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Cole Johnson and Kaye Crowder's Love Story The first day of summer break finally arrives, and Cole Johnson is happy and relieved to have finally finished his freshman year. Immediately hitting the road, he heads back to his small hometown in North Carolina for the summer. Even though he had been a little too eager to leave the town and start his first year of college after losing his father unexpectedly, he didn't think he'd miss home as much as he did over the months he was gone. He missed his high school buddies, his mom, and baby sis, and hell, he even missed his sister's annoying best friend, Kaye Crowder. After arriving home, he soon discovers that a lot has changed since he had gone. Ray's little annoying best friend doesn't look how she did when he left back in September. How could that possibly be that same annoying little blonde girl who followed him around like a puppy dog and who he had teased and pranked alongside his sister growing up? Little Kaye had transformed into a sexy blond bombshell that caused a conflicting and confusing battle inside of Cole's mind. Kaye Crowder has grown up with both Cole and Ray Johnson. Even though Ray is like a sister to her, she has been keeping a secret from both of the Johnson siblings, afraid if either one of them ever found out, she would end up losing her best friend or the only guy she's ever loved. At the beginning of he

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"Goddamn it Ray!" I grumble groggily, peeling my eyes open, glancing up towards the alarm clock sitting on the bedside table. Fuck, seven-thirty in the goddamn morning. What the hell is wrong with her—it's Saturday for fuck's sake!

"Go away, Ray!" I yell, now wishing I had bought those damn earplugs last week when I was out shopping with DJ. This is my first time back home for fall break this year and I've honestly dreaded coming home. Not because I don't miss my family and friends, I do, it's just I've been dreading seeing her.

The one girl I have to fight like hell to try and avoid, but secretly wish to ravish. God, see! What the hell is wrong with me? Her beautiful face flashes into my mind. Her long platinum blonde hair, those plump pink lips, and a body I'd love to worship for hours. Kaye Crowder, my sister's best friend.

My cock jumps to life as I replay the past summer, secretly watching as she played in the ocean. Her hair pulled into one of those messy buns, a few loose strands blow from the ocean breeze. And fuck, that black bikini that looked as if she had spray painted it on, molding perfectly to her ass and barely concealing what laid underneath it.

I raise my head from off my pillow, looking down my body, and spot the noticeable tent that my cock has made out of my sheet. "Fuck!" I groaned as I fell back, quickly covering my face with my pillow before I let out a muffled scream. 'Stop thinking of her, it's wrong! She's off-limits, Christ, she's my sister's best friend—she's practically family for fucks sake!' I mentally scold myself.

"Cole!" Ray whines through the door, "You promised that you would take me to the pumpkin farm to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween." She adds. Fuck, I didn't I? It's one of the things we had done with Dad every year until he passed away four years ago.

Pulling the pillow away from my face, I grip it grimly and then sling it with a bit of force. I watch as the pillow slaps against the door, creating a loud thud that must have startled Ray. She lets out a small scream which causes me to chuckle. "You asshole! Get up!" She raises her voice in anger.

All amusement vanishes, "Fuck, why so goddamn early?!" I growl out in frustration, quickly covering my face with my hands as I contemplate stuffing a sweaty sock from my gym bag in her big mouth and going back to sleep. "It opens at eight and I want to be the first one there so I can pick out the best pumpkin Mr. Pablo has this year. Now, get up and get move on it, mister!" She demands in her bubbly and very annoying chipper voice before a loud bang echoed around my room and my brain. Gritting my teeth, knowing she kicked the door to irk me, I slowly glide my fingers through my hair, grasping at the roots, pulling as I shout out, "FUCK!"

Hearing her snickering as she walked away, I sigh heavily. "I will not kill my sister, I will not kill my sister." I chant as I force myself out of bed. I hope this day gets better. I would hate to purposely leave my sister stranded at the pumpkin farm that's roughly twenty-five miles from the house.


After taking a cold and quick shower, thanks to my lovely sister using all the hot water, I slip on a light faded pair of blue jeans, and then one of my black polo t-shirts. I snatch my football hoodie from the end of my bed, knowing since it's early, it may still be chilly.

