Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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Amari POV

I laid in bed sprawled out. Lorcan hovered over my body as he smiled at me. Staring back at him, I felt uncomfortable.

“Could you please let go?” I asked as I felt his hand on my wrists. Leaning down, he smiles sweetly. Two white pearly teeth caught my attention. Did he have that before?

Staring at the long white teeth, Lorcan whispers my name.

“Amari?” Lorcan called louder.

“Huh? Something the matter?” I asked, surprised.

Lorcan sighed and kneeled on the bed. I sat up, staring at him.

“Give me your hand,” Lorcan said as he extended his. I put my hand with the rune over his. “You see this is a rune, and you came because you’ve seen it before, right?”

I nodded quietly.

“Then tell me, where did you see it?” Lorcan asked. Looking at the mirror behind him, I frown.

“On you?” I whispered as my eyes interlock with his, “This is your symbol, right?”

“Good, and do you know why you have it?” Lorcan said. I was starting to get annoyed by his questions. Couldn’t he tell me?

“I don’t know Lorcan. Can you stop going in circles and just tell me?” I spat as I moved away from his bed. Lorcan sighed and stopped me.

“Look, I can tell you, but after you hear me. You will need to make a choice,” Lorcan whispered.

“A choice?” I retorted, “Is this some other trick?”

“No,” Lorcan said sternly. His gray eyes stared back attentively. There was something that told me he wasn’t playing.

“Fine!” I said, giving up. I started playing with my hands as I crossed my legs and waited for him to start.

“Yes, but before I do that,” Lorcan said as he grabs my waist and lifts me.

“Hey!” I yelled as he moved me up to his bed. “What are you doing?”

“Getting some sleep first,” Lorcan said as he throws the covers over and hugs me.

“Could you let go?” I struggle. Lorcan peeks with one of his eyes. Smiling weakly, he closed it back.

“Just sleep. You need it,” Lorcan mumbled.

“Lorcan! Wake up!” I said, pushing his arm away, but his grip was tighter.

“I won’t do anything, just sleep,” Lorcan mumbled once again. His breathing started becoming shallow as he finally fell asleep. I cursed and stayed on the side, staring at him. Lorcan’s lips opened. The more I watch him, the more I become curious.

Lifting my hand slowly, I reach for his hair. Several strands fell on his face. Reaching for one, I grasp it softly. It was pure silver. Curling it around my finger, I start toying with it. Feeling him move slightly, I tense. Did I wake him up?

Noticing he wasn’t waking back again, I continued playing with his hair. A smile spread on my face as I watched him. He looked tired. Somehow along the way, I started feeling drowsy. Feeling comfortable in his arms, I fall asleep.

Someone caress my face. I started smiling as I felt the tiny tickles.

“Stop,” I mumble, turning the other way around. My body felt heavy and tired. I needed more rest. Feeling the same sensation again, I frown. Why did it remind me of Maximus?

Jolting up, I turn my head. Lorcan laid on his side, smiling at me.

“What the hell!” I said as I stared at him. Lorcan laughed. Rubbing my eyes, I look back at him. He was playing with my hair.

“Did you sleep well?” Lorcan asked.

“Uh yes?” I said, confused.

Lorcan had his hair loose. Wet strands dripped down his bare chest.

I gulp as I notice his good sculpture body. It was the first time I’ve seen him shirtless. Even though he looked slim, he had a good body.

As my eyes lowered, I blush. He had a very defined v line with a small trail of hair. Remembering someone, I blush harder.

“Love what you see?” Lorcan asked without looking at me. I blushed and looked away.

“No!” I snap back.

“Really now. Too bad then,” Lorcan said, sitting up. I look at him, confused.

“What?” I asked, confused. Stretching, I notice a tattoo on his lower back. That immediately caught my attention. Engrossed in his tattoo, I unconsciously move my hand and touch it. Lorcan tensed under my touch.

“Amari,” I heard him whisper. Lifting my eyes, I find him looking over his shoulders.

“Sorry,” I mumbled but kept my fingers on his skin. I was sliding it over the tattoo. I suddenly felt my body get pushed.

“Don’t,” Lorcan whispered in my ear. When? I felt confused about how fast he moved. How did he do that?

His hair strands covered his eyes. I crook my head.

“How did you do that?” I asked curiously.

With thin lips, he stared at me. I felt my nightgown slide down one of my legs. As he kept his eyes on me, I felt something cold on my thigh. I gasp in surprise.

“You know if you do that. Any man will think you want to touch more,” Lorcan whispered close to my face. “You should be careful.”

“I didn’t do any of that!” I retorted.

“Did you?” Lorcan said, squeezing my thigh. I gasp, grabbing his arms. “Hm, interesting.”

“What’s interesting? And can you move your hand?” I said, feeling goosebumps erupt my skin. His touch was doing more than I thought. It wasn’t just a typical touch.

He was making me crave for more. Crave for his touch.

