Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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|24| Curse

Twenty Years Ago

Heels clicking were the only things heard as I walked down the empty halls of the place. Sighing, I stopped and looked out the window. The leaves had fallen, and the trees were barren as my heart. Looking around the white ground, I notice a wolf from afar. Scowling, I continue walking. Little pest I hated.

“Good day, your highness,” a voice said as I walked into the dining room.

“What’s good about it?” I whispered back. Looking towards the dark wooden table, I notice the chair at the end is empty again.

“He left early?” I asked as I took a seat.

“Yes, your majesty, if I may?” the man standing behind me said with a bow. I glared at him, annoyed. I knew what he would say.

“Bring me my food,” I spat back, annoyed. Nodding nervously, he bowed and left. I rub my belly softly as I noticed it got bigger.

“Here, enjoy,” the man said and excused himself.

Feeling I’ve eaten enough, I decide to head to the empire.

“Get the carriage ready; I shall head to the empire to see him,” I order my butler. He looked conflicted by my request.

“My lady, please,” he said nervously. Hissing his way, I look at him.

“Which part didn’t you understand?” I retorted. Scurrying off, the butler slammed the door. I sighed as I felt movement in my belly. Rubbing it, I smile wryly.

“Everything is ready,” my maid said after a while, nodding; I head out, grabbing my cloak.

Looking up at the sky, I notice the weather changing. Heavy snow might fall before nightfall. Getting on, we depart. The trip to the empire is four hours away. Tiredly, I take several deep breaths. I felt tired of being seated for too long. Deciding to stop, I let the coachmen we would rest for a while. All the guards accompanying me got down and scouted the area while I took a walk around the carriage.

Finding a rabbit, I kneel carefully and grab hold of it. It was a baby bunny. Careful I caress it.

“My lady, the temperature has lowered. Why don’t you get back in?” one of my trusted men said. I looked over my shoulder, smiling at him.

“No need, I feel fine,” I whispered, standing,” Look, I found a bunny.”

“You still like animals. I thought you lost that touch,” the man said, making me smile.

“I know, it’s just now I use them to make potions and other magical stuff. You know, as a witch, I have to kill them for use,” I said, smiling at the white bunny.

“Yes, that’s why I’m surprised you haven’t killed it,” the man said, scoffing.

“You think I’m a monster?” I asked, looking into his brown eyes.

“No, but deep down you might be?” the man said, smirking. I punch him on the arm as I head back to the carriage. Deciding it was time to continue, we all departed to our destiny.

A few hours later, we arrived. The grand palace looked just like I remember. It’s been four years since I’ve come here. I was reaching its gates. The guards ask questions. Letting them know who I was, they quickly let me in.

“It’s good you’re a queen,” my trusted man said.

“You seem to take advantage of that a lot?” I said, smiling as I watched outside the small window.

“Indeed, it’s quite helpful,” the man answered, smiling. Laughing, I look to the entrance. Several men awaited us, and from one of the men standing in front, I knew it was the butler.

Opening the doors, I get down.

“Greetings, your highness, we weren’t expecting you. We apologize for the last-minute preparations,” the butler said. Smiling at him, I courtesy myself and ask him if I could speak to the king.

“Yes, he’s been notified. Please follow me,” the butler said, offering his hand. Nodding with a smile, I walk up the stairs.

The long golden and white walls with chandeliers hanging high from its ceiling welcomed me. I looked around as I saw several maids and guards helping and patrolling. Even some councils were roaming the palace.

Stopping before a painting, I look at it sternly. King Azar, the man who I was about to see. Remembering, I grit my teeth.

“Is everything alright with your highness?” the butler asked as he looked at me worriedly.

“Yes,” I lied smiling, “Shall we?”


Hearing the two enormous double doors shut, I look to the front.

“Why are you here?” King Azar asked.

“Why?” I retorted but tried to keep my anger at bay.

“I was going to go back tonight,” King Azar said, looking bored. He looked at me from his throne. No emotions or excitement showed on his face.

“Still can’t I come?” I said as I glared at him. King Azar just smirked.

“Fine,” King Azar said, snapping his fingers, “get a bedroom ready, get her everything she needs,” he said to the servant.

Looking back at me, he smiled.

“I shall visit you tonight,” King Azar said, smiling. I rolled my eyes and followed the butler.

It’s been four days since I arrived. King Azar just came the first night, but he never visited again. A tremendous storm graced the empire. Bored, I took a stroll.

