Cross To Bear (Book 1)

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|3| King

Maximus POV

Sweat dripped as I pound hard against her pussy. Her juices dripped as I made her cum for the fifth time. Hearing the slapping sound of our bodies makes me want to fuck her harder. I gripped her breast as I pulled her hair. Moaning hard, I fuck her until her body starts convulsing. Quivering legs give out as she falls flat on her chest. Pulling away, panting, I slap her ass and walk away.

“Jonathan!” I yelled, making my butler run into the bedroom. “Get her out of here and get me someone else.”

Jonathan bows as he grabs the woman and drags her out naked. I growl, annoyed as her yells resonate on the palace walls. I hated women who wanted more. Wasn’t sex enough for them?

Taking a seat, I dry my sweaty body. My dick throbbed.

I needed to fuck again. Grasping my long and thick dick, I stroke myself. Head against the armchair, I moan. Hearing the bedroom doors open as I was about to cum. I look who it might be. A woman in a red dress walked in. Thick thighs and voluptuous breasts make my dick tingle in need. Lifting my gaze, I stare at her face. ‘Not a bad bitch,’ I thought to myself as I called her over. Ordering her to kneel, I grab her hair and pull her forward until her plump red lips circled my mushroom tip. My pre-cum already all over her face.

Pushing her head deeper for her to suck, I feel my dick hitting her throat. Gagging and spitting, she sucks deeper. I felt my orgasm building up. Pushing her head with my hand, I think her throat circle around my thick dick as I finally find my release. Mouth full of cum, I order her to drink it. I would not let her drip any of it. The woman lifted her now red face, and with tears in her eyes, she pleaded with me. I growl as I grab her from her dress and slam her against the armchair.

“Fucking drink it!” I order furiously. Eyes wide and scared, she gulps in a go. Smiling back at her, I slap her face sweetly and walk away.

My shoes clicked against the marble floor as I walked down the hallway that took me to my office. My servants bowed as I passed by them. With my hands on my back and imposing walk, I head down the hall. It was almost evening, and I had two important meetings to assist. Watching me arrive, the guards open the double doors to my office. Nodding their way, I walk over to my mahogany desk and take a seat. They organized my enormous mahogany desk with different stacks of paper. A set of ink and pencils laid on the side, books and important papers on my other side.

My office wasn’t that magnificent. The dark gray walls and light gray drapes made my office a gloomy place. But that’s how I mostly like it. The three shelves stand and an enormous sofa laid on the side near a fireplace that I usually use. As I looked around quickly, I noticed the time. The grandfather clock struck one in the afternoon. Sighing, I work on my pending papers.

I’ve been so concentrated that I overlook the time. Hearing a knock on the door, I stop and let the person come in. Jonathan walked with another servant. He had a tray of food and some papers.

“Your majesty, here is your lunch and a quick reminder that your fiance is about to arrive,” Jonathan said while I grabbed my cup of juice.

Stopping, I lift my eyes and stare at him.

“What did you just say?” I asked, frowning.

“Your fiance, your majesty. Today is the day she shall arrive.” Jonathan said again as he looked at me directly in the eyes.

Taking a deep breath, I laid my cup down.

“So they fucking sent her?” I said, standing up, “Do we know anything about her?”

“Yes. She’s the youngest daughter of King Azar. She’s eighteen, and she is beautiful according to what we received,” Jonathan explained.

Raising my eyebrow, I stare at him.

“Beauty?” I whispered, “I wonder that.”

There hasn’t been a woman who has ever captured my attention. Neither a beauty who would move me from my feet and make me worship her.

“Why did we agree to this?” I asked Jonathan, making eye contact with him. Clearing his throat, Jonathan stands straight.

“Because it was an offering from King Azar,” Jonathan said as he fixes his tie, “Remember, he sold her as an exchange to the treaty.”

“Sold her?” I scoffed, “Let’s see if what he sold is enough to satisfy me.”

“But your majesty, she’s a kid,” Jonathan whispered, making me growl.

