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Wicked Embers: Rebel Souls MC #1

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1.0 Rachel

“Get up!” My best friend Jamie screamed at me. I rolled onto my stomach, burying my head in my pillow as hot tears began to fall. Again. “Rachel. I swear. Get up. Get in the shower and put on a dress. We’re going out.”

“I don’t want to,” I said, my voice mumbling into the pillow.

“I don’t give a shit what you want. It’s been three weeks since you caught that scum ex-boyfriend of your’s in bed with his neighbor. It’s time to move past the crying phase and move onto the drunk phase,” Jamie’s words came out perky at the mention being drunk. “Chrissy and Annie are meeting us there. No men. Just drinks and dancing. Come on!” Her words were punctuated with a slap to my blanket covered ass. I ignored her, pulling a second pillow over the back of my head. Jamie groaned in frustration before walking into my ensuite bathroom, turning on the sink. Moments later she came back. “Those were some pretty flowers in the bathroom. They’re in the garbage now. But the vase. The vase is full of ice cold water and if you’re not out of that bed in 10 seconds I swear to God, Rachel, I’ll dump it all over your pretty little head.”

I jumped out of bed. Her threat wasn’t an idle one. “Fine,” I grumbled before heading to the bathroom.

“And shave your legs,” she hollered after me.

“If there’s no men, I don’t need to shave,” I shot back.

“Shave. Your. Damn. Legs!” I rolled my eyes before closing and locking the door. I wouldn’t put it past her to come in here and shave me herself.

Twenty minutes later I emerged, shaved, scrubbed and polished, wearing my going out robe. I couldn’t lie. It was definitely and improvement and I did already feel a little better. “Sit,” Jamie directed me to the seat in front of my vanity. My blowdryer, curling iron and makeup were already laid out. I sat and patiently let Jamie turn me into her personal doll whilst she danced to her Spotify playlist. Once she was done with my hair she moved on to my makeup. A dark smokey eye and dark red lipstick covered my face when she was done. Looking at myself in the mirror I didn’t recognise myself. My caramel brown hair was curled in soft ringlets, falling on my shoulders, but even the smoky eye and layers of mascara couldn’t hide the dullness behind my dark brown eyes. Tears welled in my eyes again as I looked at myself. “Shh,” Jamie cooed, wrapping me in a hug. “You’re okay. We’ve got you.”

I sniffed, straightening my shoulders, doing my damnedest to not let more tears fall for that asshole. Nodding my head at Jamie in the mirror I stood, walking towards the closet to get dressed. “Fuck yes,” Jamie hollered when I stepped out of the closet in an emerald green tube top dress that stopped well above mid-thigh. If I bent over my ass would be visible and my pussy too. The lace thong I chose to wear didn’t actually cover a damn thing. The nude heels added some much needed height to my 5′3″ frame. “I’m calling a cab before you change your mind,” Jamie said as she absentmindedly pulled up the app on her phone. “You look smokin’,” she wolf-whistled at me as I walked down the hall towards the front door.

The trip to the club took less than ten minutes. Once we’d arrived I stepped out of the car onto the sidewalk and Chrissy and Annie were immediately flanking me, Jamie following behind as we walked to the bouncer. Annie flirted shamelessly as she talked us into the club much to the frustration of the crowd waiting in line. Jamie linked her fingers between mine while Chrissy did the same with Annie. I was promptly dragged to the bar where a round of tequila shots were ordered, despite my protests. Groaning I took the first, of what I’m sure would be, many shots of the night. “Let’s dance,” Annie yelled too loudly in my ear.

“No!” I protested immediately. “I’m not drunk enough to dance yet.” My friends collectively whined, talking over and through each other to try and convince me. “Vodka soda,” I ignored them ordering a drink from the bartender who was chuckling at our interaction.

“Go,” Chrissy said to the other two. “I’ll get her nice and drunk and drag her out in a little bit.” Jamie clapped happily before skipping away to the dance floor. Annie chuckled before dutifully following her. I offered Chrissy a small, thankful smile before handing my card to the bartender.

“Open a tab, please.” He only nodded. Making her best effort to keep my mind in the club and not on my ex she talked about everything and nothing. She talked about her new job and how ridiculous our friends looked on the dance floor. I looked at my friends dancing with each other. From afar they looked like two girls just having a good time dancing with each other but to anybody close enough or who knew them well enough the love the two shared couldn’t be missed. Jamie’s eyes were filled with so much need I could see it from here. And Annie was not discreet in the way she let her arms linger on her partner’s hips or how she caressed her arms. “When do you think they’ll finally come out?” I asked Chrissy.

