Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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I dedicate solely this part to the announcement and information of Cross to Bear Book 2.

TITLE: Bearer Of The Curse.

SYNOPSIS: Feeling cornered and with no choice but to tell the truth, Amari finds herself once again caged. But things take an even darker turn once she comes to know that her curse isn’t so simple. Not only will Amari and her friends try to undo the curse, but a new enemy will appear, turning Amari’s and everyone else’s life into a complete turmoil.

With new fights, new allies and a love triangle? Will she be able to live the last two years of her life in peace? Or will she seek that hope to live by breaking the curse?

Join Amari as she tries to uncover the truth behind the bearer of the curse.

Book two is out!

Afterword: I wished to thank everyone who had supported the story so far. I’m thankful for the love and support. This book was something that came out of nowhere and I have to say I’m proud of it. It’s also the second time I’m trying a book series so hopefully it will go well. If you want to know more on updates and stories feel free to follow me. I will be posting more of the story and maybe spoilers in between.

Also, I would like to hear your opinions about the story. I know we have teams here between Max and the trio of brothers. But as you know me, I might change the plot in the story with my crazy twists and turns!

Remember I’m still learning and improving so I apologize for any mistakes. Also quick note this book won’t be up for too long on Inkitt this book was solely made for Dreame, It’s free on Dreame so you can check it out! The second and Third book will be up here for free!

Thank you so much, love you all and if you haven’t liked or reviewed. I would appreciate it a lot if you leave a honest review of it!


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