Wicked Embers: Rebel Souls MC #1

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0.07 Nathan

I was listening to Hawk, but my eyes were focused on Rachel across the room. She was talking excitedly with her friends, throwing her head back laughing at something Jamie was saying. She was listening to them but her eyes were focused on me too. Every time I caught her looking back at me I couldn’t help the smile on my face. I tried to hide it behind the long neck bottle in my hands. It didn’t work.

“Focus!” Hawk said.

“I am,” I bit back. “You did good.”

“I’d already finished that part of the conversation.”

“Then what are you still talking about?”

“Your girl.” Now he had my attention. “How is it that she brings three very attractive girls with her. They’re all here all the time now.”

“You complainin’?”

“No, but damn if they’re not all already taken. Shit. I didn’t even get a chance to make a move.”

“If you hadn’t been dicking around with Brenda, getting her maybe pregnant, you could have.”

“Yeah but those two weren’t even available when they got here,” he pointed to Jamie and Annie who were cuddling in the booth. “And JJ got his hooks into the lawyer before anybody else could.”

Listening, but not interested enough to absorb any of his words I grunted in response. Honestly I’d prefer if all my girl’s friends stayed away from my guys. They were all fuckups when it came to women and it'd only complicate my life when Rachel was pissy because a brother screwed one of them over. I couldn’t be happier with how things had played out.

Ignoring his whining I focused back on the task at hand.

Hawk had taken me seriously last night when I said I didn’t want to be disturbed. Bubbles had been able to get a location on Joe. Seal, Bender, and Tank were currently on a scouting mission. When we got a call it would go one of two ways. Either Echo would set us up on a live feed and we’d be able to see the sniper shot Seal took or they’d raid the house finish the job, hopefully without taking out any feds. We didn’t need that kind of heat.

Time was ticking and my impatience was growing.

I was seriously considering dragging Rachel to our room at the clubhouse and having my way with her again. It’d be a hell of a lot better way to spend my time than sitting between Bubbles and Hawk. Before I could act on my thoughts Hands was running to the table.

These assholes had some fucking sixth sense for knowing when I wanted to take her to bed. We’d been interrupted an insane number of times. If I wanted things done quickly I should just always think about taking her. That was when the guys seemed to show up and do their jobs.

“Prez. Tank just called in. They’re at the safehouse. Seal can take the shot.”

“Church!” I yelled, not needing any more information. Hawk and I waited for the rest of the club to pour into the meeting room before we stood and mad our way after them. “You’re needed for this one too, baby,” I said to Rachel as I stopped in front of her booth. Smiling up at me she looked confused but followed me anyways.

The guys voted last night. After everything Joe put her through, they decided she should be in on the op too. It meant they finally trusted her.

Rachel was the last to enter the room and she stood there somewhat awkwardly. There were three empty chairs that were usually occupied by Seal, Tank, and Bender. “You can sit, baby.” She took in the three seats scattered around the room, but she shocked everyone, including me, when she walked to where I was sitting and plopped herself down in my lap. “Good choice,” I murmured as my guys chuckled. I silenced them all with a glare. “Last night we got a location on Joe. The guys voted to let you be here.”

“Thank you,” she told them gratefully. She knew what their trust meant as well. Lighting a joint Hawk took hit before passing it to her. She passed it to me immediately, not taking a hit herself. I took one before passing it back to Hawk. I had one hand resting on the table, the other around Rachel’s waist, holding her to me.

“Okay,” Echo began, pulling up the feed on his laptop. It was just video, but Tank had his phone out ready to call if there were any problems. Silence filled the room as we watched them. Seal was laying on his stomach, an Mk1 in front of him. Rachel tensed in my lap. Moving my hand and rubbing circles along her thigh I did my best to calm her. I loved the way my touch instantly soothed her.

“They can’t hear us, and we can’t hear them. What I’ve gotten from Tank is that Joe is in this safe house with two feds. Seal is posted in front of his bedroom. Last night the fucker slept with the windows open.”

“We sitting here until bedtime?” Hands asked.

“Nope. Joe likes to take an afternoon nap.”

“And the feds?” Rachel asked, nervously. She wanted Joe eliminated but I knew my girl. She wouldn’t like it if they were taken out too.

“Tank and Bender are going to split up. When the shot goes off the agents will call for back up before heading outside. One to the front, one to the back. They’ll each get a tranquilizer dart in the leg. They’ll wake up in a few hours unharmed.”

She nodded, her relief palpable.

The camera feed from Tank moved and Seal was adjusting the scope on his rifle. Looking through it, he put his finger on the trigger, his target is in sight. Everyone leaned forward, itching to see the small laptop screen. Rachel leaned so far forward that I had to grab her hips to prevent her from falling over.

A shot echoed through the screen, even without sound the noise was felt. Tank and Bender were off. I had to look away from the screen, the jumping movements Tank was making, made me nauseous. When another, softer shot was felt, I saw a guy in a suit go down. Tank entered the house, clearing it as he made his way to the back bedroom. Bender entered the image, nodding at Tank before they walked together.