Walking through the house, I try and locate Ray. "Ray?" I call out. "If you're wanting me to take you then let's go before I change my mind and go back to bed," I grumble as I enter the kitchen. Not seeing her, I grab my set of keys from the hook and head back towards the front door.

Turning the corner just before reaching the front door, I come to a complete stop as my eyes immediately collide with beautiful crystal blues, instantly locking me in place. Taken by surprise, I swallow the lump that's suddenly become lodged in my throat, completely frozen in place. My eyes drop, as I watch her plump lips lift to a lazy and sexy smile. "Well, hello their stranger." She muses playfully. Her voice was smooth and velvety. I've found myself over the last three years fantasizing how it would sound as I brought her pleasure. What my name would sound like on a breathless moan.

Finally able to snap out of the spell I feel she got me under, I quickly clear my throat. I lift my lips, smiling back at her as I stuff my keys into my pants pocket. "Hey, blondie," I chuckle as I call her an old nickname I had given her when we were younger that had always pissed her off. "I didn't know you were here," I admit, reaching for the back of my neck, rubbing the skin awkwardly as I try to force my eyes to stay focused on anything but those lips. As if she was a mind reader, she softly licks her lips, and my fucking traitorous eyes fall to those sinfully sexy lips, wishing I could slide my tongue across her lips—fuck, do they feel as soft as they look?

"Yeah, Ray asked if I would tag along and help find her the perfect pumpkin." She replies as she rolls her eyes playfully. My body becomes stiff realizing that she's coming with us. Her brows suddenly scrunch as she studies me for a few seconds.

"I mean if that's ok?" She questions, and I mentally curse myself. Fuck, I hadn't meant to make her feel unwelcome, shit. She's been such a big help by keeping Ray company while I'm away at college and while our mother neglects to worry about her daughter.

Fuck how am I suppose to keep my distance if she's here all the time? It's not that I don't want to see her, because trust me I do. It's just, the more that I find myself around her, the foggier my brain gets. Honestly, I'm not sure how much longer I'm gonna be able to fight this need that's somehow becoming stronger with every visit back home over the last three years. Shit, I have seven more days of this fucking torture...

Shaking my head as I roll my eyes at her playfully, hoping to joke with her like I use to before things changed." Really Kaye?" I ask like I'm offended. "Of course, it's ok," I try to reassure her as I playfully grin. She giggles as she lets her face fall to the floor, her cheeks coloring to a soft shade of pink. Pulling my eyes away from her, I shove my hands into my pants pocket, searching for Ray, wishing she would hurry the fuck up so I can distance myself from her without raising suspicion or hurting her feelings again.

"How are classes going?" She asks me, and I shrug my shoulders, "Good," I lie. I've not been to but only one class since school started in September and it's already the end of October. My head hasn't been right. Ray avoids socializing with her friends and bury's herself in trying to keep her perfect grade point average. Mom's clocked out from her surviving children and visits like a long distant relative would for the holidays. Not to mention this shit I've been feeling towards my sister's best friend, that just up until three years ago, I had always looked at as another young sister. She's been family to us since I can remember. What's wrong with me?

Even though I fight an internal battle with myself, I can't overstep my boundaries and freak Kaye out and cause Ray to lose the only lifeline she has when I'm not home. If I'm being truthful it would hurt me to lose Kaye forever over my fucked up hormones. While I'm away at school, Kaye texts me almost every week, keeping me updated on how Ray's really doing. I find myself sometimes wishing to hear more from her, but blame it on me being homesick for my family.

Shit, she and Ray will be going off to college soon, and I wonder how much I'll be able to see my sister then since she's so determined on becoming a doctor. Will she ever have time to slow down and enjoy her life? Enjoy her surroundings and feel truly happy? Our father's death opened our eyes but to two different views on how we look at life now.

It opened my eyes to just how fast life goes and how quickly someone's life can be taken. I want to enjoy life and do things that excite and challenge me. I want to live. Ray has let the fear of dying so unexpectedly and suddenly, fear that she might not live long enough to be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor that could help people like our father.

"That's good. I decided to join the swimming team this year, but I think I'm going to drop the class," she sighs as she combs her hair from her face.

