Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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"Mirror Mirror on the Wall, why is this happening to me of all?" That's the first question that Willow asks every morning and evening to her dearest mirror. Well! her mirror was indeed a special one. Handed down for centuries it now resides in the shabby, dull, dusty, little room of its owner Mrs Janet William Harrison's grand grand daughter Ms Willow Harrison. That was one thing she was proud showing off . Ofcourse apart from her family. Else everything....well lets just say she is pretty much unfortunate. Nahh ... Not what you are thinking. She has got a far too perfectly functional family and limbs. Yeah.. she is completely fine except when yesrterday her bike stumbled past the road, got to class late, got a detention. Ah and the day before got her hair stuck in the door of her chemistry class, stumbled right into the teachers desk, knocking down all the papers and getting a punishment of writing her logs staying late at night. Well it doesn't stop here it goes to the day before that and before that and before that. Literally her whole life is a total mess. Oh no.... She just snoozed her alarm for like 7 times now?? 7×5 OMG 35 minutes late!!!! Why is this happening to her of all the people?

Romance / Fantasy
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I am Willow Harrison. I am 20 years old. An art student.

Lost contact with all my school friends. Strangely settled within the new crowd of extremely rich people with a very eccentric mind.

A well settled middle class family with happy parents and a loving sister. Well what more can i ask for? I am sort of a happy introvert.

The other very interesting part of my life is the clumsy me. Yeah heard it right. Like all the heroines of the romance novels. I am clumsy and that too very very clumsy. I can stand all right but its walking that i am afraid of. I usually hurt others with my falls. And thats how i met him. No …nah …not the hero ofcourse. Its the villain i stumbled onto.

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