Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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|17| Temptations Pt 1

Amari POV

“Is your back ok?” Lilith asked for the fourth time. It’s been three weeks since we started training. And just like Lilith said, I would learn with everyone a bit of everything. But the worst of all was’s Lorcan training and Azriel’s.

“I’m fine,” I said, sitting up. I just finished my training with Lorcan, and I was doing better. It amazed me how I have improved in three weeks.

“Why don’t you rest?” Lilith asked as I looked at the time.

“No, Azriel is waiting,” I said, walking out of the room. My back hurt. Grumbling down the stairs, I turn and find Alastair with some servants. “Alastair,” I mumble.

Red eyes looked down at my crooked body.

“You seem in pain,” Alastair said, looking at my back.

“I’ll survive,” I mumble, sighing, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Alastair said, closing a book he had on his hands, “Heading somewhere?”

“Yes, Azriel,” I said, waving my hand.

“Let me go with you!” Alastair suddenly said. I glance sideways. He had a smirk plastered on his pale face. I sighed as I grumbled. I hated my training with Azriel. It’s been three weeks, and I barely manage an hour with him.

“Is Azriel making things hard?” Alastair asked.

“Sort off,” I said, frowning, “He’s too much.”

“Too much for what? Azriel is an expert in that area, and it’s in our nature,” Alastair said, laughing. I rolled my eyes as the guards opened the doors to Azriel’s bedroom.

Since staying over in Lorcan’s palace, I noticed that only Lorcan’s and my bedroom were in the same hallway. The rest of the brothers had separate rooms in different directions of the palace, which made me wonder why.

Stepping in, I find Azriel staring out the window. Like every day, he had an open black shirt, black trousers that hang on his waist, and his hair loose. Just seeing him staring outside the window gave a dark aura coming off him. It was seductive but dangerous. And I hated it.

“I see we have company today,” Azriel said, turning his head and frowning as he sees Alastair. “Why are you even here?” he asked Alastair.

“To see,” Alastair said, taking a seat.

“No, unless you are taking part in class, leave,” Azriel ordered. His lips in a thin line as Alastair rolled his eyes. Raising his hands, he stood up and left the bedroom. I raised my eyebrow and nodded.

“Are you ok?” Azriel asked, distracting me.

“Yes,” I mumble as I sit in bed, “Are we starting?”

“Yes, but we are doing something different,” Azriel said, kneeling in front of me. I frown as he looks at me. A small smile played on his pink lips.

Distracted watching him, he reaches for my ankle. I jolt backward, surprised.

“I won’t bite,” Azriel whispered, “Unless you want to.”

I stood up and moved away from him.

“Can we start already,” I said, annoyed?

My first two weeks of classes were purely talking. Azriel explained what I needed to do and how a man works. He told me about the man’s anatomy, and I have to say, I almost had a heart attack. His explanation was so detailed that I could not sleep several nights, affecting my other studies.

Standing on the window, I look outside. It was a cloudy day. Looking down at the palace, I see the bustling town of Ellesmere. I still haven’t been able to pay a visit. According to Lorcan, I couldn’t but not because I was in danger, but because there was a rumor that the fiance of the dragon king fled away with the king of the seekers. It was making me the target of the people. I scoffed every time Lorcan mentions it. Me, a girl who was a virgin having an affair, how ironic.

Distracted by my thoughts, I don’t feel Azriel holding my waist. Pulling me closer, I gasp, surprised.

“What are you doing?” I said as I pushed his hands.

“Classes,” Azriel whispered in my ear. A slight shiver ran down my spine as his voice became soft. I look over my shoulder to see if I didn’t hear wrong.

Azriel was looking at me with a smile. One I haven’t seen. If there was a thing I’ve learned, he rarely smiles, so this took me off guard.

Turning me around in his arms, Azriel pushed me until my back hit the window glass. Panting, I stare into his black eyes. I averted my eyes as I felt conscious of his closeness.

“Amari?” Azriel called.

“Yes?” I mumble, embarrassed.

“Look at me,” Azriel ordered seductively. Having him and the rest of the brothers around me lately wasn’t doing good. They were too much for my innocent self. Even Though they didn’t do things, I didn’t want to. They still made me see them as men. Like men I desired. They pulled this dark desire out of me. They were making my mind naughty with dirty thoughts. And not normal ones. Just the fact that a simple, seductive word had me imagining how their lips would feel. Was that normal?