Walking around the place, I notice I’m far away from the rest of the palace. Smiling at some servants, I start to see that they are looking at me strangely. Was it because I was here?

I knew everyone feared me after all; I was a witch.

“Your Majesty!” the maid that was helping me said as she ran up to me.

“Something the matter?” I asked, frowning.

“King Azar is requesting for you,” the maid said, taking a breath. I smiled at the news and started heading to the throne room.

“No, my lady. He is in his office,” the maid explained as she started guiding me to his office.

We walked for ten minutes before we reached two white doors. Letting him know I have arrived, the maid opens the door for me. I walked into the room, looking around. Stopping near the window, I see him. With a book in hand, he leaned against the window frame. I heard the doors shut as I kept my eyes on him.

“You called?” I mumble after some seconds of silence.

“Oh, you’re here?” King Azar said, surprised. He didn’t notice I was here?

“You needed something?” I asked, clasping my hands.

“When are you planning to go back?” King Azar asked, putting his book down on the wooden desk.

“Excuse me?” It confused me, “I’ll be heading back with you.”

King Azar smiled and walked up to me. Ruffling his hair, he looks at me. I frowned, feeling uncomfortable.

“I think we have a misunderstanding here, witch,” King Azar said, feeling surprised. He never addressed me like that.

“Why are you calling me like that?” I asked, smiling wryly.

“You’re a witch, right?” King Azar smirked as he turned around and crossed his arms, “What else can I call you?”

“Azar…” I said, approaching him but stopped.

“I think we should make something clear here,” King Azar said as he looked over his shoulder. His eyes were glaring at me. They were full of hate.

I cringed as I looked at him in utter shock.

“What are you talking about?” I asked nervously. I started feeling sick as he turned and, raising his head, he looked down at me. His eyes were so empty, so emotionless.

“You are here because you still think I will make you my queen?” King Azar said.

“Yes?” I whispered, fearing my answer. “You promised me, Azar.”

“I made no such promise,” King Azar said as he stood in front of me. I nervously gripped the skirt I was wearing. What was he even saying?

“You are joking with me, right? You made me promise Azar. Remember, it was no ordinary promise,” I explained as my lips tremble.

“You mean that blood promise?” King Azar said, scoffing, “That’s just a blood promise nothing will come out of it. And as far as I know, they can break it, right?”

I looked at him, stunned.

“A carriage is ready for you to leave, now go,” King Azar said, dismissing me.

“Azar!” I retorted. How could he just push me away like this?

“Don’t try to fucking get me, mad witch!” King Azar said as he gripped my arm, “Leave, that’s an order.”

Pushing me away, I feel anger boil in me. This was not the end. Deciding to leave for now, I head to the carriage. All the way, I walked with my head high. Every servant looked at me with their eyes cast down. Were they aware of what was happening? Scoffing, I reach for the carriage and order my men to take our leave.

Halfway on the ride, the carriage suddenly stops. Somehow I had fallen asleep. Frowning, I sat up and looked outside, but as I moved the curtains away, blood splattered on the glass. Shivers ran down my body as I looked outside. Some strangers were killing my men in black cloaks. Backing away, I suddenly feel someone cover my mouth from behind. I tried to scream, but the person hushed me.

“Let’s go! Now!” my trusted friend and guard said. Nodding nervously, we exit the carriage from the other side.

Running down the snowy forest, I try to look over my shoulder.

“No! Run, we need to get you away from here,” my friend said.

“What’s happening?” I asked, scared as I held my belly in fear.

“It seems they are assassins,” my friend said as he drags me down the snowy ground.

Feeling scared, I keep my pace. Breathing tiredly, I felt tears sting my eyes. Why was this happening?

“Did you send word for help?” I said between breaths.

My trusted guard just looked at me. Eyes wide, he kicks me, making me fall on my buttocks. I screamed as I opened my eyes and looked at a sword piercing his chest. Letting a scream, I back away.

“Run, my queen,” my friend mumbled as blood dripped from his mouth.

Crawling, I try to get up, but someone yanks my hair.

“Where do you think you’re going?” a males voice said from behind. I cried, feeling his grip tighter.

“Fucking let go!” I said, struggling.

Feeling a sharp pain in my leg, I yell.

“Now, my queen. You need to hear us out,” the man said, dragging me through the snow.

