Wicked Embers: Rebel Souls MC #1

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0.06 Nathan

It’d been nearly four weeks since we got Rachel back. Since I’d made my intentions to claim her clear. She was my old lady in every other sense of the word.

But I still hadn’t claimed her. But hopefully Doc was going to give her a clean bill of health today when he saw her at the club’s clinic. Having her in my bed every night, curled up next to me without being able to take her had been torture. I hadn’t gone this long without sex since losing my virginity at fifteen. By the time I got her home and in bed I’d probably come in my pants as soon as she touched me.

Shaking the errant thoughts from my head I focused on the present. Right now I was with Hawk, sitting in a real clinic. He was sweating buckets and unable to sit still. Brenda was sitting across from us, putting as much distance between them as physically possible. Silent tears were falling down her face. It’d been an even longer four weeks for them than me. She was only two days late when the positive test came back. When she called the clinic, they said they wouldn’t be able to see anything for four weeks.

“Brenda Thompson,” her name was called from somewhere behind us. As she stood Hawk went to do the same.

“Stay,” she said causing him to sit down immediately. It was only us left.

“Fuck!” He cursed throwing his head back against the wall. “How could this happen?”

“Well when a man and a woman,” I began but was cut off by his icy glare. “Just trying to lighten the mood,” I held my hands up in a show of peace. “Look man, I know you don’t want an old lady.”

“That’s not true.” My jaw nearly hit the floor. “Seeing you with Rachel. It’s made me reassess some things.” I was shocked. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“You got anybody in mind?”

“Not Brenda,” he said immediately. Ouch. “Shit. I didn’t mean it like that. The sex is good, obviously. But I can’t talk to her. We have nothing to talk about. You and Rachel haven’t had sex in weeks.”

“Shh. Not so loud. People don’t need to know I haven’t closed the deal,” I winked at him. And this time he did laugh.

“Yeah, yeah, man. But seriously. You never would have stuck around with a woman before without sex.” He was right. “I want that. And that’s not what I have with Brenda.”

I was completely caught off guard by his admission. “Does she want to keep it?”

“Less than I do, but she’s made it clear she won’t get rid of it. Not that I’d asked her to.”

“But if that’s what she wanted?”

“Her body her choice. Even if I disagree.”

There was nothing left to say so I sat there quietly while he let out continual huffs and sighs. Time seemed to be dragging. When Hawk was on his feet, I knew Brenda was back.


“I’m not pregnant,” she said. “False positive and stress most likely caused the nausea, making me think it was a symptom.”

“Thank fuck.”

“Thank fuck,” she repeated his words. “Don’t ever think about touching me again,” she said but there was no malice in her words. She wass dead serious, but she was also teasing him. “I need a drink. Let’s go.”

Hawk threw his arm around her and walked with her towards the exit while I followed behind, eager to get to the clubhouse and back to my girl.

When Hawk pulled into the driveway almost all the brothers were waiting outside. Brenda hopped out first. “Not pregnant. Go congratulate him!” She hollered walking past the lot of them and straight for the bar. Something told me I’ll need to find Barbara and see if she could cover her shift tonight. She’d be too drunk to serve. I laughed as Hawk cheered and ran around.

This was the most happiness I'd seen from my guys since Jenny died. And although the circumstances sucked, it was nice to see. Leaving them to their celebrating I went in search of Rachel. I found her sitting in a booth with Megan and Liza. They were laughing at Brenda who was dancing on the bar and taking a shot.

“Hey, baby,” I said, kissing her.

“Hi,” she smiled back at me. I’d seen it a thousand times in the last four weeks, but I still couldn’t get enough of it.

“Let’s get you to Doc,” I said, pulling her from the booth and into my arms.

“You know, when he takes this cast off you won’t have an excuse to carry me around anymore.”

“Like I need an excuse,” I scoffed. She giggled and it was music to my ears. I carried her down the hall to the clinic to find Doc already waiting for us.

“How ya feeling, Rachel?” He asked her.

“No more pain,” she replied. I stepped back and let him examine her.

“Can you take off your shirt?” I couldn’t help the low grunt of disapproval. Doc just glared at me while Rachel Rolled her eyes.

The bruising on her ribs was completely gone now. He listened to her lungs and checked her throat. When he squeezed her ribs it was difficult to stay in my spot against the wall. But she didn’t flinch. Her pain really was gone.

“Ribs are healed and so is your throat. Let’s get this cast off.” Rachel put her shirt on before pulling her joggers up. Once her cast was removed he felt along the bone before taking another picture. “All clear.” He said. He looked at me and grinned before leaning down and whispering in her ear. She laughed loudly, her head tilting back. They both looked at me. Doc’s laugh died on his lips when he saw the look I gave him and he high tailed it out of the room.

“What did he say?” I asked while Rachel stepped off the table. She smirked at me. “Rachel.”