Biting my lips, I keep my eyes cast down. I didn’t dare lookup. Especially knowing that if I do, I would be entranced completely.

Feeling his hand intertwined with mine, I look to the side. Azriel lifted my hand and brought it to his lips. Kissing it softly, he gives tortures featherlike kisses with sucking and licking. I tried to move back, but he had me corner.

Keeping his eyes on me, he makes me look at what he is doing. I bit my lips harder to control the urge to moan. As he kisses the palm of my hand, my knees buckle. What was that?

Gripping his shoulder, I looked at him in shock. Why was I so weak?

“The rune is making you weak,” Azriel said. Snapping my head, I stare at him. I still didn’t know of his powers—only Lorcan’s and Alastair and Lilith, who told me one of her gifts. But Azriel has been keeping that small information to himself.

I asked Lilith what his gifts were, but she just laughed at it and told me I would know soon.

Kissing the palm of my hand again, I moan. Immediately, Azriel pressed his body to me. I was so tempted to kiss him that my mind was becoming hazy.

“S-Stop,” I stutter in his arms. Doing it again, I feel my knees buckle again, so this time I reach for his neck and hug him. “Azriel…” I breathe. My pussy throb in need. It was a weird sensation that only one person made me feel, Maximus.

Hugging me, Azriel suddenly lifts me. He was moving me over to the bed. Laying me down, I stare at him. My breathing has become erratic as I watch him remove his shirt. Unable to say something, I watch him crawl into bed. I licked my lips as he lowered his body.

“What are you doing?” I mumble shyly.

“Nothing,” Azriel whispered as he kissed my collarbone. I arch my back. I was giving him access to circle his arm around it. Kissing my neck, I close my eyes. The sensation was too much. My body burns, and my pussy throb. My heartbeat against my chest in desperation.

Squeezing my eyes and covering my mouth, I feel him kiss me down my chest.

“A-Azriel, p-please,” I stutter. He only hummed as his hand reached for my dress. He is undoing the knot on the front part of my chest. He keeps kissing me.

Biting my lip, I open my eyes slowly. Eyes wide, I look at Azriel. He was kissing my chest, but only where my scars were. Why?

Stopping between my breasts, he looks between his lashes. I blush as I find his black eyes quite alluring.

“You’re quite red,” Azriel mumbled as he lowered his lips and kissed between my breasts. I swear he could hear my heart beating heart hammered on my chest where he just kissed.

Grabbing my wrists, he puts them on the side. My hands were warm. Intertwining his fingers, he raised his head to my face. He had a slight blush across his pale face. Like he had a fever.

Staring intensely into his eyes, I get lost and somehow reach for his face. Something must have gotten into me when I pulled his face and kissed him. Azriel looked taken back at my sudden attack. But I wanted a taste of his lips. Staying still, I kissed him again, but Azriel didn’t respond to my kiss. Instead, he stood up and turned his back to me. His hand covers his mouth.

Breathless, I plop my body on my elbows and look at him.

“Azriel?” I called, but he raised a hand.

“Class is over,” Azriel said, walking towards the bathroom and shutting the door. I shrugged and sat up completely. Fixing my dress, I decided to leave, but as I stand up. Everything spins on me, and I fall on my knees. I was feeling sick. Covering my mouth, I take a deep breath. What was happening?

Feeling sick of my stomach, I yell for Azriel’s name. Hearing my worried call, he opened the door and called my name. Rushing, he kneels, asking me how I was, but I just grab his arms and lower my head.

“Come here,” Azriel said, lifting me in his arms. Calling for the servants, he moves me to the bathroom. My head was still spinning, and my body was hot. Ordering something, I grip his arms. “Damn it!” I heard him say. Panting, I hear something like water. As I was about to ask what that was, I felt my entire body soaked in cold water. I gasped in surprise but kept my hold on him.

Tiny droplets of water started sliding down my head and face. What was Azriel doing?

“Azriel!” I heard Lilith call. Opening my eyes slowly, I see her rushing with a worried face. “What did you do?” Lilith asked as we listened to a slap somewhere. Azriel cursed as he moved his hand over my head. I lean against his chest as the cold water makes me feel better.

