Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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|8| Eden's Ball Pt. 2

Amari POV

We were stepping into the enormous building. I looked around me. Tall pillars and marble floors that reflected the night stars greeted us as we padded into the hallway. A red carpet laid neatly on the marble floor, making our footsteps hide from any intruder. Tall knight’s armor laid on the side, each with a different sword. Their tall figure is imposing, looking up at the ceiling. I found a dome-like wide roof with a garden drawn on it. I frown at the curious naked kids that run around in the painting. It was pretty marvelous to see the drawing. The details and colors gave life to the surrounding white walls.

Feeling a tug, I move my gaze to the side. Maximus was glaring at me with thin lips.

“Is something the matter?” I asked. Even though I was wearing high heels, I was still relatively small next to Maximus. His imposing body was just like those knights in the hallway. Tall, regal, and imposing. It was intimidating for someone of a small size like me.

“Concentrate; the doors are about to open,” Maximus said as his arm circled my waist. I look towards the front. Four guards stood with armor.

They didn’t look at us.

As they opened the white wooden doors, I heard laughter and some music. My body tensed up, knowing that there were a lot of different people.

“Remember, you make a mistake; you pay it when you get back to the palace,” Maximus warned. Taking a step forward, Maximus moves with me in his arms. I plastered my fake smile and held my head high.

With a step right in front of the long row of stairs, I watch my surroundings. Someone behind us said our names, making the music subside, and everyone in the room look at us. I gripped the purse I was holding. My knuckles hurt from the pressure I was putting on. Letting go, Maximus walks and then offers me his hand. He was smiling at me. A smile I’ve never seen before.

Deciding to play along, I grab his hand and descend the stairs. I heard whispers as we reached the last stairs. For a second, I felt Maximus squeeze my hand, but I ignored it quickly.

The surrounding people started making way until they left a grand opening in the middle of the dance floor. Stepping in the middle, a butler approached us. Maximus removed his cloak, and I handed him my purse.

“It’s time,” Maximus whispered. I nodded and walked back to the middle of the floor. I honestly was nervous. I have never danced before.

We both bowed and waited for the music to start. A slow melody started playing. Maximus immediately reached for my hand and pulled me softly. I placed my hand on his shoulder as my other hand stayed in place.

Feeling his hand on my back, I gasp and lookup. Maximus was looking down at me. I couldn’t read his face. Locking eyes, I stayed still, waiting for him to move.

“Don’t fuck it,” Maximus whispered near my ear as he kisses my cheek. I frowned at his gesture that left a tingling sensation.

Taking a step forward, we move gracefully. I tried to follow his steps. But the dress was making it complicated.

“Smile Amari,” Maximus mumbled as I stared at his red eyes. A smile plastered on his handsome face. Smiling back, I concentrate on every move.

Making a spin, I turn and grip Maximus’ shoulder. I almost tripped on my own feet.

“What are you wearing?” Maximus suddenly asked.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“What’s that smell?” Maximus repeated.

“It’s called perfume?” I said sarcastically, “Is there a problem?”

“It smells nice. You smell nice,” I stare at him in shock. What a 360 turn. “I mean, it smells nice, but that doesn’t mean you make me feel something. On the contrary, I was worried you smelled strange.”

Feeling offended, I lift my feet and stump on him. Maximus’ eyes went wide as a small groan left his lips. I smiled sweetly at him.

“Sorry, my mistake,” I smiled.

Squeezing my waist, Maximus pulls me.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Maximus said as I felt him smile. I look around, all eyes on us.

“Want to bet?” I spat back, smiling.

Maximus backed away and looked down at me. I could see his smile twitching on his face. As we make a turn, I lift my feet and stump him again. Maximus cursed under his breath.

As the dance finally ends. I lift my hand and caress his face. If he wanted to play, two could play.

“Thank you, my love,” I said, slapping his face softly.

Maximus smiled and turned away, leaving me standing alone. Sighing in relief, I look around. People started dancing. Calling for the butler, I ask him to hand me my purse. Offering me some juice, I thank him and ask him where the balcony was. I needed space to relax.

Following his instructions, I reached an open balcony that was away from the noise event. Opening the glass door, I step out. The night breeze is cooling my face.

As I walked up to the rail, I lean over and turn around. The wind made my skin crawl as goosebumps erupted all over my back. It was pretty cold, and I didn’t bring anything to warm myself.

Embracing myself, I stare down at the enormous garden. I smiled. It was quite a lovely place. Deciding to head down. I leave my cup and walk down the stairs. No one was around. Deciding to explore, I take my shoes off. With a sigh, I started skipping. Being barefoot didn’t bother me. I always was barefoot before. Thankfully, so far, I haven’t seen my family around.

As I skipped around the garden, I find a swing hanging from an enormous oak tree. Smiling, I run up to it and put my things down.