“She’s no girl. I bet she has fucked more than enough,” I said, grumbling angrily. “At what time should they be here?”

“In around two hours,” Jonathan said, bowing his head, “Now it’s time for your meeting with the council.”

Rolling my eyes, I grab my cup of juice and drink it on the go. Fixing my suit, I walk out, followed by Jonathan.

“The king is the one who gives those orders out,” one of the council’s old suckers retorted.

I watch with boredom as they discuss what the alternative plan to attack the Pallatine Empire is. None of these older men knew that I had already agreed to a treaty. That, of course, was of no use because I would still conquer their land.

“Who do you think you are? The king orders not you!” another old man who was close to me yelled.

Feeling my eye twitch in anger. I snapped.

“SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU!” I said as the doors opened and in walked Jonathan. All eyes turn to the entrance.

Seeing something move behind Jonathan, I frown. Who was that?

With a bow, Jonathan excuses himself for interrupting.

“Sorry, your majesty, but your fiance is here,” Jonathan said with his eyes cast down.

Moving my gaze, I look behind him. Long brown chocolate hair covered the face of the woman behind him. She gripped her dress tightly as white knuckles go unnoticed by me. Smirking, I ask her to come forward. Jonathan pushed her slightly, and she falls on her knees.

Bored, I stared at her from my seat. The green dress she was wearing was doing her a bit of justice, but I noticed something. Were those scars?

“Raise your head,” I ordered, making her flinch. I smirked more when I noticed how afraid she was.

Everyone stared at her. I bet the silence in the room was making her more uncomfortable.

Hearing a sigh, I frown. Who sighed? Distracted for a second, I didn’t notice her raised her head.

Gulping, I shake the feeling away. What was that?

I stare back at the woman whose eyes were like the blue sky after a night of rain. Clear and refreshing. Freckles covered her pale face as her hair molded beautifully around her heart-shaped face.

“Not bad for a princess, now undress,” I ordered her.

Eyes wide, she stares at me in utter shock. I smiled down at her.

“I said undress… NOW!” I shout. Her body trembles as she stands up and nervously starts undoing her dress. All eyes fall to her, full of expectations. I make her stop. Why was this pissing me?

“Everyone leave us,” I ordered. Old fuckers started whispering. I know this would raise questions. None of them knew about her, and this came like a bucket of cold water to them.

As the double doors shut, I turn my attention back at her.

“Now turn around and undress,” I order her standing up from my throne and descending the stairs.

“But…” she mumbled, trying to argue back with me.

“I think I gave you an order,” I said as I glared at her with hate, “Don’t fucking dare make me mad because I don’t tolerate disobedience. Now undress.”

Nodding obediently, she turns around. I could see her composure breaking right in front of me. The reason I asked her to undress was to confirm my earlier doubts.

Waiting for her, I watch as she slides her dress down and lets it fall to the floor. My eyes snapped to her back.

“You’re awful. Who did this? Your mother? Your father?” I asked as I slid my finger down her spine, making her shudder.

She had at least twelve fresh wounds that look at least three days old. Some old bruises and scars marked her pale and thin body. I circled her around.

“Y-Yes… my father,” she mumbles, casting her eyes down and covering her body.

This girl looked like a sixteen-year-old girl. Her thin body showed bones. Didn’t they feed her?

Scoffing, I stop right behind her.

“He’s more of a beast than me, I see,” I whispered, yanking her hair, “Sadly, no one can save you now.”

Grabbing her waist, I turned her around and pulled her to my chest. She flinched as my hand stayed on her hair.

“Don’t even think of escaping because no one has ever dared to escape me, the dragon king, Maximus,” I said, smirking devilishly at her.

Gasping, she stares at me. Her eyes turn into fear as she looks at me.

“W-what did y-you just s-say?” she asked as her lower lip trembled. This girl was a fucked up mess.

“You heard me, human. What? No one told you they sold you to the dragon king? What a shame for you, but a delight for me. Now I can have my way with you. I will show you what fear truly is.” I whispered, leaning close to her ear, “Now welcome, my dear fiance.”

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