"Really, why would you quit?" I ask her, finding myself wondering why she would quit so early before really trying. That doesn't sound like her.

"I don't know, I guess I suck at it." She softly laughs and my eyes instantly drop to her mouth again as she bites down on her bottom lip. 'Fuck—focus Cole, you don't need her seeing your cock getting hard.' I swallow the lump that's suddenly found its way back in my throat, forcing my eyes to move back up to hers.

"Plus, the coach's assistant is starting to creep me out." She mumbles. I straighten my back as I become concerned about what she just said. Scrunching brows as I study her, "Why is he creeping you out?" I ask.

"Well, it's probably nothing, and it may be just my imagination," she begins, as I step closer. Nodding my head, "Go on," I push for her to continue.

She lets out a long breath."Well, I feel like he's hitting on me, you know, like flirting ." She blurts out, her cheeks immediately brighten from embarrassment. My blood pressure begins slowly rising as I think of someone she should be able to trust and not worry about hitting on her—I'll fucking kill him.

I calmly nod in understanding. "Ok, what makes you think he's flirting with you?" I ask as I discretely ball my fists. She nervously pulls a strand of her hair and tucks it behind her ear as she shrugs her shoulders, "I mean, well, for example, just last week, after practice was dismissed some of us girls went to the girl's locker room to grab a quick shower. When I finally finished mine, I step out and realize I was the only one in the locker room. I guess the others had finished and left. So, wrapping the bath towel around myself, I walk over to where my locker and clothes are to get dressed. Just before I dropped my towel to put my clothes on, he just walks in without any warning.
I panicked and screamed and he laughs and tries to play it off like he was just checking to make sure we were all cleared out before he and the coach locked up." She shakes her head. "But Cole, I remember the first week of practice, and the coach had clearly explained that he nor Chris are allowed to enter the locker rooms unless they have announced themselves and confirm that everyone is completely decent." she finishes and I can hear how upsetting this guy is making her feel.

She let her eyes fall to the floor, "After he gives me that bullshit lie, he just stands with a smug look as he continued to stare. I cussed his ass out, screaming for him to leave. The coach walks in, thankfully, forcing him to leave. The guy just creeps me the hell out, really bad." She admits as she keeps her eyes locked on the floor.

I softly grab her and pull her into me, softly brushing my hand through her hair. "Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed to tell me this type of shit, Kaye. You know you can always tell me things. I will always protect you and keep you safe. You remember me making that promise when you were thirteen, hmm" I question. She nods her head yes. "I always keep my promises."

Pulling myself back, I gently lift her chin, forcing her to look at me. "What's this fucker's name?" I ask, her teary eyes sending my heart into overdrive. "Chris Monroe." She mumbles.

Oh, that sick perverted mother fucker. Chris Monroe was three years ahead of me, and I remember when he was expelled his senior year for hiding in the girl's showers in the gym. The sick fuck had to repeat his senior year to be able to graduate. How the hell did he land a job at the fucking school? I'll rip his goddamn cock off and shove it up his ass and make him wish he never laid eyes on Kaye.

"Don't worry about that creep, ok. I'll make sure to have a word with the coach." I reassure her. She smiles at me, sending my heart back into overdrive. Fuck, she's fucking beautiful.

Hearing a throat being cleared, I quickly shove Kaye away from me. I look and see Ray, looking between us suspiciously. "Did I miss something?" She asks, smirking as she studies us.

Kaye shook her head as she wipes her eyes. "No, I was just telling Cole about Chris," Kaye explains. "Can you believe that bullshit, Cole?" Ray asks as she places her hands onto her hip, her face immediately morphing into a disgusting scowl. "Fucking pervert. Hey, wasn't he in your class?" Ray suddenly asks. "No, I believe he was a couple of years ahead of me," I reply, walking towards the door.

"Come on, let's go get that fucking pumpkin," I smirk. As the girls step out, I mentally chuckle, knowing when we are finished at the pumpkin farm, I'll drop the girls back home, and then cruise over and give Chris Monroe a nice and friendly visit...

*Ok, here's the prologue, and a small. preview of what's to come in this book! I hope to get started on this as soon as I finish up Book 2 of the Mafia Series, "His Revenge"

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