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Secrets And Survivals......

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To love and to loose is a pain so great .. but what happens when that pain is shared ... A lovestory doesn't always mean flowers and chocolates sometimes it means scars and wounds , Time and distance , and sometimes secrets and survivals....

Romance / Drama
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The Beginning

6:30 am , ringing sound of the cloud peercing through the ears of cute little April , april was Amelia's little siter, she was 12 in juniour high ..

"Time for school " their mother shouted from outside , sounding fresh , Amelia anlysed from the tone of her voice that she had already prepared breakfast..

"Coming mom" she replied

And grabed her towel and went to the bathroom

It was a cold day , and a hot bath in this weather was heaven , she didnt wanted to get out , she was all lost in thoughts .. her sister started bnging on the door ..

"In a minute , you moron" Amelia annoyingly said

"Mom , Amelia's sleeping in the bathroom again " april shouted ..

Amelia wore her bathrobe and towel on her hair "idiot" she mumbled sticking her tongue out at april ..

April ran in the bathrom imidiately

Amelia evelyn Mathews , brunette , had long hair and falling bellow from her shoulders , fair skin , 5.5 height , Big Brown Eyes , perfectly shaped lips ..

Amelia started to get ready for her First day she straightened her hairs into a perfect flow .. she wore a plane Blue dress uptill her knees , buttons up her neck , she left one undone , there was a ribbon clicked like a bow at her waist..

She was ready for college now , she sighed , she wore her shoes , blue sandles with a little heel to lift her a bit up ..

She grabed her bag and stuffed a notebook inside as she walked down the stairs

"Morning mom" she smiled and sat on the dining table

"Morning honey , ready for today ?" Her mother smiled possibly the best smile she had ever seen ..

"I hope so " she smiled back , suddenly a noise of car horn got in her ears and she looked at the clock on the wall

"Im glad you decided to stay home last night " she said kissing her forhead

"Is that the time ?" She panicked , she knew whoose car it was , and who was pressing horn again and again

"Im late , gotta go mom bye " she stood up with her bag taking a sip from her juice and walked towards the door , came back in hurry and hugged her mother .. ran again

"But breakfast ?" Her mother worriedly said

"Ill get something with shauna , I promise "she assured her mother

"Okay "she smiled

"Love you mom , see ya " she ran out the door

"Good luck , love you too " her mother sighed looking at her daughter go ..

"Grace ?" ", did She leave already?" A deep manly voice came from behind her

"Yes , she just left " Grace replied

"She didnt ate did she ?" He asked convinced of the answer

"She's your daughter after all Adam , always getting late " she laughed

"Heyyy" he pouted , and laughed at her wife's accusation , knowing she was right !

A metallic grey car infront of her house , was continously pressing the horn , she knew who it was .. she ran down to the car and got in .. slamm the door

"Easy , you idiot " the girl driving the car yelled .. she was wearing a white long top and a green overcoat to match with her jeans and shoes .. her wavy hair fell to her shoulder , fair complection .. silver ring on her right hand's index finger .. shauna monroe ..

Shauna monroe and Amelia mathews had been friends for only 2 years but their friendship was something more beautifull than any relationship ..

"We're already late " shauna made a face .. "least you could do is not damage my car " she protested

"Its not my fault you came late " Amelia blamed it on her knowing she was late ,

"It wouldnt have happened if you hadnt suddenly plan on staying home last night " shauna gave her a look

She nervouly smiled "I was feeling sentimental " she looked down

Shauna laughed "you did not just say that "

"Comone just drivee " Amelia shook shauna

"Okay okay " she started her car

"Here we go " she started driving

Amelia looked outside as they crossed border of their town .. and entered in the city ..

"Here we Go " she wispered to herself .. and smiled

They talked on the way and pulled up in the parking spot of the college building ..

Shauna got out of the car and close the door , Amelia grabbed her bag from the back seat and got out and just before she could close the door "gently " shauna said , "please" she pouted

Amelia laughed but closed the door very slowly "happy now?" She asked

"Very " shauna happily said , come on she took her arm

"Lets get started " they both marched inside ..

