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A series of shorty sexy stories. Enjoy ;)

Romance / Erotica
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The weekend pt1

So my home girl invited me to this little vacation get away her and some friends are having in the city one weekend . I was kinda unsure on going but honesty going was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
I’m not shy by any means. But I usually just don’t fuck with people usually. Or they don’t fuck with me.I think it’s my personality honestly, I’ve been told my presence is very commanding. It’s not on purpose it’s just who I am, everything about me commands attention, my “confidence” ,my way of speaking, my style, hell I speak fashion as a second language. I’m just (for lack of a better term) a bad bitch, period. Just a little about me so this whole story makes more sense, My name is Azura I’m a 6,1 skinny, black gay, and I identity as gender fluid. For those of you that don’t know what that means it means I don’t conform to either gender, I present myself in many different ways throughout the gender spectrum. In other words, I wear what ever the fuck I want and present myself however the fuck I want, gender is fluid to me hence the name, Gender fluid. My pronouns are preferably they/them but I’m honestly fine with either he/him or she/her

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get on to the story.

*bang bang bang*
“Open up the door bitch I see you on the couch! “
Screamed my crazy ass friend Mel.

She one of those friends you know for a fact needs to see a psychiatrist but you just don’t say nothing out of respect.

“Girl if you don’t stop banging on my door! I’m coming!” I yelled back

*opens door*

“Girl I know you’re pussing out on me again! You always do this! You have no reason to be worried.”

“ Girl I’m not worried for me, I’m worried for your friends. You know my personality doesn’t always mix with others.”

“Well I I’m tell you it’s not gonna be like that trust me on this!”

I scoff and roll my eyes hard asf at her because girl how are you gonna tell me who my personality it gonna mix with but what she said next was kinda facts so I just gotta take a L this round.

“Look zura, you moved to LA 6 months ago and haven’t spoken to literally anymore except me, Sean and Leah. You wanna do all these things with your life and babe you’ve got the looks and talent to have anything you want but that’s nothing if you got talk to people. Stop being so picky girl!”

“But Mel you know I-“

“ MMMHHHMM YESSSS I KNOW you have a bad track record but not all people are the same if you didn’t know that!”


“Melanie NOTHING you are going as that’s all there is too it! I’ll be here At 11am SHARP and you better be packed and ready miss thing!”



“ oh my gooosh not you using my whole government name.”

“ I sure did be ready in the morning”

*rolls eyes*

“Oh invited this guy I wanted you to meet.”


“HES HOT and hella cool trust me”


“ It’s not a blind date just meet them and feel them out if you don’t like him you don’t have to talk to him, we can just find other hot guys!”

“Okay love you bye”Melanie says quickly before running away so I cant argue with her.

I pack up my stuff and go to sleep early so I can be well rested and ready for whatever shenanigans uMelanie had planned the next day.


“ girl quiet down I got neighbors!“

“Girl get in this car!”

I get in the car and we speed off toward the Airbnb they had booked for the weekend, i’m sitting here wondering how this week is going to go and what exactly is going to unfold I’m nervous yet excited and I can’t decide which one I’m feeling more of.

We arrive and I quickly realize this trip is going to be a lot different than I had imagined, the house was not what I expected whatsoever it was about $200,000 more. I mean this house was huge balconies on most of the top floor rooms. A pool with a diving board in a giant slide a tennis court and not to mention the house itself was gigantic! These weren’t no ordinary people I could tell.

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