The screen filled with an image of Joe, a bullet between his eyes. Rachel tensed again before relaxing.

The feed was cut and now the real challenge started- waiting for our guys to get back. There was no guarantee they wouldn’t get caught on the escape. They weren't in cuts and have off road bikes for the escape, allowing them to cut through the dessert and trees, avoiding main roads.

“Thank you,” Rachel said into the silence. “For trusting me. I know you guys did this for Jenny.”

“We did it for you too,” Hands said. Wordlessly she leaned herself back against me, letting me absorb her weight.

She was part of the MC family now.

And someday she’d be my wife. Legally.

“What happens now?” She whispered as the guys began to talk amongst themselves.

“We wait until Tank, Bender, and Seal get back. This one was dangerous. They could be caught.”

“And when they get back?” She asked, proving all over again why she was perfect for me. For the club. There was no if for her, no doubt. They were coming back.

“We party.”

The low murmurs of the restless whispering got louder the longer it took for the guys to come back. Rachel tried to take my mind off the tension, rubbing her hands across the back of my neck, through my hair that had finally reached an appropriate length after having cut it to go undercover. She’d made her appreciation for my hair well known. And my beard.

I didn’t know what I’d expected to feel, but it was more than this. My sister’s killer was finally dead. The man who had taken my girl from me, with the intent to rape and kill her, was dead. Somewhere along the way, probably when Rachel agreed to be my old lady, my thirst for revenge had disappeared.

She brought me all the peace I needed.

I was just about to tell her this, my arms wrapping around her tightly while I buried my head in the crook for her neck, when Tank, Bender and Seal came through the door. A chorus of hollers and shouts sounded out as the guys stood to welcome them back safely. Rachel and I were the last to greet them. Rachel hugged Seal tightly and I had to swallow my jealousy. She must have noticed it because when she released him she leaned into me and whispered, “you’ll get your thanks tonight.”

Her eyes were full of lust as she said the words and I wanted nothing more than to skip the party, drag her upstairs and start on my thanks right then. But I was the president. So I had to be present.

“Wait,” Rachel said suddenly. “What about the woman?”

She was taking about Stacy Summers. The woman Joe was sleeping with and former cop.

“She’s in the wind. Feds are after her. Cartel is after her. We’re after her. She’s not a threat,” Echo said.

Audibly sighing she wrapped her arms around me, believing the worst was over, just like the rest of us.

“Let’s rage!” Bubbles shouted ridiculously as he stormed out of the room and to the bar. Everyone else fallowed enthusiastically. Brenda already had the music up and the doors open in invitation. The guys filled in the booths as they signalled for beer and whiskey. Rachel went to sit with her friends again, but I dragged her away. I wanted her next to me tonight.

Walking to my usual booth I sat and pulled her onto my lap. Hawk was already there. We sipped our drinks as I watched my Vice President and best friend repeatedly turn down soul sucker after soul sucker offering him sex and head.

He hadn’t touched anyone since Brenda thought she was pregnant. Maybe he really was in the market for an old lady.

“You got problems getting it up or something?” Hawk spit his drink everywhere at Rachel’s question after he’d sent yet another girl away.

“Control your woman,” he deadpanned, looking right at me. Rachel huffed but knew he was teasing. He and I both knew there was no controlling her. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. “No, if you must know I don’t,” he finally answered her.

“Then why are you sending all the willing ladies packing?”

“Maybe I don’t want willing.”

“Excuse you?” Rachel barked at the words.

“Shit. No. God no. What I meant is I’m not just looking for a lay.”

“You want an old lady?”

“Yeah,” he admitted defeatedly, shaking his own head like he couldn’t actually believe he was saying the words. “You got anymore friends?”

At the mention of her friends Rachel’s eyes looked to the dance floor. Jamie and Annie were making out in the middle of the dance floor while Chrissy was dancing around them. They were all drunk.

“No. Sorry,” she laughed.

“Worth a shot.”

“Babe!” Chrissy yelled loudly. JJ walked towards her and whispered in her ear. Her face was the color of a tomato when he turned and walked towards where we were sitting.

“Blade. Hawk,” he greeted us. “Rachel,” he smiled at my woman on my lap. “Can I get a minute?” Rachel went to move off me but I held her firmly. Hawk gave me a subtle nod, giving me the okay to keep her here. It was about Joe anyways; that much I knew. “I got a call today. Seems Joe is dead. Do I need to prepare a defense?”

“When did he die?” I couldn’t help but smirk at the question.

“This afternoon.”

“We’ve all been here all day. Cops can check the security camera to the front lot if they want. All our vehicles will be accounted for all day. Nobody in or out.”

“Good to know,” he smiled knowingly before standing, and heading to a very drunk Chrissy who, instead of dancing with him, jumped up and straddled him attaching her lips to his. He nearly dropped her because she caught him completely off guard.

“How’d they get in and out?” Rachel pulled my attention back to her.

“Secret entrance.”


“Only six people know how to access it.” She didn’t even pout, just accepted my words and knew that if she ever needed an escape she’d have one. But she wouldn’t know where it was before it was needed.

