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Chapter 2

There stands a face recognized by no one at the door, fidgeting in nervousness, hands tightly clutching the straps of her bag on her shoulders as she waits for the teacher’s permission to enter the classroom.

Valerie looks at the new girl carefully. Her wild curly brown hairs are tied in a very messy ponytail and Val wonders how they will look if she opens her hair. Voluminous and untamed. Her rose gold cat eye glasses settle comfortably over the bridge of her nose which looks good on her oval face and behind those glasses her dark brown eyes look here and there, avoiding the stare of the whole class.

Her pale skin makes her look like a porcelain doll and her short form just makes her look adorable.

“Bro, her hair reminds me of Hermione.” Seth turns back and says to his best friend. Carter nods in agreement and Val mentally agrees.

“I think she’s your new partner.” Valerie says as the teacher finally gives her permission to enter the class after glaring at her for being late and makes her sit in the front row.

“How come we have a new comer in second year? The number of students should be odd now so is there anyone who’s without a partner? Or did someone leave our class?” Brie questions from behind and Carter rolls his eyes.

“Who cares?”

“Not me.” Paige answers her cousin’s question as Brie glances over at all the students, trying to see if anyone is absent. Val shakes her head at her friend’s actions. As if she knows each and every student here.

“Clara Smith, Joe white, Susan Hades, Becky Stuart and Natasha Richardson are absent from class. One of them definitely left.” Val looks at her friend in shock. Brie really knows every single one of them? To Val it feels like she’s hearing these names for the first time.

“Mhmm. Natasha Richardson left because she failed and lost her scholarship.”

Valerie’s eyes snap towards Seth.

“You both are crazy stalkers.” Carter declares and Val and Paige nod in agreement. Creepy crazy stalkers!

Soon the lecture is over and everyone rushes out, grumbling how unfair it is that it’s just the starting of the day and they are already being bombarded with activities.

“Hey, Carter!” a group of three girls wave at Carter simultaneously and giggle when he waves back at them with a smile. Valerie rolls her eyes and then looks at her boyfriend pointedly.

“I was just being polite.” Carter puts his hands up in surrender.

Valerie doesn’t reply and continues to make her way to the next class with Carter on her tow and their friends laughing behind. She knows Carter is a star player and has a pretty good fan following so there is no point in being jealous over fan girls. She should be happy that there are so many people supporting him.

Who’s she kidding? She can’t control the wave of noodle sized wave of jealousy that hits her from time to time.

She has never given Carter any trouble because of that though. He himself is so considerate of her feelings that whenever something like this happens, he reassures her and she loves the attention and to up the game she gives him these fake glares.

She can very the burning glares of some people, full of jealousy whenever her and Carter are together and she can’t help but scoff every single time. Many of them share the views of Kelly when it comes to their relationship that she is with Carter just for fame. It’s a good thing that she doesn’t care about their opinions. She likes him. A lot. She knows it, he knows it and that’s enough.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Carter nudges her shoulder. She just laughs and shakes her head, saying it’s nothing.

They enter the auditorium and at the top most row, Carter’s friends from the football team are sitting. Marcus Ivanov and Justin Evergreen.

Marcus is slightly taller than Carter, has tanned skin, deep brown eyes and chocolaty brown hair that settle just above his shoulders. He is not keen on interacting with anyone than his friends. He’ll rather roll his eyes and scoff if people try to get close to him. Valerie still wonders how the hell he is friends with them and actually allows them to tease him and not punch them in the face. Well, lucky them.

Justin on the other hand is a nutjob. Well, at least to Val he is. He just tries to be funny all the time. She has never seen him be serious about anything. He tries to be Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is a bit shorter than Carter. Yes, Carter is the standard for Valerie for everything. Has light brown short messy hair, dark brown eyes, fair skin and a goofy smile. also, he is in love with denims. Anything denim, he’s going to buy that.

