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Valerie's life transforms into a Chick Flick in front of her eyes where a Popular Jock and a sweet nerdy girl seems to be falling in love. The problem is, Valerie gets the role of that "mean girlfriend" who keeps the two apart. She tries her hardest to not let this chick flick have that stereotypical ending. Not when the popular Jock is her own boyfriend, Carter Jenkins. Will she succeed? Let's find out. ;)

Romance / Drama
Ayushi Jain
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Valerie Rivera is a 19 years old girl, living her best college life. She is the queen bee, the it girl of her faculty. Other students call her the most beautiful brunette in the entire campus and never forget to tell her how much they love her beautiful, wavy, deep brown hair that reach her waist. Her light brown skin tone is termed as exotic though and her hazel eyes adds to her beauty.

She has a massive group of “friends” but there are only two people she has close to her heart, her best friends who are more like her sisters, Brianna Lewis and Paige Jenkins.

Paige has dark straight black hair, pale skin and beautiful black eyes. She is known as the gothic chic and her sense of fashion is appreciated by many. She is blunt which often comes off as rude but she’s a softie at heart and when she notices the other person took her words the wrong way, she clarifies herself.

Brie has beautiful tanned skin, straight light brown hair that fall below her shoulders and her brown eyes shine with innocence. She feels like she is the black sheep of their trio and has a lot of self-doubt but her friends are always ready to boost up her confidence and tell her how amazing she is.

Valerie has gone through many friendship dramas in her first year of college and Brie and Paige always stood by her side. The three friends always had each other’s back and they always will.

The teachers, the students, all know how strong their bond is. If they have any work, they just need to find one of them and the other two will be there too. They are the golden trio.

Then comes Carter Jenkins, Paige’s cousin and Valerie’s boyfriend. He is the popular jock. A member of the college’s football team and one of the most amazing athletes out there. He is like a novel protagonist brought to life. Fair skin, black hair, blue eyes, six pack abs. Everything in a guy required to be the hero of a novel. The best thing he has is a kind heart.

His looks made Valerie run for the hills when she first saw him. She is a reader herself and the moment she saw him, she convinced herself that her novel fantasy won’t come true and she should not dream of Carter.

It took Carter and entire term to befriend her. everyone knew he is not just trying to be her friend but more. Val herself knew that this is Carter courting her. Carter took an interest in her when she made her introduction in the auditorium. She was very nervous that day and he just found her so cute.

Then he felt drawn to her even more after talking to her. her thoughts and views on things were just so beautiful to him. He sensed that she is trying to stay away from him so he never really tried to engage in a one-on-one conversation with her because he didn’t want to creep her out.

He finally got to talk to her when they were paired for a presentation together. The universe was on his side and Valerie warmed up to him in those two weeks. Major credit goes to his charm too.

Soon Val accepted to be his girlfriend and he has been the happiest in his life. An amazing girlfriend, awesome grades, crazy ass goofy family, amazing sports record and popularity. What more can he want at this point in his life?

CarVal are the infamous campus sweethearts, not knowing that their worlds are about to be turned upside down as a sweet little nerd joins them in their second year of college.

Valerie’s perfect life is disrupted as it turns into a chick flick where a simple, sweet, nerdy girl is about to steal the popular guy who happens to be her boyfriend. She is forced to transform into a mean girl as she fights for her relationship.

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