Few steps inside the building and they were stopped when someboddy called out to them

"Amy " A Beautifull Girl With Glaze Black Hair , fair skin , grey eyes wearing a yellow dress upto her knees with black net stockings and heels ...

"Cameron " Amelia exclaimed happily and ran towards her , hugged her tight

"Amy .... cant .... breath .. choking " cameron said struggling in amelia's grip ...
Amelia let her go ..

"Oh thank God " she took a deep breath , adjusting her hairs , she took a step towards shauna , they both hug in a civilized manner

"I didnt get my hug " said a girl , Blond With High ponytail , Black Glasses , blue eyes , her skin colour a little darker than fair , but not too dark .. .. she wore a long green top with jeans and black sandles ...

"Hey belle , how have you been " Amelia grinned opening her arms for her , belle responded with a warm tight hug

"Oh ..... god.... belleee... choking ...save me " amelia struggled in belle's gripp

"Tit for tat " cameron laughed watching belle strangle amelia

Laughing belle finally let go and took a step towards cameron

"Not again " she hid behine shauna , shauna and amelia laughed as belle stared at them confused

"Come here isabelle heart , I wont run from you " shauna opened her arms giving her a warm hugg

"Where's Adam ?" Amelia asked looking behind them

"He couldn't join today , he'll join a week later .. " belle answered

"How do you know that ?" Shauna asked

"He called ne last night " belle responded

"Oh so thats why he was calling " Amelia said when realizeation dawned upon her

"Why is that everybody calls you and not any of us " cameron raised her eyebrows

"Because , unlike you girls , i pick up my phone " she hit amelia on her head

"Guilty as charged " she chuckled , all four of them started laughing ...

they started to make their ways to the Dean's Office , to get their letter and submitt their due paperwork and certificates and sign up for courses ...

They were directed to the center hall , it was more like a common hall made for students to rest and chill out , it was a luxurious hall , very big facility .. it had a small bakery counter , and a coffee counter at one corner , some small tables and chairs set at the site of counters ... a big tv screen on the wall , and multiple soft couches in front of it , behind the couch was a pool table and a shelf of books on each corner of the room ...

But today all the faculties were gathered here with their application forms to answer ny quarries and for freshmens to select their coarses for their very first semester in college ...

"I think physics would be perfect for me " belle grabbed one of the brochures fron the table ..

"Oh Please belle , why dont you start off with something light ?" Shauna asked

"Yeah like Arts ?" Amelia grabbed belles hand and gldragged her to arts and sciences department

"I dont do arts " belle said being dragged to the complete other side of the room

She mocks HELP to shauna and cameron who wave at her laughing

"What are you signing up for cam?" Shauna askd her

"I thought about media sceinces " she said , she was proud of her decision , its what she wanted to do

"What about you ?" She asked

"Exploring I guess " shauna answerd her , shauna was not a very decisive kind of person , she was very mature and smart but when it came to making big decisions she was always confused ..

Shauna looked down and started going through all the departments


"Amy , plz let me go " belle demanded

"Oh comeon belle , we both know your gonna choose physics over anything , I already signed you up okay " amelia assured her , she knew what belle wanted , she never wanted to change her

" thankyou " a big smile appeared of belle's face

"Sooo , how about english ?" Amelia offered

"Oh come on ! " belle made an annoying face

"What , you cant just take one course , you have to take atleast 5 , so choose 4 fun ones " amelia grin showing her teeth to belle

Belle sighed "okay english seems okay , " belle agreed taking a form from the table ,

"One for me tooo " amelia added , belle got one more and they both signed their named add details and submitted the form to the HOD ..

"Thats one down " amelia excitingly said and they moved around alittle more to sign up on to different coarses

"Hey shaaunaa " amelia came from behind a condfused shauna who probably had 10 forms in her hand

"Hey " she replied not actually paying attention

"Sho , are you going to study 10 courses in a single semester ?" Belle yulped looking at all the forms

"Uhm no , I was just going through them " shauna made an excuse

"Sho , start with basics okay , you've got 4 years and 8 semesters to study whatever you want okay , take it easy " amelia comforted her knowing that shauna must be freaking out inside ..