A piercing pain started crossing my lower abdomen as the men brought me to a group of assassins. Letting go, he moves away. Reaching for a blade, I pull it out and attack him, cutting him on his chest. The man backed away and hissed.

Standing in a defensive position, I look at them. They surrounded me.

“You whore,” the assassin hissed as he looked down at his bloody chest.

Looking around me, I notice eight assassins. They were no ordinary men. Feeling at a disadvantage, I prepare for a fight. As a witch, I could use my powers, but the pregnancy gave me a weakness. If I use my powers, I could hurt the baby inside me. So I had no choice but to fight them head-on.

“It seems she wants it the hard way,” another assassin said, smirking.

“It’s okay; she won’t make it far,” a voice said. I jerked around and saw the man standing behind me. Grabbing me by the neck, he slams me against the ground. Gasping in pain, I drop the blade. “The queen of the witches. No, you’re the main queen, right?” the man said, smiling down at me.

“You’re a seeker?” I said, panting.

“Not bad,” the man smiled. “Yes, I am.”

“You’re a traitor!” I growled as I tried to reach for him.

“Traitor? I stopped being a traitor long ago. Now I belong to the assassin clan. But let’s not deviate from the topic queen,” the man smirked, “we have a job to do.”

Pulling a dagger out, he lowers it until he reaches my chest and stops. Smiling, he cut the cloak knot, leaving me on my dress.

“How long are you? Six months?” the assassin asked frowning, “Well, what can I do? It’s an order, right men?” he said. Everyone yelled a yes as they started laughing. “Grab her!”

Eyes wide, I throw kicks.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously as two other men grabbed me.

“Not much, just kill you and your baby,” the man said, smirking. “You know your dear lover is tired of you.”

“L-Lover?” I stuttered as tears slid down my face.

“Yes, King Azar!” the assassin said, laughing. Leaning over, he puts the blade on my face, “He wishes you a happy trip.” he whispered as he suddenly stabbed me in the stomach with the sword. I screamed as I felt the pain. Bringing the blade down again, he stabs me.

I struggled as I yelled in pain, stabbing me with no mercy; the assassin continues. I cried in pain as I bleed.

“S-Stop!” I said, barely breathing, laughing the assassin back away.

Grabbing my hair, he pulls me up. Spitting on my face, he smiles.

“We are not done. We have to pull that baby out and make sure he’s dead,” the assassin says as he laughed like a maniac. Eyes wide, I brought my arms up and tried to pull away from him. I couldn’t let them kill me like that.

Struggling, I grab one of the men’s daggers and stab the assassin on the neck. Surprised by my attack, the others let go. I fell on my knees as blood dripped down my legs. I could feel something was wrong. A sudden pain made me shout. Was I about to go into labor?

Covered in blood, I get up. I could barely stand. My entire body felt weak and in pain. Spitting blood, I reach for my mouth. I was dying. If I wanted to live, I needed to give birth and use my powers to heal myself. Gripping the dagger, I moved and attacked one of them, but he kicked me hard on the stomach. I coughed blood as my entire body wanted to shut down. Trying to breathe, I stagger and fall to the ground.

“I. will. Kill. You. All,” I whispered.

More blood dripped from my injuries. Camps started coming and going as I kneel. Falling on my back, I scream. I was going into labor. Crying, I try to remove my undergarment.

All the assassins started backing away.

“She will die,” an assassin said as another nod. I looked at them all as I screamed, pushing the baby. “Let’s make sure she dies.”

Several more, and I gave birth. Weakly I reached for the baby, as I lifted it, I noticed he’s dead. I choked as I coughed more blood. Crying, I put the baby down. There was nothing I could do. Ripping the only connection I had with my baby, I get up. Wobbling from side to side, I was starting to feel dizzy because of blood loss.

Taking a step, I bend and grab the dagger.

“You fuckers are dying with me tonight,” I whispered as I used my last powers and started attacking them.

Panting heavily, I look around. Pieces of bodies covered the white snow, just like a bath of red blood.

Crying, I let out a scream as I fell to my knees. I felt I was dying. Sobbing, I fall face on the ground, losing consciousness.


Slowly, I opened my eyes. Where was I? Was I still alive?

“Sister?” a familiar voice said. Weakly, I look around and stop when I notice her.

“S-Sister?” I whispered weakly.

“Oh, sister, you’re safe now!” she said, caressing my face.

“What happened?” I asked, looking around. I tried to move but felt my body in pain.

