Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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|13| Reason

Maximus POV

I stare at the forest as my mind wanders back to her. Did she forget? Did she even look at it?

I held in my hand the black box I left for her the day before she left. I thought she would at least look at it, but she left it in the same place. I understood that maybe the memory loss affected it, but I had hope. Sighing, I pinch my nose. Why was I even thinking of her?

I was the one who agreed for Lorcan to take her away. Even though the reason Lorcan gave me to take her away was one, I couldn’t argue.

A few days ago.

“You’re telling me you want to take her to your empire?” I asked, growling. A headache was making its way.

“Yes,” Lorcan chided. His hands-on his back and his head are held high.

“Give me a reason,” I mutter, feeling exhausted.

“I can help her,” Lorcan explained.

“Help her?” I snarled, “I can help her! She’s my fiance!”

“Is she?” Lorcan spat, “Because all I’ve seen is you hurting her.”

“You know nothing!” I said, standing up.

“Yes, I do, mate. Or do I need to remind you all this was your plan?” Lorcan said as he took a step. “Did you forget that thanks to you, she got hurt? Is that a way to treat your so-called fiance?”

“Enough, Lorcan!” I growl, closing my eyes. Lorcan was right. All along, it was me who had this plan. This plan to use her, bend her to my will until she died.

“I’ll be taking her. She will be better without you,” Lorcan said as he turns around. Following him, I grab his arm.

“You are not taking her,” I warned him. Lorcan turned around slowly. Thin lips and brows furrowed.

“I’m not taking her?” Lorcan whispered so softly that the surrounding air was becoming suffocating. His powers were overlapping mine. “Tell me than the reason you, King Maximus, don’t want to let your fiancee go? If you give me a good one, I will back away.”

Glaring at Lorcan, I scoff.

“Do I need to give you a reason?” I spat, letting him go, “I don’t need to give you answers.”

“Wrong,” Lorcan hissed, “That’s where you are wrong. It would be best if you gave me a reason. Or like I said, I will take her even if I have to fight you.”

“Lorcan! Don’t test me!” I yelled angrily.

“Then admit you love her!” Lorcan said, grabbing my shirt, “Admit, you have feelings for her.”

Shocked, I stare at him. His gray eyes didn’t waver. Was he serious right now?

“Admit it, Maximus,” Lorcan repeated.

Pushing him, I fix my shirt.

“What makes you think I have feelings for that thing?” I said as I fix my vest, “I never have and will never have feelings for that monster. She’s just a piece of trash her family threw away for the sake of not getting killed,” moving closer, I stand straight and look at him in the eyes. “I hate Amari. So drill that on your seekers’ minds.”

Lorcan hissed and punched me in the face.

“Now that you made things clear. Amari goes with me,” Lorcan said, turning around, “One day, you will regret it.”

I was slamming the doors. I growl and stand up. Grabbing the papers on my desk, I throw them. Why the hell was he so angry?

Present time

Now that she’s gone, I’ve been restless. My mind keeps going back to the day she left. She didn’t look at me with sadness; she just stared at me like I was a stranger. Did she even see what I tried to tell her?

Throwing the black box, I walk back in. I wasn’t planning on going for her. Lorcan could keep her for what I care.

“Your majesty?” I heard Jonathan’s voice say behind me. Turning around, I find Jonathan with his head bowed.

“Jonathan?” I said, confused.

Extending his hand, he offered me an envelope.

“What’s this?” I asked as I stared at the envelope.

“This is my resignation letter. I want to give up my position as your butler,” Jonathan explained with his head low.

“Excuse me?” I asked, confused by this sudden turn of events.

Lifting his head, he looks at me. He smiled at me.

“I would like to follow the princess,” Jonathan said, “I know I’ve served you for some time already, but my heart is with the princess. So I’m resigning. I hope you understand,” Jonathan said, bowing his head. I stare at him. Was he also leaving me?

Deciding not to argue this, I throw the letter on the desk.

“You can leave,” I said, not looking back. Walking out of the office, I head to my bedroom. “Sasha?”

“Your majesty?” Sasha, my butler, said, following me.

“Get a woman. If possible, someone from one of the families,” I ordered. Guards open the doors to my bedroom. Excusing himself, Sasha walks away.

Taking my cloak off, I glance at my bed. Memories of that night from the palace have me groaning angrily.

Her moans and the way she looked at me have me frustrated. Why did I think about her? I didn’t care for her.

Serving myself some wine, I drink until I feel my stomach burning. Hearing Sasha’s voice, I let him in.

“Lady Priscilla is here,” Sasha said as a woman with long brown curly hair walked in. Thin waist and thick thighs walk my way seductively.

“Your majesty, you called?” Priscilla whispered as she kneeled before me.

“Get to work,” I said, gulping my wine down.

Undoing my pants, Priscilla reaches for my dick. Her slender hands stroke my dick up and down, making small circles on my mushroom tip. Closing my eyes, I tried to relax my mind, but I couldn’t concentrate on her.

My mind kept going to Amari. As Priscilla sucks on my tip, I open my eyes and push her away.

“OUT!” I order. She looked at me with fear, “Didn’t you fucking hear me?”

Standing up, she nods and runs out of the bedroom. Taking a seat back, I groan. Face on my hands as I curse.

“What have you done, Amari?” I whispered with pain. I felt the headache finally making its way. Pinching my nose, I lean back. “What have you done?”

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