“Who knows,” she shrugged.

“Another, please,” I smiled politely, requesting my third vodka soda. I drank half of it in one sip, loving the burn and the way the alcohol caused a firey sensation to spread across my body. I was almost finished with my drink when our friends came back to join us, both covered in a light layer of sweat.

“Shots!” Annie screamed. I shook my head incredulously. We were 27! Definitely not 21 anymore. If I did any more shots I’d be hungover for a week. A second round of tequila was pushed into my hand before I even had the chance to protest. Fuck it I thought before downing the alcohol. “Let’s go,” Annie shouted again before dragging me towards the dance floor.

Letting the beat take over I started moving my hips, my hands going into the air as I lost myself to the rhythm. One of the things I loved most was dancing. Alone, with my girls, with a man. It was all exhilarating to me. I could shut my mind off and feel nothing but the music coursing through my veins. Just because I had to be mildly intoxicated to have the confidence to do it in public didn’t mean I didn’t love it. My eyes closed in their own accord as I danced my sadness away.

Two songs had gone by when I felt a warm breath at my ear. “Don’t look now,” Jamie whisper yelled over the music. Of course her words had my eyes snapping open. “But that hunk at the bar hasn’t taken his eyes off you,” she purred out the last part. My eyes found the stranger she was talking about. She hadn’t been lying. He was a hunk. Sex on legs. He was tall, at least 6′ if not more. I couldn’t gage well enough from how far way he was standing. His black ripped jeans were tight around his muscular thighs. The sleeves of his white button down were neatly rolled to his elbows, revealing a sleeve of tattoos on one of his arms. His blonde hair was long at the top and short on the sides, the length pushed to the left side. That’s definitely a fuckboy haircut I chided to myself as I drank him in. I couldn’t see the colour of his eyes, but there was no doubt they were trained on me.

“No guys. You promised,” I warned her.

“I’m not saying you marry the guy,” she defended herself. “Take him home, let him fuck you and get rid of him,” she shrugged her shoulders. I gave her my best seriously look. She knew me better than that. I’d been with two men. Both of which I’d dated for more than four years. I didn’t do casual sex. “Just because you don’t doesn’t mean you can’t.” I looked at her dumfounded. “I’ve known you for 20 years. I can read you like a book.”

Rolling my eyes I turned my back on the sexy hunk who was still staring at me, ignoring the way I could feel his eyes boring into me. I started dancing again, grabbing Chrissy as my dance partner. The next song that played sent the club into a frenzy as people started jumping all over the place. I had no idea what the song was. My ex was a dinner and movies guy. I hadn’t been in a club since before I’d turned 25. I went to grab Chrissy but was bumped by some overly drunk girl. I got knocked back and just before I landed on my ass strong hands were on my waist, pulling me back up. I looked at my waist; the big hands, wrapped around me from behind, encompassed nearly my entire waist.

The hands turned me as my hands instinctively went to the chest of the man in front of me. Tilting my head up I came face to face with the the sexiest grey-green eyes I’d ever seen. The eyes belonged to the hunk who’d been watching me from the bar. “Careful,” his voice was deep and smoky, sending waves of desire through me.

“Thanks,” my response came out breathless. I went to step away from him only to be bumped a second time; this time being pushed forward and closer to the man in front of me. I stumbled in my heels but my saviour reacted quickly, trapping me in his strong arms.

“Want to dance?” He asked quietly in my ear.

No. I should definitely say no. I’d been in his presence for less than 2 minutes and I was already nearly panting in want. “Sure,” my mouth betrayed my brain. Releasing me from his embrace he grabbed my hand, guiding me to a free spot on the dance floor.

Turning so my back was facing him I started to move. He moved closer, grabbing me at the waist while he pushed his hips flush against my ass. To my surprise he was a good dancer. He didn’t just stand behind me and let me do all the work; he moved in time with me, running his hands over my hips and waist.

I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I was more turned on than I’d ever been and he’d barely even touched me. His gentle caress was setting fire to my skin and all I wanted was for him to put it out. He grabbed my hips tightly, pushing me away from him. The protest on my lips was silenced when he used the distance to turn me around and pull my front against his. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured in my ear as his hands slid lower and lower until they were resting on my ass, squeezing the fleshy globes. I couldn’t help the needy moan that escaped my lips. His smirk told me he’d gotten the reaction he wanted, but as I felt his bulge press against me I gave him my own smirk. I’d gotten the reaction I wanted too.

