Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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He looked down at the girl who kneeled on the floor of his throne room. Her green dress made her chocolate brown hair shine. He hated her but felt tempted.

“Raise your head,” he ordered her.

With a sigh, she lifted her head. Icy blue eyes met his red ones.

“Not bad for a princess. Now undress,” he ordered her right in front of everyone.

Panic is taking over her body. She looked at him in disbelief. Did she hear him wrong?

“I said undress, now!” the man ordered again, but this time with anger in his voice. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

Nodding obediently, she undresses. Shaky fingers tried to unbutton the front part of her dress. Everyone looked at her.

“Stop,” he suddenly said, raising his hand, “Everyone leaves us.”

Whispers echoed as people present in the throne room started to leave. Once the doors shut and silence fell in the room, he said, “Now undress and turn around.”

“But…” she stuttered.

Standing up, he walked down the dark wooden stairs. His body was straight, and his head was held high.

Stopping before her, he looked down at her like she was trash.

“I think I gave you an order,” he said as he glared at her with hate, “Don’t fucking dare make me mad because I don’t tolerate disobedience. Now undress.”

Lowering her head, she looked at herself. She had no option. Standing, she slowly turned around, and with her back to him, she undresses. The green dress slid down her thin, frail body. Fear crept up her heart.

“You’re awful. Who did this? Your mother? Your father?” the man asked, sliding his finger down her spine.

“Y-Yes, my father,” she stuttered with fear.

“He’s more of a beast than me, I see,” he whispered, yanking her hair, “Sadly, no one can save you now.”

Turning her around, he circled his arms around her thin waist. Pulling her closer to him until their breaths were one, he muttered, “Don’t even think of escaping because no one has ever dared to escape me, the dragon king, Maximus.”

Eyes wide, she starts panting.

“W-what did y-you just s-say?” she asked as her lower lip trembled.

“You heard me, human. What, No one told you? Your father sold you to the dragon king? What a shame for you, but a delight for me. Now I can have my way with you. I will show you what fear truly is.”

Meet King Maximus, one of the last dragon kings alive in the world, and Amari, the princess who is cursed to die once she turns twenty.

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