Taking a seat, I swing. Pushing slightly, I smile as I look up at the sky. It was so calm that I felt I was no longer in a place where I could get hurt, judged, or insulted.

“How I wish to go somewhere else,” I whispered.

“Really now?” a voice said, making me stop. I looked around me, but it was dark. “Did I scare you?” a spokesperson said as I saw a person’s shadow behind a tree. Gripping the ropes, I gulp down nervously.

“Who are you?” I asked, standing up carefully. Preparing to make a run, I look down at my stuff.

“My name, it’s not necessary. So now, let me take a closer look at you,” the man said as he approached me. Crouching, I grab my things, but when I stand up. He was right in front of me. How did he move so fast?

Feeling his finger under my chin, he abruptly lifts it. I gasp as I meet his gray eyes. The man had long white hair that gleamed under the moonlight. It was more of a silver color, and it reached to his waist, half of it covering his pale face. I stare in awe at how beautiful this man was, with no scars, bruises, or a single hair on his delicate but long face. His chiseled jaw was defined, and his almond gray eyes pierced at mine.

“You are beautiful,” the man murmured, his breath fanning my face. Feeling his hand reach for my waist, he pulls me.

His cold body makes me cringe as he touches my back. Caressing my back up and down, I hold my breath. What was he doing?

“C-Could you let go?” I stutter as I try to push myself away. But his hold was more potent than what I expected. Leaning his slender figure, I back away from him. He was way too close.

“I wonder what you would taste like,” the man whispered as his eyes lowered to my chest but then stopped. “No breast?” he suddenly says.

“Excuse me?” I asked, feeling insulted.

“I mean, they’re quite tiny,” the man hummed.

I was feeling angry at him.

With anger, I raised my leg and hit him on his crotch. I felt his dick on my leg as I hit hard. The man cursed and let go as he reached and kneeled, holding his dick.

“You asshole!” I growled and started walking away.

“Wait,” the man called as he cursed. I could hear ruffling coming from behind me. Walking quickly, I head towards the building. “I said to wait,” the man said, grabbing my arm.

“Let go!” I roared. As I was about to raise my arm, someone grabbed his arm and yanked it away from me. I back away, bumping into someone’s chest.

“I think she said to let her go, Lorcan,” Maximus said, standing behind me.

Turning my head, I find Maximus staring at the man called Lorcan. Something dark crossed his face.

“Maximus?” I mumble stupidly.

“Why are you here? You are supposed to be inside and next to me!” Maximus growled softly.

I tense as his hand reached for my waist. A slight growl left his lips.

“Do you have to be an asshole,” Lorcan said, dusting his clothes.

“Respect!” Maximus snapped.

Lorcan raised his eyebrow and scoffed.

“Likewise, mate,” Lorcan said.

“Get lost, Lorcan,” Maximus ordered. Lorcan just glared at him.

“We shall meet soon,” Lorcan whispered as he left us.

Sighing, I unconsciously lean against Maximus.

“Away!” Maximus whispered. Jumping, I move and look at the floor. “What did I tell you, Amari?”

“To stay next to you?” I whispered.

“So why the fuck are you out here?” Maximus asked.

“I… you left me alone, and I came out to see,” I explained.

“Lame excuses,” Maximus said, “Just look at you now, a complete and fucking mess. Can’t you fucking follow a simple order?”

Raising my head, I stare at him.

“I…” I stuttered but felt him pull me. Maximus started dragging me out of place. Passing the hallway, we came in and took a turn. Scared, I started looking around, but the hallway we were in was dark.

Opening two doors, Maximus drags me in and throws me in bed.

I stayed stunned. I was scared that he would punish me.

“Clothes Off,” Maximus ordered.

“What?” I snapped at him.

“I said clothes off!” Maximus snarled, “NOW!”

Kneeled in bed, I started removing the dress. I felt embarrassed as I felt Maximus’ eyes on me. Letting the dress fall on my waist, I cover my chest.

Maximus moves over and stops at the end of the bed. My body started trembling as I kept my eye down. I couldn’t look at him.

Feeling Maximus’ hand on my hair, I tense up and wait. Was he going to pull my hair again?

Closing my eyes, I felt my hair fall in cascades.

“Stand up,” Maximus ordered again. This time his voice calmed.

Nodding, I stood up in bed. Letting my dress fall to my ankles. Stepping away from it, I wait.

Maximus wasn’t saying a word, just standing in front of me. I was so embarrassed that I was about to collapse. My legs were quivering in fear.

As I feel something soft, I look up, and yelp as Maximus reaches for me and carries me on his left arm. I let go of my chest and grabbed him from his shoulders.

He was pretty strong, carrying me only with one arm.

As I look down, I find him gazing at me. His face looked relaxed.

“You need to eat more,” Maximus whispered as he keeps looking up. He was walking over to another door. I held Maximus’ shoulder tightly, making sure not to fall, turning the light on. Maximus brings me over to the faucet. He was sitting me down next to it. The marble felt cold under my buttocks.

