Unexpectedly meeting him

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She' have lost many things her life.. Her parents got separated.... Mick died leaving her broken.. Her past keep on haunting her.. Her life changes when she meets Blake

Romance / Fantasy
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Night mare!!

"Syra how much time.. Sweety come down stairs "
"Com.. Coming mommy.. "

" Syra help me in unpacking this boxes"
" What is wrong with you "
Mom said concerned written on her face
And checking me out..

" Uh nothing w-why? "
I said looking down at my feets..

" We're you crying kid? "

I can't take it any more so I broke out in front of her my mother.. She immediately wrapped her arms around me ..

"Mo-om...its just I -ii- "I tried to speak between crying..

" Sush everything is fine.. Every single thing Will be fine syra.. "

..we were like that for felt like hours but then I pulled away... And wiped my tears..
" Mom I'm okay"..

I said to ensure my mom who was still looking at me worried...
" You sure "
" Yes I guess.. "
I said plastering a fake smile on my face..

And helped my mother unboxing those boxes .. It took soo much time it was evening now..
My mom was tired soo she decided to take a nap and went to her room upstairs..

I remembered my mom said to me that belly is in neighbors house to play with a puppy... So now I think I have to bring her back she for sure can walk but she sometimes just forgots the time when she's around dogs and I know why we had a dog once a male one who died.... After that belly didn't really eated much she was like that for 9 months she didn't enjoyed anything but now she alright...
" Mom I'm going to bring bell lock the door
I yelled..
" Yess honey "
I got the response now I should head out..
I closed the door behind me and bc my destination is not soo far I decided to not change my clothes and haven't even combed my hairs well...
Who cares I mean mom said our neighbors are just a old couple who's son is in high school ..
.. now I'm at there door way.... And I'm not soo good at social places at first actually I'm a bit shy person ....

As I stod there I could hear belly's giggles and many peoples chatting.. Oogh soo much that didn't want new people!!

All okay syra it's just a door bell
Yeah just a fucking doorbell...

I took a long breath took a steep forward..
And was about to ring the door bell..

" Hey do you want some help "
Said a deep voice from behind mee..
I jumped a little bit who ever this guy is he just scared me like hell...
I took a deep breath and then turned..
.. As I turned a big frame come into my view this boy is like 6 foot 4 inch... And I'm.. Just5 foot gosh never have I ever felt that I'm the tiniest creature but now sure I feel like it...
he looks soo charming his gorgeous face every thing on his beautiful face looks perfect his ocean blue eyes anyone can lost in them.. My eyes went to his lips baby pink and perfect...
We were like this for a minute.. He and me that close but not touching...
" Mate"..
He said looking relived.. Like a huge burden have been removed from him..
And grinned..
"A--a wh-"
Before I could finished the door shot open reveling my little sista with a brown cute puppy in her small hands she was playing with that puppy's fur..
" See isn't she cute her name is clayie say hii clayie she's my sister.. "
Yahh like now that puppy can talk..
I smiled at her I'm happy at she found another puppy knowing this can never be replaced with clouse our dog ....
I hope she didn't get to much attached with this puppy... It's never good for anyone to get attached with anyone...
"Oh hii young lady is she your sister? "
Said a woman around my granma's age..
U nodded and she smiled smiply..
" She was just about to go and you are here cmon come inside.. "
She said she looked pretty young a little bit fat but cute with pale white skin..
" Oh no I'm fine..we just yesterday got here so mom needs some help so well see you next time...
" Oh k honey "
I smiled at her and turned to live but accidentally ran in a wall...
" Oww.. "
I muttered rubbing my head..
" Are you alright..?? "
Said a voice I heared before I slapped my face up and saw him.. He was still here...

And then I realized I ran in his chest oh..
" Yes I'm fine.. "I said looking down and left that palce..

"Oww that dog was soo cute...
I love him cutie .... Clayie is osm.. "

" Oh but don't get too attached.. " I said
She looked at me confused that why I said it.. She looks cute when ever she get confused...
I giggled watching her...
.. "Oh nothing it's just umm... Did you talked to Jessica? "
I asked her changing the topic I don't want her to remember clouse not right now...

We had good time doing chit chat with each other
... Well ik that she is 8 years smaller than me still she talked like my anged 16 ..
So I can never get bored by her..
We had dinner at 9 me and my mom sister and then I decided to sleep soo I make my self wake up early for school..

'I told you I will be here what you were thinking huh.... '
He laughed....
'No n--nn-no you can't you are dead five years ago.. '
'No darling I'm not can't you see me don't you remember FOREVER & EVER'
'I'm here too take you with me soo just come with me '
"Help somebody help... "

I opened my eyes... Oohh it was a night mare a deadly night mare
I rubbed my tears from my face and eyes...
Bt could not stop crying... Oh gosh
"I--iii haven't done anything then why is this happening to me... "

I was looking out of my window... My bad is attached with the window...
I was gazzing at the beautiful full moon..
" How beautiful ".. I mummerd
And then get to sleep again...

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