“Easy sister, your body is still recovering,” she said.

“How am I alive?” I asked. My sister smiled sadly.

“We received word they attacked you. We sent men to help, and we rushed to the scene. When we arrived, Marcus was carrying you.”

“Marcus?” I mumble weakly. He was my trusted friend and guard. Was he still alive?

“No,” my sister said, realizing what I was going to ask, “he passed away after he handed you to us.”

“W-What?” I mutter in shock.

“Sister, listen. You need to rest, don’t stress, please,” my sister whispered, smiling.

“How long have I been unconscious?” I asked, coughing.

“It’s been three weeks. Thankfully, with magic, your body has been healing and some potions. You’re doing better,” my sister said but stopped.

“But what?” I asked nervously.

“You won’t be able to conceive ever again, sister,” she whispered. I gulp as I pant. Tears sting my eyes. I wanted to scream, yell, but I couldn’t. I would instead get my revenge for what he did.

Time passed, and after months of recovery. I started going back to my own life. Scars were the only things left of that day. Letting no one know, I started planning my revenge, breaking the rules that I, as a white witch, have laid out for the rest of the world.

Years passed, and the time for revenge arrived. Getting dressed, I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Sister?” a voice said behind the door. Letting her in, I turned around and smiled. “Are you alright?” I could see I worried her.

“I am,” I smiled.

It was a lie; I wasn’t okay.

“I should take my leave,” I said, walking out of the room.

“Bring me something from the town!” my sister yelled as I waved goodbye.

Getting in the carriage, I let the coachmen where we were heading. Today I would visit him, King Azar. Looking at my palm, I smirked.

“Today, you pay,” I mumble to myself.

The black rune in my palm glowed.

As one of the queens of the witch empire, I broke one of the sacred rules. Death would be the punishment any white witch who indulged in black magic would get. No matter the reason, no one could break the rules. But I had to. I lost my baby, I almost died, and now I can’t become a mother ever again. It was the only way I exchanged some of my life span for this.

Nighttime arrived, and we were getting close. I could see the tall palace stand from afar. Scowling, I tell the coachmen to hurry.

Reaching the palace, I get down. Every guard looked surprised when they saw me. Bowing, they just stare at me. I walked into the palace. I didn’t let anybody stop me.

“AZAR!” I yelled as I walked down the hallway that took me to the throne room. The guards at the doors looked taken aback. Waving my hand, I make them fall into a deep sleep. Hearing cheerful voices. I fist my hands in anger.

Using my power, I throw the doors open. I was making them slam against the wall. A gust of wind appeared out of nowhere as I stepped into the enormous place. Everyone looked my way, some in shock, others confused.

King Azar stood from his seat.

“Hi Azar,” I said with my hands behind my back, “it’s so nice to see you again.” he was looking at me in complete shock. Turning pale, he stumbled backward.

“My king, what’s the matter?” a woman said as she stood up nervously. My eyes moved to her. Chocolate brown hair and pale skin full of freckles looked between us, confused. I frowned as I noticed a newborn in her arms. It seems my news was correct.

“Should I be congratulating you?” I said. The people present looked afraid as I became angry, making the surrounding air become hard to breathe.

“W-Why are you here?” King Azar stuttered.

“Surprised to see I’m still alive?” I spat. His eyes went wide with fear. “Well, sorry to disappoint my love, but I survive that night.”

Standing up, he calls the guards. I scoffed as I looked around the room. Six guards stand with swords.

“You think that will stop me?” I hissed as my hand with the rune started glowing.

“What is happening, Azar?” the woman behind him said. Meeting my eyes, I smile.

“It seems you haven’t told her?” I said, laughing.

“What is she talking about?” the woman asked.

“Silence, Ivona!” King Azar said, standing up. “This woman is talking nonsense.”

Laughing hard, I look back at him.

“Nonsense? Was it nonsense the day you got me pregnant, and then six months later you tried to kill me?” I spat, taking a step forward. The guards move to protect their king. I whispered under my breath, the guard’s eyes roll back. They were falling with a loud thud on the ground.

“Tell her Azar how you promised me to make me your queen, your wife. The mother of your now-dead son. Tell her, Azar!” I snarled.

“Shut up!” King Azar yelled angrily, “I didn’t send people to kill you.”

“Did I mention people?” I smirked. Flinching, he moved back. “You know this so-called king of yours tried to kill me after he told me that everything was a misunderstanding. He tried to make me disappear with our son. But how wrong he was because he didn’t know who he was messing with.”

