Unexpected Flame

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Hybrids, creatures of half human and half animal. Creatures of uniqueness and beauty… until an incident happened where they had to be called monsters. Decades later, a girl named Amber discovers one and decides to care for it. After all the talk about hating their guts, Amber finds something she hasn’t found in years…. Had meeting this hybrid changed the way she saw them?? Was it worth the sacrifice? How can she care for something that shouldn’t be alive?? Will Amber accept this new kind of feeling?

Romance / Drama
Christina Wolf ✨
Age Rating:

1: Welcome Julian

After a day of school, Amber and her good friend Kelly strolled through the park before heading home. Their feet dragged against the pavement then onto the grassy fields. “Can you believe Mr. Johnson today? With his difficult ass test.” Kelly whined.

“How long have we had him and you’re still complaining? You know his tests are crazy. Shit, remember the last ones?”

“Everyone got an F on that one. Of course I remembered. My mom cursed at me for weeks. Talking about 娘 (Mu-su-me/daughter) you need to do better. You are disgrace to us.” Kelly continued her venting. A hard rustle was heard from the bush next to them. It didn’t sound like a squirrel or anything normal sized. That, right there sounded big. Amber tapped Kelly’s shoulder to get her attention.

She stopped to take a look. “Really, Amber? You are scared over a little bunny?” she teases with a smirk.

“Pendejo! (Stupid) that was no bunny. It’s a lion or something.” She backed up and hid behind her friend for protection. Rolling those brown eyes, Kelly approaches the bush with caution. Before doing anything. She snatched a stick from a tree.

"Look who's scared now," Amber said as a tease.

"You never know, may have to hit something with it."

“Like a bunny?” Amber mocked her. With a death stare, they gradually moved towards it. When they were a few inches away, the rustle returned. The girls jumped with fear. Shaking like a Chihuahua, Kelly used the stick to poke it. Amber stayed back because she didn’t want to get attacked first.

This comes to show that Amber is a coward. Nothing came out. Kelly did it again to make sure they weren't imagining anything. She moved the leaves with her hands. A gasp filled the air.

“WHAT? WHAT?!” Amber said with a panicked tone.

“Come and look.”

Peeking from behind Kelly. Ears appeared in her sights. But they weren't normal human ears. It was the ears of a dog. Big brown eyes popped up as well. Was it just a dog? “Holy shit! No freaking way!” Kelly was in shock.

“Què paso? (What is it?). Kelly?” Amber complained. Due to the fact, Kelly was in the way, she couldn’t see the full thing. Her mouth dropped open when it finally revealed itself. A hybrid?? Not just any hybrid but a dog one. Nobody hasn’t seen those in ages. Amber wasn’t sure how they looked.

He had pointy ears but one droops, the color was black and white, blackish hair, skin clear as day, beautiful blue eyes and a medium size tail with black spots. The hybrid was tall in a way. The thing glanced at them.

“I can’t believe we found a hybrid.” Kelly stated with excitement in her voice.

“Can’t believe we are out in the open with it. We can get in huge ass trouble for this.” Amber replied back holding onto Kelly’s shoulders.

Quick story on why she said that. Hybrids and humans were once in harmony. Then everything changed when the hybrids attacked (kidding). Anyways, in 1987 an incident brewed and chaos spread like wildfire. Somehow a hybrid bit a human like a vicious animal. The people called it the Bite of 87’ where hybrids were banished from town to town. If any humans were caught with one, jail time would be in order. If hybrids are caught in human society then death will occur.

During this madness, some humans had kept hybrids in their households for safety. If caught, the same cruel punishment will happen— death. No resolution since then. The hybrids are a threat to the human race. Back to the story, when the girls were talking the hybrid’s stomach growled.

"You hungry little guy?" Kelly joked.

“Little? The hell? You have eyes, right? You can clearly see I’m older than a child.”

Holy hell! The thing actually talked and the voice is deep as hell, Amber thought to herself. At first, he didn’t look human but up close you can see the features better. There are two types of hybrids. One is called a full, where they have more animal-like features. The other is called half-breeds, which they look more human with small animal features. It’s not hard to tell.