I was left in awe of her again. She fit so perfectly next to me. Knowing when to push and when to cave were qualities every old lady needed, especially the president’s. She did it all flawlessly. She was stubborn and damn did she make sure I knew it. But she didn’t argue unnecessarily or look for conflict when it wasn't needed. She’d reigned my temper in a few times effortlessly but there had also been times she’d known to let me do what needed to be done. She wasn't meek or submissive but she let me be in charge anyway. Liza, Hands’ old lady was the complete opposite. She looked for a fight at every turn. She didn’t want Hands to tell her any type of club business but still threw a fit when she had to go into a lockdown or be told to do something. He had his hands full. And the idiot loved every second of it. Good thing too. Megan was the opposite of her, submissive to her core. She’d follow Greaser straight into a fire if he told her too, without even blinking an eye.

My girl balanced those two extremes, being exactly what I never knew I needed.

“Let’s dance,” I whispered in her ear. There was still a few hours to go before it’d be an acceptable time for us to make our way upstairs. Having her pushed against me fully clothed would have to satisfy me until then. She smiled happily at me before sliding off my lap and out of the booth. She looked over her shoulder seductively before shimmying her way to Annie and Jamie. I hung back, enthralled by watching her sway her hips as she danced around her friends.

Brenda handed her a drink and she sipped it, eyes locked on mine as she wrapped her lips around the straw. Rachel's hands lifted above her head, glass in hand, while she swayed her hips to the beat, rolling them as she turned to give me a view of her from behind. Bending at the waist she made sure to give me a good show as she continued to shake for me. I knew almost all the guys in here were watching her performance but I didn’t care. I was the only one she was dancing like this for.

Unable to take it a moment longer, I finished my whiskey before standing and walking towards her. She smiled brightly at me and danced away as I walked towards her, making me chase her.

I loved the chase.

Whenever I got close enough she scurried away again. I let her have her fun. Eventually one of us caved. I wasn't sure if she let me catch her or if I did because I finally predicated her movements, but she was in my arms and that was all that mattered.

Pushing our bodies close together I danced with her like I did the first night in the club. She was moving just as seductively now as she did then. Turning in my arms she pushed her ass out into my growing erection. My jeans were uncomfortably tight. “At least I’ll be able to take you to bed when the nights over,” I whispered before nibbling on her ear.

“Aw. I was hoping for a repeat of public bathroom sex,” she pouted.

Images of the first time I took her flashed into my mind. The way my fingers fucked her to orgasm in the middle of the crowded club. She was in jeans which meant it’d. e impossible to do right now, but if it wasn’t I would be. And she knew it. I could tell by the little whimper she let out- she was having the exact same thoughts as I was.

My lips found their way to the delicate junction of her shoulder and neck, planting kisses along the skin. Tilting her head she gave me more access to her sweet spot.

Smoke clouded the room, weed and cigarette. The smell of sex filled the air and I guaranteed more than one brother was currently fucking in a booth or on a table. Rachel would let me take her like that and I always thought I’d want to. But she brought out my possessive side. My blood boiled at just the thought of Ink seeing so much of her creamy skin when he marked my name on her in ink. I didn’t ever want another man to see her in the throes of passion.

She’d be screaming my name for the entire club to hear when I finally got her upstairs. That would be enough.

“Can we go yet?” She asked, her tone begging. I glanced over to the clock. It wasn't even ten yet.

“Soon,” I cooed. She turned in my arms again, not wasting a beat before she pressed her lips against mine. I wrapped her in my arms, lifting her off her feet to hold her closer. Giving her free reign, I opened my mouth, inviting her to explore as she liked. Her tongue slid against mine and she moaned into my mouth at the contact.

“Now?” She asked when she broke away. Unable to resist I laughed at her. She was so damn adorable. Her legs were still off the ground so I carried her back to the booth. Bubbles had one of the soul suckers bent over the table and Greaser had Megan pinned against a wall, her skirt pushed above her hips while his pants were around his ankles.

Just a regular night at the clubhouse.

Sitting in the booth first, I pulled Rachel on to my lap. Hawk’s eyes were glazed from the booze as he bobbed his head up and down to the music. Rachel was rolling her hips, her ass pushing against my erection with every movement. Biting back a curse I held her still.

“Baby,” she whined. Alcohol made her needier and I liked it. Pocketing that information to use at a later date I kissed her chastely.

We could have gone already, but I was tempted to see how long it’d take before she snapped and dragged me up the stairs.

I watched the minutes tick by as Rachel finished who knew what number drink.

Turning she looked at me, her brown eyes full of fire. “I’m going upstairs. If you don’t come with me I’ll start without you.” Hawk let out a drunken chuckle as I swallowed. “I took care of myself when nobody else did. I can do it again.”

“Not necessary,” I growled. She stumbled as she climbed out of the booth, but I caught her and tossed her over my shoulder. She giggled the entire time I walked her up the stairs.

Joe was gone. There was no active threat to my girl or me or the club.

Life was good.

I wished I’d known it wouldn’t stay that way.

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