Reaching for my waist, I close my eyes. What was he doing to me?

Distracted by his moving hand, I feel his breath tickle down my neck. I open my eyes and try to move, but Lorcan hissed, making me stay still.

“Lorcan?” I breathe. I felt him smile against my skin. Opening my legs wide, he gets between. I arched my back as I felt him. Was that what I think it was?

Surprised, I held his shoulders. A big bulge poked my pussy. He pressed himself closer to me, making me shudder.

“Fuck!” I roared. I was getting horny, and I didn’t know what to do. Moving his hand up and down had me closing my eyes. His cold body was complimenting my hot one. I started feeling hotter as he left a small kiss down my neck.

I started panting as Lorcan starts sucking and kissing my skin. I bit down the sensation he was giving me. Why wasn’t I pushing him away?

The more he touched me, the more I wanted to feel him. Lifting my leg suddenly, I yelp. I reached for his neck and held myself tightly.

Lorcan was looking at me now. His gray eyes had this black swirl in them.

It was entrancing. As we stared at each other, I heard a voice.

“Enough, Lorcan,” Lilith said from the door. She had her arm crossed, looking unfazed by the scene. I yelled and covered my face, kicking Lorcan on the stomach. I heard him groan as he moved backward.

“Shit!” Lorcan said, grumbling. Did I kick him hard?

Peeking through my hand, I see Lorcan cursing. A red mark on the middle of his chest as he stands up.

“Sorry to have scared you like that,” Lilith said, smiling. Watching Lorcan stand up, I move my eyes down his pants. My hands drop down as I stare at him. I could see the tip of his dick on the hem of his pants. Opening and closing my mouth, I tried to form words, but I was baffled by what I saw.

I know that before, things got hot with Maximus, and I’ve seen him naked. But this with Lorcan was different.

“Get a bath,” Lilith said as Lorcan ruffles his hair and walks away to the bath. He grumbled. I felt embarrassed just looking at him.

“That’s a seeker seduction,” Lilith said, taking a seat in bed, “My brother will teach you that.”

“Sorry?” I snap as I keep my eyes on the bathroom door.

“Do you need a bath?” Lilith asked. Nodding, I look at her. A bright smile covers her beautiful face. Feeling way too hot, I scramble off the bed and rush out of Lorcan’s bedroom.

It took me an hour to calm down and twenty minutes to get ready. My face was flushed as I sat at the dining table. Lorcan has been in a foul mood since he arrived. And Lilith just smiled.

I stare at my barely touched plate. After what happened between Lorcan and me, I was too confused yet embarrassed.

“So are we starting today?” Alastair asked, making me look at him.

“Yes, but before we do,” Lilith said, turning her head towards me, “We need to do a welcome party for our beautiful princess.”

“A party?” I said wryly. I hated parties. It meant interacting with guests, and that didn’t make me comfortable.

“Yes we haven’t welcomed you properly,” Lilith repeated with a smile.

“That’s not a good idea,” Lorcan interrupted, “She doesn’t like parties.”

Lilith looked at Lorcan and then at me. A confused look pass by her face.

“Really? But,” Lilith said, but Lorcan interrupted her again.

“If she wants to, yes, if not, we are not doing it,” Lorcan said, standing. “If you’re not eating, come with me.” he said, looking my way. Nodding shyly, I excuse myself.

Following Lorcan quietly, I watch his back. He was wearing really simple clothes. A black sleeve ruffled shirt, black trousers, and black fighting shoes, and his hair was tied on a high ponytail. Sometimes I wonder what type of king he was. After all, I barely saw him do work.

We had walked for at least ten minutes before he stopped right in front of a door. I lift my gaze and look at it. It was in the same hallway our bedrooms were.

“What are we doing here?” I asked as I looked at the doors. Without a word, Lorcan opened the doors and stepped in. With my hands on my back, I lean forward and peek inside.

“Come in,” Lorcan said as he opens the curtains and turns the light on.

“Wow,” I mumble, looking around. Whose room was this?

I look around the pink room. White curtains and white drapes hang from different sides of the room—a small round bed on a corner and a vanity table on the side. Against a wall, hang four mirrors. I could see myself from any angle of the bedroom, and there were carpets with flowers laid on the middle, a walk-in closet with a bathroom to the far end of the room. I walk around exploring as Lorcan walks into the bathroom.

“Whose room is this?” I asked to curious to know.

“It used to be Liliths,” Lorcan explained, walking out with a box, “Here, let’s see.”

Walking up to the bed, I watched him lower a brown wooden box. It had a crest on the top. Opening it, I see different clothes. All black and brown. Was that fighting gear?

Smiling, he picks one up and hands it to me.

“Excuse me; this is for?” I asked as Lorcan kept rummaging on the box.

“Go change,” Lorcan simply said. Shrugging my shoulders, I step into the bath and lock the door. Staring at myself in the mirror, I yell for Lorcan.