Not sure what he was doing, I glanced at him under my lashes. My hair covered my breast and half my body.

I was observing him. Maximus turns around and starts removing his clothes, leaving just his pants on. I blushed as I watched his chest. His toned and muscular chest with the scar I saw last time in the library. My eyes trailed it.

“Hey,” Maximus whispered as he lifted my chin. Eyes wide, I look at him in surprise. “Eyes here.”

I nodded stupidly, seeing him turn around and walk over to a shelf and grabbing what I think was a box with medicine. He brings it over. I frowned, wondering what he was going to do. Was someone hurt?

Grabbing a stool, he pulls it over and takes a seat right in front of me. I crook my head, confused at what he was doing.

Reaching for my ankle, he lifts my leg. I squeal as I cover my pussy. I was wearing one of those sexy undergarments that were in the closet. Devika chose a nude lace one.

“What are you doing?” I asked, embarrassed. My face burned as I blushed hard.

“Don’t you see?” Maximus growled, “Your feet got bruised. Can’t you think before doing shit?”

Frowning, I look down. I opened my mouth but shut it when I saw Maximus glaring at me. I had dried blood and some cuts. Was it when I was in the garden?

Because of all the bruises, I had gotten, this was something I didn’t feel. My body has become so adapted to pain that my mind becomes numb to it.

“We will stay here tonight,” Maximus suddenly said.

“Why?” I asked him.

He just peeped at me. Deciding it was best to stay quiet. I watch his hand move. He softly dubbed medicine on my slight cuts and then cleaned the rest. I felt comfortable as I watched him. I thought he hated me.

“Is it done?” I asked as he lowered my other feet.

My legs hang. Moving them, I tried to get down, but Maximus grabbed my waist and stopped me. Gulping hard, I stared at him. Why was he staring at me like that?

He was looking down at me, just like when we were in the library.

He puts his arms on each side, caging me. Leaning his face, I backed away a little but almost fell. Scared, I reached and grabbed him from his shoulders. My tiny hands softly touched his roughed skin.

Closing his eyes, I see him mumble something I didn’t hear. Was he angry because I touched him?

Removing my hands, I put them on my sides. Gripping the edge of the marble.

The silence was making me feel awkward; I lift my head. He still had his eyes on me. But the way he was looking at me was like he wanted to tell me something.

“We should go to bed,” Maximus said. Nodding, I tried to get down, but he grabbed me once again in his arm. Surprised by the sudden movement. I put my hands back on him. He just stared at me. For a moment, we stayed quiet. We were just staring at each other. It felt like we were in our tiny bubble.

Lifting his hand, he reached for a hair strand. Moving it, I stare at him.

He started walking back to the room, grasping his shoulder a bit more tightly. I look at him from the side. As he shut the door, he looked back at me. I felt my face hot as he caressed the same side of my face. I felt a weird tightness around my chest. A sharp inhale passes my lips.

Clearing my throat again, I look at the bed. My mind didn’t realize what was about to happen as Maximus brought me over.

He was laying me down carefully, so I stared at him.

He was hovering over my naked body. I covered my chest with one hand as the other remained next to my face. Maximus’ red eyes were boring a hole. He was watching me so intently I felt my body hot.

Panting, I drift my eyes and stop where his scar was. My finger moved on its own as it reached for it, and softly I trail it from side to side. It was a big scar. The new skin made a thick layer. Who did this to him?

As I stopped where I felt his beating heart, I snap my head up, surprised. Why was his heart beating so fast?

I was putting my palm over to feel it better when I hear Maximus sighed as his skin crawled with goosebumps. Licking my lips, I look at him again. But he leaned down, putting his forehead with mine.

I tense up. What was happening?

Moving his hand, he reached and covered my hand that was on his chest. Grasping it, he delicately makes small circles.

“What am I going to do with you…” Maximus murmured, but did I hear him wrong?

“What?” I asked, confused. Opening his eyes, he licked his lips. That simple gesture made me moan. Surprised, I tried to look away, but he crashed his lips on mine.

Soft and cold lips sync with my trembling ones. Maximus softly moved them, making me feel him. The kiss was so tender it had me craving for more. A sudden sensation like feathers has me moaning. Maximus slid his hand down my arm until he reached my waist. Finding his chance, he slips his tongue in. I moaned in his mouth as he explored my insides.

We moved our tongues like waves crashing in the ocean.

I reach for his chest with my other hand. My mind turned numb to this feeling. It was my first time kissing someone, and I didn’t regret it because it felt amazing.

After some more sucking and biting each other, he pulls away. Panting, I keep my eyes close.

“You…” Maximus whispered. I open my eyes shyly. “You, what are you doing to me?”

Confused, I frown.

“Don’t answer that,” Maximus whispered as he kisses me back, “Just don’t say anything.”

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