“He said I was ready for strenuous activity two weeks ago. He just wanted to make you sweat it out.” She was laughing again and I was on her in an instant. Her laughter died when I captured her lips with my own. Lifting her by the back of the legs, she wrapped her legs around me, and I made my way towards our room. My plan had been to take her home, but after hearing those words, I couldn’t wait anymore. We were walking down the hall, making out heavily and I could hear the noise from the bar. But I ignored it.

The clearing of a throat before I could take the first step of the stairs pulled my attention from my girl. I turned, ready to snap at whoever it was and found Hawk. His eyes were full of apology so I let him speak. “You need to call church.”

“Can it wait?” He very clearly saw Rachel wrapped in my arms, the not so subtle way she was grinding herself against me. I had no desire to call church while my dick was throbbing.

He just shook his head. Hawk wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t important. Turning back to Rachel I kissed her quickly. She sighed heavily, but didn’t comment further. Unwrapping her legs from me she landed on the ground and walked back to the bar.

“Sorry,” Hawk said while giving us both a sympathetic look. We walked into the bar together.

“Church! Now!”

The guys all scurried into the meeting room while Hawk and I waited to follow. I passed Rachel, sipping on a beer, her cheeks were flushed and it was clear she was still turned on. “I won’t be long baby,” I whispered before kissing her head and walking away.

“Make this fucking quick,” I said, sitting at my spot at the head of the table.

“I got intel on Joe,” Hands said. I forgave Hawk’s interruption immediately and he was giving me an I told you so look. “The Feds finally got a beat on him. They’re doing a raid today or tomorrow. They’re keeping it tight lipped, even from local law.”

“Can we get to him first?”

“My guy is trying to get a location, but isn’t having any luck. If we don’t get to him first he’s likely to turn state’s evidence to get WitSec to avoid going to jail. Either the cartel will off him or one of the guys he put there.”

“Damnit,” I cursed. Just then Hands’ phone rang. I nodded, telling him to answer.

“Yeah?” He listened. “Shit. Okay. Yeah. Thanks.” He looked at me and I already knew what he was going to say. “Feds just got him.”

“Alright, so what are our options?”

“We don’t want to be put on the fed’s radar,” Hawk offered. I nodded in agreement.

“We’re not going to want to take him,” Seal chimed in. “Well have to do it on sight.”

“Can you make it happen?”

“If we can get the location of the safehouse I’ve got two plans.”


“Sniper shot, if I can get a good position.”


“We use tear gas, feds aren’t harmed and we take him out. Either way Cartel takes the heat.”


“I’ll get a location,” he said.

“Hawk you’re in charge. I don’t want to be disturbed until tomorrow morning.” Slamming the gavel down I stood and walked out of church, heading straight to my girl.

She was laughing again and it made me happy to see that she’d found her place here. Wordlessly I picked her up and tossed her over my shoulder. “Babe!” She yelped. I walked with her towards the stairs but quickly thought better of it. I wanted privacy. So I turned around and headed towards the front door. Her hand smacked my butt once and she giggled again. I was sure she was waving to Megan and Liza who I could hear laughing too.

Once we reached my bike I set her down and hand her a helmet. I was already revving the engine when she straddled me. She tapped my chest three times, already begging me to go faster. Who was I to deny my girl?

I sped through the streets until we got to the backroads that lead to the house. The drive usually took about twenty minutes. We made it there in thirteen. Carelessly I tossed my helmet to the ground and swept her in my arms again. I carried her bridal style over the threshold and up to the bedroom. Other than my mother and sister she was the only woman who’d set foot in this house.

“Nathan,” she let out a needy whimper as I tossed her to the bed. She was on her back, elbows resting on the bed as her eyes greedily watched me remove my clothes. She licked her lips when I was naked, her eyes fixed on my cock. Climbing off the bed she remained clothed as she dropped to her knees. “What are you going to do to me?” She asked, making me groan.

“It’s only going to take me about thirty seconds to come down your throat,” I growl.

“Okay, quickdraw,” she laughed.

“Oh but that’s just the start baby. The closest neighbor is miles away, but I swear they’ll be able to hear you screaming my name.”

“We’ll see,” she said challenging me. Only proving her point my response turned into a moan as she effortlessly swallowed me, my cock disappearing into her mouth. Looking down at her, her plump lips sliding up and down me, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Cupping my balls in her hand she squeezed gently while swallowing around my cock.

“Fuck!” Grabbing her head, I held her in place while I pulled out and thrust back in. Once, twice and on the third pass I was already spilling myself. Not even a minute had passed. Releasing me with a pop she smiled triumphantly. I tugged her to her feet before kissing her greedily. Her tongue wrapped against mine and I let her toy with me. I was too busy taking off her clothes to care that she was in control. When I pulled away to pull her shirt over her head she attacked my jaw with sloppy, wet kisses, making me tingle. Her bra was next to go and that was when I see a hint of ink against her rib cage. The side she didn’t break. I turned her and her brown eyes shone mischievously. My name was written in delicate script. Turning her further I saw a smaller tattoo, hidden between her shoulder blades, the club’s logo with property of Blade. It was so small and I knew she did it for me. For my position in the club. She’d made her displeasure of my road name more than clear. First, I kissed the one on her back and then the one on her ribs.