“Tell me why I have to wear this?” I said as Lorcan chuckled. He leaned on the door frame as he checked me out. “Eyes here!” I snap furiously.

“It fits well,” Lorcan smirked, “Let’s go.”

“No, you haven’t answered my question!” I said, grabbing his arm. Lorcan sighed.

“What do you want me to tell you?” Lorcan said, pinching his nose.

“This!” I snap, “It’s too revealing, my scars and…” I mutter the last words.

Lorcan was making me wear a top that showed my waist and belly. Some fighting shoes and a short which was too short for my taste. I felt so revealing in this. I wasn’t used to stuff that showed my body.

“You look fine, trust me,” Lorcan said, kissing my forehead, “Now let’s go.”

“But Lorcan!” I grumbled as he dragged me out of the bedroom.

“Not bad,” Azriel mutters.

We stood in the middle of a platform. The place was full of weapons.

I look around, feeling a bit terrified.

Lorcan and Azriel stare at me. Both were shirtless, they had fighting pants on, and their hair was tied high.

Making a circle around my body, Azriel hums.

“Anyone would think the scars look bad, but I like them,” Azriel said smirking, “It shows how strong you’ve been.”

Surprised, I stared at him. He was looking into my eyes with those lifeless black eyes of his. I felt he wasn’t lying, but why tell me this?

“I know; some people don’t see that,” Lorcan said, moving next to Azriel. Those two did look alike. If it wasn’t for the hair and eye color, they would be twins: same height, same chiseled jaw, same hair length, and body.

“Now shall we try?” Lorcan said, patting Azriel’s shoulders.

“You letting me?” Azriel asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Sure, we are just testing,” Lorcan smiled as he moved away, leaving both of us alone. I looked at them confusedly. What was Lorcan talking about?

“Ok,” Azriel shrugged. Stepping to the front, I look at him.

“What are we doing?” I asked as he lifted his arm and stretched.

“This,” Azriel whispered as he punched me on the left side. I gasp for air as I crouch down. “Up,” he ordered. Gritting my teeth, I stood up. What was that about?

“Fight him, Amari,” Lorcan said as he watched.

“Fight him?” I said but was thrown back by Azriel. I felt everything in me turn as the air in my lungs leaves me. My back hit the floor.

“Ass,” I growl, grabbing my body.

“Up!” Azriel snaps. I huff for air as I get up. My back hurt, but I was angry.

“You will pay for this,” I grumble.

“Then show me!” Azriel snarled, “Show me the real you, Amari.”

Reaching for him, I threw a punch, but he skipped it. Moving my body, I tried to reach for him, but I couldn’t. Trying to catch some air, I look at him. Annoyed by the smirk he had plastered on his face, I ran up and threw another punch, but as he crouched down, I raised my leg and kicked him. I thought for a second I had him, but I stared at him, stunned.

He had caught my ankle right on time. Lifting my leg, Azriel throws me to the floor. My back was hitting the ground. I curse as I keep my eyes shut.

“You bastard!” I yelled as I opened my eyes and found him smiling. Feeling a movement, I tense. I didn’t realize, but he was between my legs. He was pressing down with his body weight. One of his hands was on my bare waist while the other held my left arm over my head. His entire body was on me. And his face was too close for my liking. Surprised, I lick my lips. Azriel raised an eyebrow seductively.

“Move, please,” I mumbled.

“Make me,” Azriel whispered, leaning closer. His breath graced my lips. There was something dangerous but seductive at the same time coming from him.

“Please,” I begged. Something got into me as he just moved his head back. Reaching for his face, I caress it. That took Azriel off guard. Finding my chance, I used my elbow and hit him in the face. Azriel groaned as I hit on his eye.

Backing away quickly, I watch. Azriel kneeled. Looking at me with tears in his eyes, he tried to reach for my ankle. But I yank it. Somehow I was finding it funny. I started laughing as he tried to follow me.

“Amari!” Azriel said, making me laugh. As I stand up to run, he hugs me from behind. I yelp, laughing. Azriel was tall, so I looked pretty small on his hold.

“Let go!” I said, laughing aloud. But as I struggled, his grip got tighter. Only an idea came to mind, and I used it even though I used it on Alastair and Lorcan.

Turning around on his arms, I lift my knee and hit him on the crotch. Azriel cursed and kneeled on the floor. Lorcan was laughing on the side as Azriel swore at me. I giggle as I look down at him.

“Good,” Lorcan said, “She has it, brother,” Lorcan said, offering him a hand. Slapping it away, Azriel stays on the floor.

Breathing, he looks up. His hair was a mess.

“Fine then, she has potential. So it’s time to start the real deal,” Azriel said as I crook my head.

“Still?” I asked.

“Yes,” Lorcan hissed behind me as he slams my body on the ground. I groan as my face hits the floor and my arm got pulled to the back.

“It’s time to begin your lessons, queen,” Lorcan whispered as I glared at him.

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