Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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|9| Eden's Ball Pt.3

*WARNING* There’s a Physical assault scene. Read at your discretion.

Amari’s POV

I moaned as he kissed down my neck. His hot breath and wet lips moved down my neck as I reached for his hair. Gripping it, I arch my back. Rolling down my chest, I feel his hand move my hair. His breath gave me goosebumps. Moaning again, I feel his lips suck my nipple. I open my eyes wide. The sensation of his lips sucking has me panting. I felt his hand move, circling my waist. Biting my lips, I close my eyes. He sucked hard, biting slowly on my nipple as he moved away.

Missing his touch, I open my eyes. Maximus hovered over me. His hand reached for my face and caressed it. Looking back at him, I slowly drift my eyes and stop.

I gasp as I see his pants. What was that?

Something big was making a bulge. Was that Maximus dick?

“Amari…” Maximus whispered, but someone knocked on the bedroom door. I instinctively covered my body. Who was it? Looking over his shoulders, Maximus waits.

As we heard someone knock again, Maximus gets down on the bed. Sitting up, I grabbed the bedsheets and covered my face. I heard another voice as Maximus whispered something back at him. Covering my face with my hair, I stay seated in bed. A few minutes later, Maximus walks back.

“Stay here. I will be back,” Maximus said, grabbing his shirt. I nodded and waited for him to leave. Hearing the bedroom door shut, I look up.

Sighing, I turn and look around, stopping where a vanity mirror was. Staring at my reflection, I blush. What was all that about?

I had red marks all over my neck and chest. I stare at them. Blushing, I cover my face with the bedsheets. Did he just kiss me? But didn’t he hate me?

Touching my lips slightly, I smile. As I look for some water, I get down from the bed. A small coffee table on the side near the window had a jug of water and glasses. Feeling the cold water refresh my throat, I smile.

It’s been over two hours since Maximus left. I had stayed in bed waiting for him to come back, but nothing. Deciding it was best to get some sleep. I turned the lights off and laid down.

It’s been a few hours since I fell asleep when I started hearing a tapping sound. Lazily, I open my eyes. Was Maximus back?

Slowly, I sat in bed, rubbing my eyes and yawning.

“Maximus?” I mumble sleepily.

Opening my eyes, I try to see around. I saw a figure standing near the vanity table.

“Maximus?” I said, calling his name again. As I get up to turn the lights on. Someone covers my mouth. Scared, I tried to scream, but his hand covered any noise that I was trying to make.

He was dragging me to the bathroom.

He opens the door and throws me on the floor. I hit my head near the ledge of the bathtub.

Scared, I tried to react. Who was it?

“W-Who are you?” I stutter as tears slide down my face.

The man just walked over and stood in front of me. I couldn’t see his face in the darkness. Backing away, I try to look for something to defend myself. Hearing a ruffle, I stop. What was he doing?

Suddenly feeling a hand on my ankle as he yanks me, I scream. The man grabbed my arms and put them over my head, slapping me with his other hand across the face.

“Shut up!” the man hissed. I choked as I felt my cheek burn. Moving his hand down, I feel him reach for my undergarments. I struggle as my mind registers what he was going to do. Was he planning to rape me?

“N-No, please,” I begged as I kicked him, but it was futile. I was weak, and my body was aching. Punching me on the face, I see white dots.

Finding some strength, I started struggling again, but the man had his hold on me. I couldn’t make him lose his grip on my arms. Leaning down, he licks my neck. I cried louder as I felt him suck near my chest. Wasn’t someone going to come?

Moving his mouth near the crook of my neck, he bites me hard. I screamed as he bit harder. Hearing my screams made him laugh.

“Scream, no one will come,” the man whispered, laughing. Kicking him in the stomach, I feel him groan. Finding that my chance, I kicked him again in the face, making him lose his grip on my arms. Turning around, I try to stand up and make a run. But he yanks my hair, slamming my face on the ground. I felt everything in me shut down for a split second. My head throbbed, and everything spun in my eyes. I could feel something warm dripping down my forehead as I tried to reach for anything around me.

Feeling him pull on my undergarments, I groan and try to kick him. But he grabbed my legs and turned me around.

“P-Please…” I begged him as he started unbuckling his pants. My consciousness was taking over. “Maximus,” I cried weakly.

Removing my undergarment, he opens my legs. I sobbed as I called for Maximus.

Feeling his hand on my pussy, I cringe and try to kick him, but he hit me again on the face making me spill blood. As my eyes start to droop and I hear the man laugh. Was no one saving me?

But then, somewhere in the building, we heard a roar. I called Maximus’ name one more time with the last strength I had.

Hearing a loud bang in the room. The man tenses up. The next thing, someone is throwing him across the bathroom. I weakly try to see if it was Maximus. But my head throbbed.

The man was groaning as something broke in the bath. Hearing a scream and a thud, I close my eyes. I felt drops of something fall on my body. Was it blood?

“AMARI!” I heard Maximus yell as he kneels. I could barely keep my eyes open. Yelling for someone. He picks me up. My head dropped to the side as he hurriedly carried me back to bed. “Amari, can you listen?” he asked.

All I could whisper was his name as a colossal pain crossed my forehead, and I lost consciousness.

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