“Did Ink do these?”

“Yes,” she said breathily from the delicate kisses.

“Did you have to take your bra off to get this one?” My voice was laced with jealousy as I traced my fingers over her ribs. She nodded.

“I promised you wouldn’t kill him,” she said on a light laugh. I grunted my disapproval. “He was very respectful.”

“Good,” I said before taking her lips again. Her hands roamed my back and grabbed into my hair as I pushed her jeans down. When she was finally naked I pushed her to the bed before settling between her thighs. “All for me,” I said smugly while rubbing my fingers through her dripping slit. She rolled her eyes. In response, I took three fingers and slap them against her swollen clit.

“Fuck! Nathan.” She was wound so tight that she was going to combust just as quickly as I did.

“We’re never going that long without sex again,” I said before I begin feasting on her.

“Never,” she agreed as she moaned. She was the sweetest dessert I’d ever tasted. I held her folds open while I thrusted my tongue into her. She was clutching the sheets and lifting her hips. “Nathan. I’m going to come.” Quick. Just like I knew she would. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked on it. She came undone underneath me, the sound ringing in my ears. Before she came down I rammed two fingers into her, finding her g-spot and pushing against it. She wasn’t even finished with the first one when she was coming again. “Fuck! Nathan. Fuckkkkkkk!”

Crawling up her body, I settled myself between her thighs. Her face was flushed as she breathed heavily beneath me. “Last chance,” I said, pressing my uncovered member against her entrance.

“Your name is already written on me, Nathan. Please claim me.”

“Mine!” I roared as I pushed into her tight depths. Fuck. It was so different. I could feel all of her as she clenched around me.

“Yours,” she agreed.

I stayed still, buried balls deep inside her as I adjusted to the feeling, fighting the urge to come immediately at the newfound sensation. Intent on driving me crazy she squeezed herself around me intentionally. “Fuck,” I cursed, burying my face in her delicate neck.

“Nathan. Move. Please,” she begged.

Both Hands and Greaser claimed their old ladies publicly, fucking them raw in the middle of the crowded clubhouse. That wasn't what I wanted for Rachel. She deserved so much more.

For the first time in my life I wanted to make love to a woman. My hands cupped her face, holding her in place, forcing her to look at me as I claimed her, mind, body and soul. Pulling my hips back I pushed back in slowly, torturing both of us with the slow pace. She lifted her hips, desperate for more. Faster. Harder. “Let me make love to you, baby,” I whispered against her lips. She whimpered in response and warm tears fell from her eyes. “I’ve got you,” I said kissing them away.

This was clearly new territory for both of us. Despite two long term relationships I knew she’d never been treated the way she deserved, worshiped. Increasing my pace slightly I pushed into her and pulled out, using my pelvis to rub against her clit. She was already close again and so was I, my emotions getting the better of me.

“Nathan. Oh God. Yes!” Her heels dug into my lower back as she ground herself against me. “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

She clamped around me like a vice as she came, drawing my own orgasm out as tingles shot up my spine. “Rachel, baby. Fuck.” I cursed, my eyes shut tightly as I spilled myself inside her.

She looked at me, brown eyes full of unspoken emotion and whatever it was, I felt it too. Pulling away from her I looked down to see my seed spilling out of her. The image had my wilting cock coming back to life. “Damn, that’s sexy.” It take no time before I was ready to go again. Grabbing her hips I flipped her over and pulled her ass up.

“Fuck!” She cursed as I slammed into her. “Yes, Nathan. Just like that.” I pulled out and pushed back in tantalizingly slow. She pushes her hips back. “Nathan,” she whined. “Harder.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, my tone teasing. “You didn’t like it slow and sweet? Sure seemed like you did with how hard you came.”

“Yes. God. I loved it. But please. Just fuck me already.” I ignored her request, continuing my slow pace. “Please. Nathan. Please. Oh god. Please.”

“I love when you beg, baby.” She was ready with another sarcastic retort but she swallowed it when I slammed into her. She screamed her pleasure while I continued to slam into her repeatedly. Her hips moved back against me. I was already close to coming again but she wasn't there yet.

Reaching between her legs I found the pleasure button in her center and traced quick circles against it. It didn’t take long before she was clamping down on me again. “Stroke yourself,” I said, needing both hands for leverage. Her fingers replaced my own.

“Yes!” She hissed as she gave herself just the right amount of pressure.

“This is next,” I said, slapping her ass. “The last part of you I need to claim.” My words had her clamping around me harder but she didn’t say anything, just released more sounds of pleasure.

She screamed when I came inside her for the second time.

As we fell to the bed I pulled her close, rolling so she was practically laying on top of me.

“I love you, Rachel,” I whispered into her hair. She paused for a minute, clearly thinking the same as me, it was too soon. But that didn’t stop it from being true.

“I love you too.”

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