“What are you planning to do?” King Azar said, grabbing a sword and pointing at me.

“Father!” a kid said as he hid behind his mother.

“So this is your family,” I said, laughing, “How lovely.”

“Stay away!” King Azar said as I got closer. Feeling the tip of the sword on the chest, I whispered a word and made the sword break in half. Azar looked shocked. “Y-You!”

“You what? Do you fear me now? You should have feared me since the beginning, Azar,” I said, smirking. Putting my lips into a thin line, I look into his eyes. “I won’t kill you.”

“What?” King Azar said, shocked. A slight relief passed by his face.

“I won’t kill you, though, but then,” I said as I started whispering an incantation. The lights in the room began flickering until they turned off. A tremendous storm started outside as we heard thunder outside as I continue raising my voice, making it echoed around the entire room. I heard tiny screams as I moved fast and approached Azar. Grabbing him by the neck, I slam him against his throne. “I cursed you, Azar,” I whispered as my eyes turned black, “I cursed you and your family. I curse both your sons shall die tonight. Your daughter shall never be able to conceive. I cursed you never to be a father again, and I cursed your newborn Azar. Your newborn shall be condemned and die once she turns twenty. She will live a miserable life and perish in the worst way.

I curse you forever. You shall have no other generation. How wrong of you to have broken that blood promise, Azar,” I said, laughing as a thunder cracks near one of the windows.

Screaming, the woman behind us stumbles—the bodies of the two small kids laid on the ground. Contorted faces were all I could see in the darkness.

“NO!” King Azar yelled.

Slamming him again, I make him look at me.

“Hope you suffer, Azar,” I whispered as I kissed his cheek.

“You will die, witch!” King Azar said, struggling.

“Oh, I can’t,” I smiled devilishly, “If you open your mouth and tell anyone about this, you will die, that’s your curse. To die knowing that you made a mistake in betraying me. I forsake you, Azar. I should have never fallen in love with you.” I said as I let go and move back.

Azar pushed me and moved to the dead bodies of his sons.

“YOU! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” the woman said as she grabbed my skirt. I looked down at her and kicked her.

“Blame that king you love,” I spat venomously.

Turning around, I descend the stairs.

“Heed my words, Azar,” I said, walking down, “you open your mouth. You die that day.”

“COME BACK HERE!” he yelled as the doors slammed behind me.

Present Time

Hearing a knock on the door, I glance over my shoulder.

“It’s me, sister,” a voice said.

“Come in,” I whispered as I braid my long hair.

Hearing the doors open and shut, I keep my eyes on my reflection. My sister walked in. She looked troubled.

“Sister,” I said, smiling.

She stared at me with thin lips.

Frowning, I look at her.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Answer me something, sister. Have you met her?” she asked. I froze in place and just stared into her eyes. “Answer me, have you?”

“What are you talking about?” I frowned, feigning innocence.

“You know what I’m talking about, sister. Amari, the princess and daughter of King Azar,” she said as I snapped my head around and stood.

“What are you trying to ask, sister?” I snapped as I felt my heart beat nervously.

“That,” my sister said as she lowered her eyes to my gloved hand. “You broke the rules, right?”

“You must be mistaken,” I answered her.

“I’m not a sister. I know what I saw,” she said, approaching me. Putting my hands on the side, I glare at her.

“Just say what you want to say, sister. Stop going around in circles,” I snap.

“All I want is an answer,” she mutters. I scoffed and looked away. “Tell me, sister.”

“There’s nothing to say,” I spat, turning around as I stare at my pale self in the mirror. My sister stood behind me. I could feel her judging me already.

“Answer me,” she repeated.

Closing my eyes, I grip my hands.


Looking at her, I smirked.

“Yes, Devika, that child is cursed. I cursed Amari! I cursed her and her family!” I said, laughing. “I cursed her to die once she turns twenty.”

To Be Continued...

Author’s Note:

Surprise! this might be shocking to some, especially the ones who are reading slave of the onyx dragon and wondering why the names sound familiar. To answer Yes, Devika and Calandra, both witches that appear on the slave of the onyx dragon, also Appear here, and they both are sisters!

Thank you so much for your support. This is the official last chapter of CTB; I can’t believe it! It ended so fast!

News!! I will be revealing the sequel in an extra chapter between tomorrow or Monday, Jan.18. with more information about the second book!

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