Somewhere in our exchange I’d stopped dancing. When I stared to move my hips again my dancing partner planted his lips on my exposed shoulder. Instinctively I turned my neck giving him greater access. When he sucked harshly on the spot where my neck meets my shoulders I moaned loudly, wrapping my hands around his strong back and holding him to me. His lips found their way to mine. As soon as his lips pushed against mine I opened my mouth, inviting him in. Wasting no time he pushed his tongue into my mouth, exploring every inch. He ran his tongue along the roof of my mouth and teeth before sucking on my tongue powerfully. Fuck. I’ve never truly been kissed before this. I was whimpering and my panties were already wet. When he bit my bottom lip I actually got weak in the knees. If I hadn’t recognized myself while I was getting ready I surely didn’t recognize myself now, a moaning, whimpering mess for a perfect stranger. A sexy perfect stranger. “Dance,” he commanded with a slap to my ass. I mewled before complying.

He didn’t stop kissing me. Both sides of my neck, shoulders, my ears and most importantly my lips were constantly peppered in open mouth kisses. What I was doing could barely be called dancing. I was basically dry humping him in the middle of the club without a care in the world about who could see. I probably should have protested when he snaked his hand between us and captured my already erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I moaned into his neck, biting down into his skin in pleasure. “Fuck,” he moaned causing a smile to form on my lips. The hand on my nipple slid down between us, running over my waist before going lower to my hips and lower still to the hem of my dress. Kicking my feet further open with his own he slid his hand up the inside of my thigh. He skilfully pushed my soaking panties to the side before pushing two fingers into me. I bucked at the contact. “Is this for me?” He asked with smugness in his voice as he referred to how turned on I clearly was. I nodded, burying my face in his chest as he continued to fuck me with his fingers. His thumb found my clit as he brought me closer to orgasm. My pussy contracted around his fingers. He took it as the sign it was before dipping his head down and kissing me again, swallowing my moans as I climaxed around his fingers, trembling unsteadily in his arms.

I felt empty as soon as he pulled his fingers out of me. I didn’t miss the lust in his eyes as he made eye contact with me, bringing his fingers slowly to his mouth. Before my brain registered what my body was doing I grabbed his hand, bringing my mouth around his fingers, sucking and moaning at my own taste. “Bathroom. Now!” He barked before turning me and walking me towards the back of the club. We walked in tandem, his hard cock pushing against my lower back the entire time. If his arms hadn’t been around me I would have stumbled from the overstimulation flowing through my system. “Wait here,” he instructed before entering the men’s room. He was gone for less than 5 seconds. Not even bothering to open the door fully he reached around and pulled me into the bathroom, manoeuvring me to the handicap stall.

Once we were inside he attacked my mouth again. I could do nothing but let him kiss me. He was so rough and commanding I could barely kiss him back. I wrapped my hands in his hair, trying to grip, but the close crop of his haircut didn’t give me anything to hold onto. Roughly he pushed my dress down to my waist, exposing my chest. When he wrapped his hot mouth around one of my nipples my back arched and I anchored him to me. “More,” I panted. He smirked before biting down onto the erect bud. “Fuck,” I cried, my hips bucking into him, seeking any sort of pressure to relieve the ache between my thighs. If he didn’t hurry up I was going to spontaneously combust. Releasing my grip on his head I slid my hands down his taught abdomen, pushing my hand into his pants. I grabbed his hardness through his boxers causing him to release my nipple and moan into my chest. Squeezing the head I teased him in long slow strokes, still not touching skin to skin.

His hands rested on either side of my head as he backed up, giving me room to work. Pulling my hands out I attacked his belt, fumbling as I tried to get it open. Once I finally had it released I popped the button to his pants and pushed them to his knees, taking his boxers with them. There’s no way that’s fitting inside me. “It will,” he laughed. Shit. Had I said that out loud? Chuckling he looked me in the eyes as he stroked his long thick cock as I stared at him, mesmerized by the sheer size of him. He was definitely bigger than my exes.

Bending at the hips I licked across the bulbous head. The position was awkward but as desperate as I was for him there was no way I was kneeling on this bathroom floor. His length jerked as I caressed him with my tongue. I pulled away, licking my palm before wrapping my hand around him and stroking him. His breathing got heavier with every stroke. I bent down again, spitting on his length before swallowing him as far as I could. I barely had half of him in my mouth before I started to feel my gag reflex. I pulled back, sliding my tongue along the underside of his shaft. His hands fell in my hair. Just his touch was erotic. There was enough pressure to let him control my movements, but not so much that I couldn’t control it myself if I chose to. “Just like that,” he cried as I took him to the back of my throat, ignoring my gag reflex. Relaxing my throat I swallowed, “fuckkk,” he cried out, bucking his hips forward. I continued my assault on his body, cupping his balls and rolling them gently in my hand as I continued to bob up and down on him. Releasing him from my mouth I turned my attention to his balls, sucking first one then the other in my mouth, rolling them against my tongue while I stroked him quickly, flicking my wrist along the head. His moans of pleasure spurred me on. Putting my attention back to his mushroom head, I flicked my tongue against the slit on his tip. The gasp that left his mouth made more wetness flood my panties.