Shauna took a deep breath and sorted out the courses she wanted and submitted her applications

"All done ?" Asked cameron

Amelia, belle and shauna looked at each other , and nodded

"Lets Go Chill " she giggled

All three of the laughed at her giggle "okay , lets explore " they said

And the 4 girls started to walk through the halls

The girls spotted a flock of 3 boys approaching them , all of them looked like they weren't freshmen they were way too comfortable roaming around the halls ..

"Hi , you guyz are freshers , right?" One of the boys in Green Shirt Buttoned up to his neck came ahead and started talking ..

The girls just nodded

"Umm , are any of you happen to be cameron belle rachel simon shauna and amelia ?" He asked reading names from a list that he had

"No Rachel and No simon " cameron answered

"So that leaves , cameron amelia shauna and belle ? Right ?" He confirmed, the girls noded

"I have to find them now , thats fine well ... they're your guides to the campus .. " he gestured to the two boys next to him who waved and smiled at the girls

"I'm the student body president , Jack Hamilton , If you have any problem or any query you can contact me " he continued

"Oh hi " Amelia extended her hand

Jack politle shook her hand

"Nice to see you all , I would stay but I have to find these students , you guys enjoy , see you around " he said as he left to find other students

"I didnt knew we'd get guides to the campus " shauna chuckled

"Well its something jack likes to call students service " laughs the Tall Boy

"Hey , Im Brian " he said "and this is Nate " he pointed to the guy next to him , who waved and forced a smile

"Im shauna , this is amelia , belle and cameron " shauna introduced the girls pointing towards each with their names ..

"Hi " brian said fixing his eyes on cameron

Nate elbows him , he turns to nate and he gestures him to talk

"Yeah , I know this is awfull , but can we schedule this for tomorrow , we've got something really important thing to attend to.. " he asked the girls

"Hey thats not a problem , we're also tired so , its fine " Amelia said agreeing with shauna

"Tomorrow it is then " Nate Spoke

"Okay , we'll see you at the cafeteria at 9? " Brian Asked

"Yeah , sure " cameron said and they all parted ways waving good bye to each other ...

Tired and exhausted from all the roaming around the girls laid in their dorm rooms , 12A and 12B , it was no coincidence that they got rooms right next to each other .. it was all planed by belle and amelia .. they turned in applications at the together , paid their tution fee together ...

12 A the Dorm room of Belle And Cameron , the universe inside almost felt like beauty and the geek , cuz one side of the room was all fashion magazines , albums , photo frames of cameron .. everything neatly settled on to the shelves and her bedsides .. and the other half of the room was Black , it was suppose to be a combination of red and black which fitted perfectly , on belle's side , were plenty of books arranged according to genre .. she loved reading not only acedemic books but novels and satires .. she loved harry potter and her favorite book of all times was "Me Before You " .. except for the books some family photos also were hnging up in the wall and a picture of her with her 4 wonderfull friends on her side table ..

Where the atmosphere of 12A was black and red the persona of 12B was rather like Chess And Mess the side of shauna's side was tidy , everything placed according to her ease ... she portrait this strong , headstrong and confident girl from outside but she was always scared and confused deep down , and there was only one person who actually understood her , her roomate and best friend Amelia .. Shauna's Side had pictures of her And her friends All around the wall

Amelia was rather messy , not in a disgusting way but she wasnt as neat as shauna .. she liked to spread things around her bed or books half standing straight and half laying on the shelves , her charger always plugged in the socket , her headphones always attached in the phone, her computer akways turned on , the colourfull Flower sheets on the bed .. she liked it easy , she used to say "keep it simple and silly " ... and well she expressed it ... , she didnt had much time to decorate her side of the room , the day she moved in she felt home sick and went back to her house and stayed with her family ... her side was still undone , unexplored ...

The girls went to take a nap in their dorms and decided later to meet for dinner at 12A ..

"Hell of a day " Amelia sighed crashing on her bed

"Tell me about it " shauna removed her hair band and started removing her shoes , running her hands through her hairs ..

"I can't feel my legs " Amelia burried her face in her hands

"You will once you remove those shoes , you idiot " shauna pounted , laying down on her bed feeling so warm against the bed

"Oh this feeling " she sighed

Amelia laughed , getting up she loosened her hair , remove her shoes and put them under her bed , her band on the side table, and laid down again ..

