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3. Rae

The third and final installment of How Rae Ended Up in a Stranger’s Bed begins on the Smash dancefloor.

Michael’s fingers were light on my hips as he moved behind me. I tore my eyes from the drink I was chugging and found Logan’s stare. His eyes were narrowed in irritation, but Purple Bitch was still by his side.

I was already Jake’s second choice. I wasn’t about to be Logan’s too, not when Michael clearly had me ranked first. I shoved my empty cup onto the ledge lining the edges of the club and twirled around until I was face-to-face with Michael.

“So, what’s this about not platonic?” he asked, a wry smile on his face.

“I’ll show you,” I giggled, tugging on his shirt collar to bring his lips down to mine.

I’d rate the kiss a seven out of ten. Michael pulled me close. One hand pressed my hips to his, and the other tangled in my hair. I kissed him clumsily and hungrily, and he returned the enthusiasm, snaking his tongue into my mouth. Our lips moved in sync—mostly, I was too drunk to keep a steady rhythm, but I did my best—and I leaned into his hard, muscular body as his hand traveled lower on my back.

Is this what a one night stand is like? Before Jake, I was with Mark, and before Mark…nada. Mark was my first everything. Jake was my second everything.

Michael’s hand dipped lower.

Fuck it. This isn’t bad.

I pulled away just an inch. “Do you want to get out of here?” I whispered. “My apartment is a five-minute walk.”

“Yeah, definitely.”

With my free hand, I typed out a text to Zoe, instructing her to not barge into my room, but before I hit send, I realized that I have approximately two thousand photos of Jake on my walls.

“Are you a serial killer?” I blurted out. Michael raised his eyebrows, but I wasn’t done. “Also, do you live nearby?”

“Uh, not a serial killer. And yeah, two blocks to the right. I’m at Elmwood Square. Why, would you rather go to my place?”

I suppressed a laugh.

“What’s so funny, beautiful?”

“I live at Elmwood too. Yeah, can we do your apartment?”

“Oh, we can do my apartment,” he laughed. “Can I ask why you changed your mind on yours?”

I shook my head. “Nope. Top secret.”

“Alright, you sexy mystery. I’m in unit 315. What about you?”

My mouth popped open. “I’m in 415.” Oh, God. He’s probably heard me having sex with Jake, I realized.

If he had, he was too polite to say so. Too polite, or too distracted. We burst through his door in a tangle of limbs. He ran his lips up my neck, sending shivers down my spine and a surge of bravery through my veins.

“Fuck me until I forget him,” I commanded.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I ended up in a stranger’s bed.

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