Kelly searched through her bag to find something. She pulled out her whole lunch from this morning. “I was supposed to eat this bento, but the lunch at school was more tasty. Here” she stated as she hands it over.

"I thought you ate that?" Amber questioned her.

"I decided to buy lunch today. So I was going to save it for later."

“That’s is fucking gross to be honest. Don’t food like that get squishy after a while?” Amber said.

The hybrid didn’t hesitate to grab the box and chow down. He must have been hungry. That rice and eggs was all watery and smashed. After he wiped himself, he thanked Kelly for the food. The girls spotted something moving behind him. It’s his tail!! They guessed he was happy.

“No worries. Glad to help. Don’t you have somewhere to stay? Like owners?” Kelly tone became nervous when said that.

“Got kicked out not too long ago. He said he couldn’t care for me anymore. People were getting suspicious.” his ears dropped down a little. His tail stopped wagging. Poor thing, he was homeless like the others.

“Well, see you! Let’s go Kelly.”

“Seriously, Amber? We can’t leave him. Just look”

“That’s not our problem damnit. Now let’s go.” Amber whispered into her ear. Kelly then suggested that they should take him to Amber’s house. Kelly knows her mother won’t mind at all. Amber peeked at him then back at her friend who cling to her arm. Those eyes— she couldn’t resist saying no. A big sigh was released.

“Alright. Only for tonight.”

The hybrid and Kelly shouted with happiness. Finding something to hide his features, Amber took a hat and jacket from her backpack. He was told to put the items on for a cover up. With thanks, he grinned from ear to ear. Another thing about half-breeds, they barely followed their animal instincts. It’s rare for them to use their animal sounds. But it will pop up from time to time.

Once he was covered, they walked to the house. Nerves got to Amber as they got close. She knew her household wasn't the best. The parents are always fighting non-stop, everyday. They do that because Amber’s dad cheated on her mother.

Amber calls her home the loco la casa. Otherwise, they treat Amber fairly when they aren’t fighting. As they approached the front gate, Amber wanted to make sure everything was clear. “Alright. Once we get in, you take him straight to my room okay? Be quiet when going.” she stated.

Kelly firmly took the hybrid’s hand and Amber grabbed her keys. When the door flew open, a gust of wind was right behind. Her eyes glanced where they once stood to see they were gone. “Well damn, Sonic. Hope she didn’t lose rings when hitting that wall.” she joked. When stepping in the house, she went towards the kitchen.

“Mama, I’m home!” Amber yelled.

“Hijá, welcome back! How was school?” the mother asked while making pasta.

“It was good, Mr. Johnson gave us another stupid test today. Did pretty decent on it… ANYWAYS, is papá coming home?” Amber asked.

“What you think hijá? He will be at his brother's house again. Sooner or later we will be getting a divorce. I’m so sick of that man.” she said with such anger. You can tell she wasn’t in the mood to talk further. So, Amber decided to head to the room. She doesn't blame her mother as everyone makes mistakes. But for her dad, he fucked up. When entering the room, Kelly was scratching behind his ears.

“What. Are. You. Doing?” she confusingly asked.

“Scratches. Duh!”

“Weird,” Amber said with disgust. With exhaustion, she plopped down on the bed. Out of nowhere, the hybrid comes and sits next to her. The slow movements made her friend scared. Amber ordered the thing to get down. He didn’t listen as he stated the bed was comfortable. That he wanted to—

“Down, I said. What part didn’t you understand? The D or the own part?” she took her arm away from her face and sat up. The room went silent as Kelly and Amber heard whimpers. Searching the area, they tried to figure out where the hell they were coming from.

The girls found their answer when peeking under the bed. Now Amber demands him to sound the noise. The hybrid stared at Amber with big brown eyes in sadness. Man, she hates when people do that. It makes her feel guilty. Kicking out of frustration, she let out another sigh.

“Fine! You can stay on the bed for now. But no whimpering, okay?” she stated.

His tail wagged out of happiness and hjs ears perked back up. Except for that bend one which was cute. “By the way, you haven’t told us your name.” Kelly said as she laid on the bed.