“It seems she’s getting better,” Azriel said, making small circles on my back.

“She better be,” Lilith retorted, “What did you do to her?”

“I…” Azriel mumbled, “She kissed me.”

“You, oh brother. Didn’t you tell her?” Lilith said. I frown as I hear them talk. What was Lilith talking about?

“No,” Azriel simply said, “Let’s make her feel better, and then I will explain to her.”

“You better, Azriel. Or Lorcan will be mad!” Lilith growled, “I will get some towels for you. Why don’t you undress her?”

“You crazy?” Azriel spat back. I heard someone growl. Sighing, I slowly open my eyes. My mind was feeling better, and my body felt more relaxed. “How do you feel, Amari?” he asked me.

I raise my head and put my chin on his chest. Tiredly, I look up. Azriel’s face screams worry.

“What happened?” I mumble.

“I’m sorry,” Azriel said, hugging me softly, “I should have warned you. I’m sorry, Amari.”

Not understanding, I close my eyes again. Azriel hugged me as he kept whispering sorry. Too exhausted, I doze off in his arms.


Moving my hand, I hum. I felt something cold against my palm.

Opening my eyes, I find a sleepy Azriel.

His long black hair a mess sprawled on the pillows, and he was shirtless. Moving my eyes around, I noticed I had my head on his chest, and my arm was on his stomach. It seems that none of these brothers cared for clothes.

Confused, I try to sit up. Azriel didn’t move at all as I moved in bed. Was he a deep sleeper? Groaning, I feel a throbbing in my head. What time was it?

Everything looked dark around me. Feeling thirsty, I tried to look for the lights but felt an arm around my stomach. Looking over my shoulder, I find Azriel snoring. His arm was tightening around me as I move. Groaning loudly, I laid back down. I was thirsty and in need of a bathroom.

“Azriel?” I said, calling his name, but nothing. Pushing him slightly, I call his name again. But he didn’t move or groan. “Azriel, wake up!” I said, this time pulling his black hair. Azriel groaned and slapped my hand away. “Wake up fucker!”

“Hush,” Azriel mumbled as he put his leg over my body, “AZRIEL!”

“Amari!” Azriel said, letting go. Rubbing his face, he groaned. “Really? Can’t you sleep?”

“I need the fucking bathroom,” I said, getting of bed, “You and your fury ass didn’t let me.”

Slamming the bathroom door, I do my necessities. I didn’t know what time it was, but it was past midnight by the eerie Once I wash my hands and face, I head back out. Azriel sat on the bed lazily; he was ruffling his hair and yawning.

“Done?” Azriel asked.

“Yes, I’m going back to my bedroom,” I said.

“No, stay,” Azriel mumbled. I frown at him.

“No,” I scolded, “I’m going back.”

“You can’t!” Azriel grumbled. His voice sounded angry, “If you leave now, you will get sick, so come back.”

“Excuse me? What do you mean?” I asked, annoyed, “You’re just saying that to keep me here.”

“I’m not lying,” Azriel said, glaring, “I do not need to keep you here against your will. But for this, you have to like it or not.”

It was the first time I heard him talk to me like that. There was this command and authority in him that made me cringe.

“Get on the bed, Amari,” Azriel ordered. Fisting my hands, I stay in place, “Amari, come back.”

“No,” I spat back. I wasn’t going back to Azriel’s bed. Throwing the covers to the side, Azriel gets off the bed. The sound of his feet was making me nervous.

Grabbing me by the arm, Azriel lifts me. Throwing me over his shoulders.

“Azriel!” I yelled as I hit his back, “Put me down!”

But Azriel didn’t listen and threw me instead of on the bed. He was grabbing my wrist and straddling me.

He looked down into my eyes. He had a crease. He looked angry, and I wasn’t like this.

“A-Azriel,” I mutter nervously. He was giving this dangerous oppression as when we met the first time. It was dangerous.

“When I tell you to do something, you do it,” Azriel said with authority, “Stop being stubborn; I hate stubborn people.” I stare at him in shock. What was his problem?

“Why are you talking to me like that?” I asked as tears brimmed my eyes. His behavior confused me. Did he need to get so mad?

“Azriel enough!” a voice said from the door. Snapping my head, I find Lorcan staring at him angrily. “You need to calm down. Think Azriel.”

