Chick Flick

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Chapter 1

All eyes snap towards the canteen’s entrance as the clicking of the heels resounds the area and Valerie Rivera makes her grand entrance with her best friends on either of her sides. The trio is not fazed even a little bit as they are already used to the attention.

They spot the table where their other friends are seated who are already waving at them.

They are about to reach them when they are stopped in their tracks by none other than Kelly Merchant, the third-year senior who had it out for Valerie since she stepped foot in college and her minions, Mia Rose and Nina Baker.

Kelly has beautiful, flawless fair skin, long blonde hair, plump lips and beautiful light brown eyes. She is the cheerleading captain of their college and the position is much deserved. No one does the job like Kelly Merchant.

Mia has long red curly locks which is adored by many, including Val and her friends. Her striking green eyes and white glowing skin makes her look like a goddess. She is also a cheerleader.

Nina is the coolest girl of that group, always sporting her oversized Tee shirts, ripped jeans and Chuck Taylors. Her wavy bob cut with teal highlights on her silky-smooth black hair adds to her beauty and compliments her light brown skin.

Valerie lets out a sigh and waits for Kelly to spit out whatever venom she has building in her mouth and leave. The very first time Kelly got mad at her was on her first day of college when Val fell asleep in class as Kelly was making an announcement regarding the events for all freshmen.

When Valerie started getting popular, Kelly took her as her rival and they both have been at each other’s throats since then.

“What is it, Kelly?” Paige spits out her name in distaste as the blonde girl sneers at her and then focuses her attention back to Valerie.

“The new cheerleading team will be selected next week.”

Valerie raises her eyebrow in question. So what?

“I will be the selected as the cheerleading captain and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Kelly folds her hands and smirks at Valerie who is trying her hardest to not roll her eyes.

“I am not interested in your cheerleading team.”

“Of course, you don’t because you know you can never make it in the team even in your dreams.”

“Are you done? I gotta go.” Valerie tries to move past her but she stands in front of her again.

“Just accept it, Rivera, you will never be better than me. You can never be a part of our cheerleading team, being the captain is not even an option for you.”

Val turns around to look at her friends who just shrug nonchalantly. Kelly being petty and initiating arguments is nothing new. She turns back and faces the senior who hates her for no reason.

“Stop being so insecure and move on with your life. I am not interested in your team or you.” Val glares at her. A crowd has already started to form around them as no one wants to miss any part of the iconic Rivera-Merchant rivalry.

“Yes. I’ll move on as the queen of this place, the captain of the cheerleading team, everything and you will be nothing but Carter Jenkins’ girlfriend, always riding his coattails to gain popularity.”

Val’s jaws clench as soon as these words leave Kelly’s lips. She takes a deep breath, trying to relax herself and a mocking smile makes its way on her lips as she steps closer to Kelly who looks at her up and down, wondering what she’s doing.

“You will be nothing of those sorts, Kelly. You’ll just be a jealous, pathetic bitch who is threatened by her junior. You are scared because you know I am a thousand times better than you. Even being the cheerleading captain can’t reassure you of your status. You know I can outdo you in every damn thing. My name itself is bigger than any of these titles you have and you know it. I don’t need to dance in the field to gain popularity.”

Valerie says in a low voice but every single word is heard by everyone surrounding them. So much for trying to be nice.

Kelly is glaring daggers at her. She opens her mouth for rebuttal but Nina stops her and drags her away, stopping her from further embarrassing herself.

“Let’s go.” Paige pats Val’s back and they all take make their way towards their friends and take a seat.

“You roasted the heck outta Kelly. I don’t know if I should be mad at you for insulting my crush or be proud of you for pushing her down from her high horse.” Says Seth Dawson, Carter’s best friend. He is their class topper and is far from an athlete. A total opposite of Carter and people wonder how are they best friends. He is a lean but muscular person, well, muscular because Carter always drags him to the gym to workout with him.

He has black hair with medium length taper fade haircut which looks perfect on his lightly tanned skin compliments his deep brown eyes.

He has the biggest crush on Kelly Merchant but never mustered up the courage to confess to her and probably never will and this rivalry between her and Valerie makes it harder for him.

“Be mad for what she did. I was trying so hard to not start a fight but she just doesn’t get the hint.” Valerie grumbles as Paige and Brie go to bring breakfast for them.

“Don’t be so hard on her.” Seth pouts at her and she lightly punches his arm.

Valerie is still brooding when suddenly a sweet fragrance of chocolate hits her nose and in front of her is a plate of waffles with chocolate syrup an ice cream on top of them. the plate is help by muscular hands. Valerie’s eyes travel up the arm as she turns around and her beautiful hazel eyes meet the magical blues of none other than her boyfriend, Carter Jenkins.

“Baby!” she smiles as he takes his seat next to her and settles the plate in front of her.

“I missed you, baby.” Carter leans in and pecks her cheek, making her blush.

“I missed you too.”

“You two just saw each other last night at the party.” Seth rolls his eyes causing Carter and Valerie to laugh.

“Why are you so salty? Because of Val and Kelly arguing early in the morning?”

Valerie looks at him, surprised.

“You saw?”

“Yep. I have the most savage girlfriend ever and I am so proud.” Carter says and nuzzles her nose.

“Hey! Think about me too.” Seth interjects, trying to stop the couple’s mushy mush mush session.

“Val is your sister-in-law. You’ll have to take her side.” Carter states the obvious as Valerie smiles ear to ear after hearing how Carter referred to her.

“Kelly will be you sister-in-law too!”

“Nah, not gonna happen. You’re too good for her.”

“Cannot agree more.” Brie says as Paige and her come back with their sandwiches and salad.

Carter and Valerie share the waffles and they have a hearty breakfast full of light chats about one thing or another.

Valerie is excited for the start of this new semester. The argument with Kelly is now completely pushed at the back of her mind.


The sound of pens scribbling in the notebooks can be heard in the classroom as the students hurriedly copy whatever is written in the presentation in front of them. Valerie puts her pen down and shakes her hand to ease the ache a little. Her hand will definitely cramp!

She is annoyed that the teacher refuses to share the damn presentation with the students and is forcing them to write notes. Carter, who is seated beside her chuckles as he notices his girlfriend’s annoyed expression.

She glares at him which effectively shuts him up. She looks at the time in her mobile and grits her teeth when she sees there are 20 more minutes to go for this hell of a lecture to end. This is the first lecture on the first day of the new semester and she’s already dying!

“Alright, class. Put your pens down. We have something important to discuss.”

Val shuts her notebook and throws the pen inside her bag with the speed of lightening. As the teacher starts to speak, Carter takes hold of her right hand and starts massaging it. Her heart skips a beat at this gesture and she can feel tingles all over her body. Carter winks at her when he sees a beautiful blush adorning her cheek.

She diverts her attention towards the teacher as she screams on the inside for getting such an amazing boyfriend.

“Whipped.” Paige whispers in her ear from behind which makes her chuckle a bit.

“Next week, Friday, you’ll have to give a presentation on the topic which will be sent to you by mail. It will be a partner activity.”

Val looks at Carter who is already looking at her and they both smile at each other. They always do projects together. The smile is wiped off from their faces when they hear the next words of their teacher.

“I have already decided the teams.” And then the partners are being announced. Valerie is paired Seth and she breathes a sigh of relief. Carter is paired with someone named Keisha Fox.

Valerie is sure no one in her class is named Keisha. Who the hell the teacher paired Carter with?

“Well, my partner is a ghost, I guess.”

Val is about to tell him to go to the teacher when a small voice coming from the entrance of the door catches their attention.

“May I come in, professor? I’m sorry for being late.”

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