A minute went by

"Amy ?" Shauna said gently as if trying to see her friend is awanke or not

"Hmm " Amelia replied with closed eyes

"Your awake " she whispered turning to her side

"Partially " a reply came with closed eyes ..

Shauna giggled

"Do you think , ive chosen the right courses ?" She asked , embarrassed of herself she looked down

Amelia opened her eyes , looked at her and turned to her side "you chose right " she said , shauna smiled with relieved at her answer , Amelia extended her hand to shauna , shauna smiled but then held it

"Even if you didnt choose right , we'll make it work , dont worry " she said tightning the gripp on her bestfriend's hand .. to which a smile that had much more than relieve was sparkling on shauna's face ..

Night fell , for dinner the girls ordered chinees and then went to sleep , well it was a big day tomorrow ..

6:00 am , sharp ringing alarm peirced shauna's ears .. she annoyingly shot up from her bed and threw her pillow at Amelia

"What the hell ?" Amelia mumbled waking up

"Turn off your freaking alarm , I want to sleep " shauna yelled

The sound of shauna's voice combined with the alarm was enough to take her sleep away .. she sat up on her bed , turning off the alarm , she rubbed her eyes , and threw shauna's pillow back at her , and shauna laid back down closing her ears with her pillow

Amelia yawned and went to the washroom , she freshened up and changed into her track suit .. she wore her sneakers and tied her laces tight , wore her hair in a ponytail , she grabbed her ipod and her headphones and walked out .. she banged on door of 12 A but no response , she knocked again , a sleepy cameron came at the door

"What do you want?" Shesaid yawning

"I'm going jogging " she replied

"So?" Cmeron asked again

"You asked me to wake you up last night , 'i will jogg from tomorrow too , I have shape up my body' remember " she said mocking her

"Oh yeaah " cameron said opening heer eyes

"Yes , come'on .."

"How about I start from tomorrow " she yawned again and closed the door before Amelia could say anything

Amelia shrugged her shoulder , put in her headphones and pressed play , her jog playlist was very basic , just some of her favorite songs that'll keep her up for atleast half an hour ..
'Roar ' by katty perry was one of them ..

As she stepped outside and enter the campus track , she found that it wasnt only her who was an early bird and down for exercise .. alot of the peoplw including teachers were on the track , some cycling , skipping , jogging .. she felt a gush of motivation and she started he routine with a smile ..

15 mins later , out of breath she stopped and rest her body against a tree , she catched her breath , and she was about to continue when she thought she heard someone screaming .. she took out her headphones and listened closely

"What the hell do you think of yourself " an arrogant voice splashed her ears ..

"I love you and only you plz dont do this " a girl was crying hysterically

Amelia was already feeling sorry for the girl

"But I dont love you " the arrogant voice said again
"Infact I never did , I never loved you , never liked you , do you get that " he continued

Amelia could feel the Anger building up inside her

"You don't mean that" the girl said her voice shaking with tears

Amelia walked to the direction of the voices , and she could finally see , a girl and a boy fighting .. the girl was crying , and the boy was standing with his back on her ..

"What we had for the past few months was not nothing " she raised her voice but then broke down in tears

Amelia's heart sank

"It was nothing , you were just a girl to have fun with " he said turning to her

Amelia looked closer , and it seemed like she had seen that guy before .. but she couldn't point a finger at it , she moved closer and then she could finally put it together , the messyBrown Hair , the distinctive facecut , the bigbrown eyes .. it was one of those guys .. their guides .. it was Nate..

She gasped in her own mind .. shewas angry , and she wanted to do something about this , but what could she do ..

"Plz dont leave me please " the girl held him hugging him forcefully , Nate struggled to get out of her gripp , he succeeded but she fell to the ground from his struggle , he instantly reached for her hand but after a second pulled his hand back

And with anger in his eyes and arrogance in his voice he said " its over " and stormed off ..

The girl sat their tears falling ...

Amelia turned around stunned to what she just witnessed .. she wanted to go and comfort the girl but as she took a sted she saw one of her friends helping her .. so she stepped back , she turned back to her track and quietly jogged dor about half an hour .. no headphones , no songs , just ran empty headed thinking about that poor girl ..

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