz I’m a weakling lol). I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you that I was going to Hell on Earth, but I will def come back after senior year so that we can go to UCLA together with Kennedy.

Miss you.

Not your lover, Whitney

I hit the send button before logging out of my email and closing the laptop. I was glad that Natalya had contacted me and hopefully this meant that she would continue to keep in contact with me. I needed someone from my life back in California to talk to, otherwise this summer would drive me insane. I stuffed my laptop back into the bag and glanced around the room.

It hadn’t really changed that much from when I was little, aside from the fact that there was now a pink bed crowding the small space and pink clustered on one side of the room. God, how I wished that Chelsea had outgrown her pink phase. But nope she was determined to be a girly-girl forever.

The door to the room was cracked open a little bit and Chelsea hesitantly poked her head in. “Grandma wants you to come downstairs, we’re about to eat lunch.”

“What are we having?” I asked as I clambered to my feet.

“Um….” She trailed off. “Clam cakes,” She finally said and a look of disgust crossed my face.

Seriously? Clam cakes? They knew that I didn’t like clam cakes and yet they were still having them.

Hurriedly she added, “Buns, chicken, tenderloin, clam chowder, salad, fruit salad, and chocolate chip bars.”

I wrinkled my nose. Clam chowder was horribly disgusting, but the rest of the food sounded okay. Still, I wasn’t overly impressed. Slowly I followed Chelsea downstairs, the expression of disgust never leaving my face especially when I saw the clam chowder and clam cakes laid out on the table. Seriously?

Grandma looked up from where she was setting the table and beamed at me. “So you finally ventured downstairs.”

I barely resisted the urge to roll my eyes. She made it sound like I had been up in my room for hours when really it had been fifteen maybe twenty minutes. She gave an indignant huff when I hadn’t replied and gestured impatiently for me to sit down. I huffed and sat down near the head of the table.

“That’s actually where I sit,” Chelsea murmured to me.

I rolled my eyes, “Well that’s just too bad. I’m sitting here, so deal with it.”

“Whitney Antoinette,” Grandma scolded, “Get up. That is where Chelsea sits, you’ll just have to find somewhere else to sit. Now don’t make a big fuss about it.”

“Really?” I scoffed but a warning look from Mom made me hold my tongue.

Inside I stewed and angrily stood up, nearly knocking the chair over. Grandma stared at me, a stern look in her eyes and I just knew that she wasn’t going to let this go. It was a freaking seat at the table! It wasn’t like it was that big of a deal. Chelsea could have found somewhere else to sit, it wasn’t like the chair had her stupid name on it. But of course she had to be a baby. Whatever, I wouldn’t apologize.

“Whitney Antoinette what do you say?” Grandma asked impatiently, gesturing towards Chelsea as she sat down.

“I don’t know, pass me the chicken?” I questioned sarcastically and her lips pinched into a hard line. “I’m not going to apologize,” I informed her, “There’s nothing to apologize for. She could have found somewhere else to sit but she didn’t. It’s not like you have to sit in the same spot for every freaking meal and-”

“Language,” Grandma snapped and I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Whatever,” I finally huffed, snatching a glass from Chelsea’s outstretched hand and rolling my eyes when she flinched and Grandma cooed over her.

Needless to say after that, lunch was tense. Grandma was stubbornly ignoring me and Chelsea was uncharacteristically silent. Mom and the younger cousins tried to cover up the awkward silence but it didn’t really work. It was awkward and tense and I absolutely loathed it but I was glad that I wasn’t the only one uncomfortable.

After lunch was over Grandma and Chelsea went to the kitchen to wash the dishes and Mom pulled me off to the side. I crossed my arms, tapping my feet on the hardwood floors.

“Maybe you should go take a walk,” Mom suggested, “Cool off.”

“Fine, whatever,” I answered about to turn around to head outside when Mom grabbed my wrist halting me in my tracks.

“Don’t be like that Whitney,” She said, “I’m not placing the blame on you or anything but Grandma is always going to side with Chelsea and you know that. You staying here while you are still upset isn’t going to help anything and you just need to leave the house and cool down. Grandpa will be going to town in a few minutes, maybe you can catch a ride with him and then just explore and relax and then when you come back you can apologize.”

“I don’t have anything to apologize for!” I protested, crossing my arms over my chest and narrowing my eyes at her.

“Don’t look at me like that Whitney Antoinette. You may not think that you have anything to apologize for but you do missy. First off you can apologize for acting like a brat and not being grateful to them for letting us stay here and providing for us. Second off you can apologize to Chelsea for rudely snatching something from her hand and thirdly you can apologize to Grandma for snapping at her.” Mom told me, “Even if you don’t mean it you should still apologize. They won’t know if you don’t mean it and it should smooth things over.”

“So kind of like a little white lie then,” I summarized.

She shrugged, “If that’s what you want to call it then yes. Just distance yourself from the house for a little bit.”

“Fine,” I sniffed, “When’s he leaving?”

“Now,” Grandpa answered, walking towards the door. “If you’re coming get over here, if not then go help Grandma and Chelsea with the dishes.”

Mom scurried to do what he said and I trailed after him as he headed towards the pickup truck. I climbed into the passenger seat and unrolled the window as he started up the truck. It rumbled to life slowly and I was pleasantly surprised when the air conditioner worked.

“Put the window back up,” Grandpa said gruffly, “It’s not a long drive into town and the air conditioner works just fine.”

I nodded, putting the window back up and stared out of the windshield. The truck cluttered noisily down the road and startled a few birds picking at a carcass. The birds flew away and I recoiled away from the door as if it that would put me further away from the dead animal.

“When we get into town your own your own, Whit,” Grandpa answered, “Try not to cause too much trouble.”

I nodded, but I wasn’t being completely honest. Maybe if I was such a nuisance they would force me and Mom to leave and go somewhere. I would do whatever it took to get out of here and back to my friends.

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