“Out,” Azriel said. It sounded like an order that made Lorcan flinched.

“Azriel!” another voice said. I recognized Lilith’s voice immediately. She was walking over to us, pushing Lorcan on the way. As she stops in front of Azriel, she slaps him. My eyes grew in size as I watched in shock. What did she just do?

Azriel didn’t utter a word. He just sat up and held his face.

“Snap out of it. You’re talking to the king,” Lilith said, “You need to control that mind of yours. Just control that monster in you.” moving off me, Azriel sits in bed. His head hangs low.

Carefully, I sat back up and looked at him. I felt terrible about what happened. It was my fault.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Azriel mutters. I cringe at his words. Toying with my hands, I wait for any of them to say something.

“Amari, did you want to leave?” Lilith asked; I nodded sadly. “My beautiful girl look. You may not recall, but you just went through a small phase,” Lilith explained, “And it’s not something to leave like that.” she moved her eyes and looked at Azriel. Confused, I look towards Lorcan.

He just smiled sadly.

“Amari,” Lilith said, grasping my chin. “Do you remember what happened?” recalling my kiss with Azriel, I blush. I tried hiding my face, but Lilith just chuckled. “It’s ok, no need to be embarrassed here, ok? Now Azriel owns you an explanation, right, brother?

Azriel sighed and looked at me. A red hand-marked on his left cheek.

“I… I forgot to tell you earlier not to kiss me,” Azriel said, making me frown in confusion.

“Kiss you?” I mutter, embarrassed.

“Yes… the thing is,” Azriel said, looking at Lilith, “How do I explain. You remember when I kiss your rune, right?”

“Yes?” I said as I looked back at my hand.

I remember how it felt. Azriel’s soft lips kissed my palm, making my legs weak in his touch.

“And you remember feeling sick afterward?” Azriel asked. I nodded quietly. Where was he going with this?

“What Azriel is trying to explain is that one of his gifts is body control. It’s similar to mind control, but this one works with a kiss,” Lilith explained, annoyed, “Azriel forgot to mention that he can’t kiss.”

“He what?” I asked, confused, “Let me see if I get this. He can’t kiss?”

“No, because I can make anyone’s body fall under my control through a kiss. And not only that, you will start feeling what your mind is craving, and you were craving for a good fuck,” Azriel explained.

“A what? I don’t have those thoughts!” I spat back, embarrassed.

I heard someone laugh. Looking embarrassed to the side, I see Lorcan laughing.

“Sorry, but Azriel powers don’t lie. You wanted to have sex with Azriel,” Lorcan said, laughing, “It’s strange, but that’s one of his gifts. Which mostly works for catching prey and humans. In this case, you were strange.”

“Why?” I asked as I felt more confused.

“Because,” Azriel said, lifting my hand where the rune was, “You and I share the same power.”

“What?” I said, standing up. Azriel looked hurt as I back away from him. “What nonsense are you saying? I’m human!”

Everyone looked at me.

“Amari, did you ever meet your mother?” Lilith asked.

“My mother?” I said, “I- I didn’t.”

Lilith looked towards Lorcan. She looked conflicted.

Approaching me, Lorcan grabbed my hand.

“Remember when I told you I wanted you to be a queen and that you had to trust me?” Lorcan said. I nodded as tears brimmed my eyes, “And you ask me why insist? And my answer was I would tell you when the time was right?”

“Yes,” I said, shocking in my words.

“Therefore. I knew about this rune. I saw it on you when I met you. It wasn’t visible, but I could see it,” Lorcan said, lifting my hand so I could see it, “This is the symbol of our empire Amari. Now I ask you, Did you know your mother?”

“No, I didn’t, Lorcan!” I said, pulling away, “My mother passed away when I was a baby.”

“We will need to investigate,” Lilith said with a sigh.

“Why?” I asked, losing patience, “What are you trying to find?”

“We need to know if your mother was a seeker,” Lilith said as I snapped my head around.

“A seeker?” I said, baffled.

“Yes, Amari. It’s possible your mother was a seeker and not any seeker but a descendant of a queen who left the kingdom fifty-eight years ago,” Lilith explained, “And if we are correct, it means you’re her daughter and the rightful ruler of the kingdom.”

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