Valerie waves at them as Carter climbs two steps at a time to reach them and the buddies all fist bump each other and he takes a seat next to them and so does Seth.

Valerie, Brie and Paige sit in the row below them and wait for the professor to come. Just then, Val’s eyes land on the new girl who is sitting on the farthest corner, all alone in the front row. Yeah, the students aren’t curious on sitting on the front bench right in front of the professor’s face.

“I think we should ask her to sit with us.” Brie and Paige look at her in confusion do Val points her finger at the new girl.

“Oh, yeah. She’s sitting all alone.” Brie says in a sad tone.

“And looks like a dark cloud is looming over her head. Man, if she sits here, she’ll ruin the vibe.” Val smacks Paige on her shoulder and Brie tries to reach out to smack her and does it with a bit of difficulty as Val is sitting between them.

“Don’t be mean.”

“Paige and not being mean? Come on, baby. You know that’s not possible.” Carter comments from behind as Justin and Seth snicker. Val puts her hand on her forehead and shakes her head but ends up laughing too.

“Well, I’m going to bring her here. She’s Carter’s project partner so we’ll have to get to know her anyway.” Brie gets up and marches towards the girl. Val squints her eyes as she tries to remember her name. Ah, Keisha! Right.

Val turns back and looks at Carter whose attention is immediately on her.

“Did you really not think of talking to your project partner at least once?”

“Well, It’s the girls who always come to us.” Justin replies instead which makes Valerie scoff. Carter and Marcus chuckle.

“I mean, he ain’t lying.” Carter shrugs and Marcus nods. God, these boys!

“But she’s not really any of our type. I won’t even date her if she’s the last-” Justin shuts up when Val shoots him a glare. No one is going to badmouth a girl on her watch!

Carter smacks the back of his friend’s head who just rubs his head and pouts.

“Jake Peralta will never say anything like this, Justin.” Val says his name dramatically and turns away. Brie comes back with Keisha in tow who looks really shy and uncomfortable.

“Hi!” Val waves at her with a big smile and pats the space next to her to sit. Keisha waves back with a small smile on her face and sits next to her followed by Brie.

“I am Valerie Rivera. Nice to meet you.”

“I- I’m Keisha Fox.”

Rest of them also introduce themselves to the new girl and shake hands with her. Val can’t help but internally tsk when Keisha’s cheeks flush as she looks at the guys and becomes even more nervous.

“Oh, you’re Carter.”

“Yep. The one and only.” He cheekily replies.

“I know we have a presentation to make together so, can you meet us in the canteen after the classes?” he continues when Keisha doesn’t reply and just looks here and there.

“Ye- yes. Sure.”

Carter nods and everyone’s attention turns to the professor once he enters the class and starts teaching. Val notices Keisha occasionally gulping spinning her pen, looking as if deep in thought.

“Hey. You look tense. Everything okay?” she whispers as she nudges her on her shoulder. Keisha jolts as she is brought out of her thoughts and smiles at Val.

“Yes, yes. I’m fine.”

Val nods and returns her focus to whatever the professor is saying. Maybe the girl is just an introvert and having a hard time adjusting.

The rest of the day passes quickly and her and her best friends make their way to the canteen to wait for the guys and Keisha. They don’t know where she disappeared to after lunch.

She is just sitting with her friends, minding her own business when out of nowhere, a mobile is shoved into her face with a video playing which she never expected to see.

Carter, Marcus, Justin and Seth beating up a bunch of third years and a crying Keisha standing in a corner. Valerie looks up in shock and is about to scream what the actual hell is happening? When her words die in her throat as she sees a smirking Kelly and her minions staring back at her.


“They’re outside the library.” Brie says and Paige doesn’t waste a single second and grabs Val and Brie’s arm and runs towards the location. Val finally comes out of the shock and runs as fast as she can in her heels to her boyfriends as her heart thumping inside her chest.

What happened? Why is her boyfriend fighting? Why is the new girl crying? Why is the football team captain getting beat up? WHY?

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