“Julian. Which is the same name my mother gave me. I won’t let anybody change that. The last name I’m not sure.”

“What’s the last name your mom and dad had?” Amber lifted her eyebrow up in curiosity.

“Mendez. Julian Mendez is my full name.” he moved around to get curled up in a ball next to me. What’s with the closeness? Amber thought. Kelly giggles as she takes out her homework.

“Ready for math?”

"Nope, but I want to get it out of the way. So let's do this." Amber joined her on the floor. Julian yawned as he placed his head on his hands. Amber peeked back to see he was asleep. She turned to her friend. "We could get in a lot of trouble by this."

“It’s worth it, right? To save someone's life? To save a human life?” Kelly stated.

Amber’s finger pointed straight to him. “That is not a human, Kells. It’s a creature. Who doesn’t belong in this world.” she whispered so he won’t hear.

"That is a human just like us Amber. He eats, walks, and talks just like us. Because he has those features doesn't make him any different." Kelly stated with a stern yet calm voice.

"You're acting like you know all about hybrids? Even though we learn about them from time to time. You act like an expert" Amber said. The stare Kelly gave made Amber roll her eyes. How does she know more than me? Amber said to herself. Minutes later, her mom called them downstairs for dinner. Well, Amber downstairs as she doesn’t know Kelly is here.

“Julian,” Amber tapped him lightly on the back. The hybrid slightly moved. He flips onto his back, belly up. Being impatient, she slapped his stomach. Not hard. He flipped back over in panic.

"What the fuck?!? What, what?"

"Going downstairs to eat dinner, I want you to stay here until we come back okay. I will bring you something."

He yawned again and went back to sleep. What a piece of work. Kelly did a little “aww” sound as they walked out the door. The girls headed downstairs and that last step was fatal. Kelly tripped, since I was right behind her, I fell too. They hit the ground hard.

"Ow~ you klutz! Watch where you were going." Amber said.

"If you haven't fucking pushed me then we wouldn't be in this situation. Now get off! You weight a ton."

"What?!?! I don't weigh that much you dipshit. You know I'm on a diet." Amber got up.

"Diet my ass, you fucking gorilla."

“Niñas, niñas. What is going on?” Amber’s mom said with a concern tone. With quickness, Amber helped Kelly up and told her that they tripped. The mom just chuckled at their silliness and walked away.

She didn’t mind them cursing as long as it was not around certain people. Those girls are growing up and it's part of being a teenager. Just don’t go overboard. With that, they joined her mother at the dining table to eat.


Kelly left after without helping with dishes. Amber was the only one who had to do it since it was her turn anyways. Her mom went to go watch tv. Once everything was completed, Amber kissed her mom goodnight and headed upstairs. With a simple open and close of the door, she snatched her pj’s from the closet. Julian was still asleep.

Sneaking into her own bathroom, she took a nice hot shower to cool down. Not a moment later, she heard knocking from the door. Sighing, she grabbed a towel to wrap around her. Of course it would be Julian. “What? You were just sleeping,” she said.

“Did you bring the food?”

“If you looked. It’s on the nightstand. My mom is a good cook, so enjoy.” she stated as she closes the door. Until a foot stopped in. With the huskiest voice ever, Julian asked for her name. “It doesn’t matter because after tonight… we won’t see each other.”

“Cold as ice, aren’t you? I heard what you said earlier. You really are not going to help me survive?”

“Why would you think I would risk my life for you? If I get caught then it's my ass. You will be grounded up like meat.” she told him. During the talk, her eyes shifted away from him. Did she regret something? Or felt guilty?? A hand was placed under her chin and was tilted up.

His eyes pierced through her soul as he smiled at her. “Listen, I’m not a threat or a problem. Just help me get on my feet then I will leave. I have no place to go and you didn’t come along by coincidence. Please.” Julian said with a pout face. He began to whimper again and Amber hated it. Rolling her eyes, she told him the name.

“Nice to meet you, Amber. Julian Mendez is the name and thank you for helping. To be honest, I already knew the names but got them switched up.”
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