The bathroom door opened and two male voices flooded the small space. “Don’t stop,” he commanded in a whisper. I looked up at him. “So fucking sexy,” he sighed as our eyes connected, my mouth full of his cock, spit dripping out the side of my mouth. I was sure my mascara was running from my watery eyes and that my lipstick was smeared across my face and his dick. I nodded before humming around him causing him to hiss in pleasure. One of his hands left the wall of the stall as he bit down on his fist, trying to quiet his cries of pleasure. It didn’t matter; we’d already been heard.

Once the faucets had stopped running a deep laugh echoed around us. “We’ll leave you to it, yeah?” The man said on a laugh before the men exited the bathroom in a roar. I released him with a pop.

“Best blowjob ever,” he growled before pushing my dress up to my waist. It was my turn to gasp when he pulled my panties apart, ripping the lacy thread from my body. He must have cared less about the hygiene of the bathroom because he didn’t hesitate in dropping to his knees, draping my right leg over his shoulder. He dove in head first, licking the length of my slit before settling at my clit. I was going to come embarrassingly quickly. “Shit. You taste good.” I grabbed the hand rail and squeezed, attempting to control the pleasure raging through my body. He slid two fingers into me while sucking on my clit and I was done for. I couldn’t help the scream that left me as I came on his tongue. Didn’t care who could hear or if we’d get caught. I bucked my hips into his face, whimpering when he didn’t stop.

“Fuck me. Now.” I meant my voice to be commanding but it came out as a needy beg.

He dug around in his back pocket a minute before grappling with his wallet, opening it to pull out a condom. I was still enthralled by the size of him and watched in earnest as he rolled the condom across his length. He stood gracefully, grabbing the backs of my legs and lifting me. “Put it in,” he said. Reaching between us I slid his length against my folds before lining him up with my entrance. Without hesitation, he pushed in. My head rolled back against the stall while my fingers dug into his shoulders. “Oh fuck,” he groaned. “Too tight. I’m not going to last,” he said in a breathy whisper before pulling back and driving himself back into me. I squeezed my legs around his waist, pulling him closer.

“Harder,” I begged.

“Grab the top of the stall,” he directed. Doing as he said I lifted my arms from his shoulder, grabbing the top of the stall. The angle was weird and I was going to protest but when he stepped further away, leaning me further back and slammed into me the complaint died on my lips. The change in position allowed him to go deeper and harder. His girth stretched me as he filled me completely a mix of pleasure and pain so carnal I’d be ruined from ever having sex with anyone else again.

“Mhnmgg,” I panted. His strong hands gripped around my waist, my thighs around his hips in a vice grip, pushing and pulling me against him as he slammed into me. The sound of his balls slapping against my ass, his hips against my own and the wet noises of him sliding into me were intoxicating. His pleasure filled grunts and groans filled the air. The baritone timbre of his voice only increased the sexiness of the noises. His hands gripped my waist harshly, certainly leaving bruises. “Don’t stop,” I begged, not recognising the neediness in my own voice. I had to close my eyes as the pending bliss taking over my senses.

“Fuck. I’ve never been this hard before.” He punctuated his words by setting an even faster tempo. His hips humping into me so fast and hard all I could do was hold on for the ride. “I love those sexy little whimpers,” he bit out. I hadn’t even realised I was still making sounds. All I could do was incoherently cry out as he brought me to my third orgasm of the night and the best one I’ve ever had. “Cum on my cock,” he demanded as I squeezed around him.

“Fuck. Yes! Yes, yes!” I cried as I came, wave after wave of unadulterated pleasure wracked through my body, my orgasm taking over as I shuddered in his arms. He pounded his hips against mine, going still as he spilled himself inside the condom.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding his face in the crook of my own as our breathing evened out. “Holy shit,” he breathed out when he backed away and pulled out, removing the condom and tossing it in the garbage after rolling it in toilet paper. He made an attempt to be gentlemanly as he folded toilet paper and handed it to me so I could clean myself up. I chuckled internally at the gesture. I’d just given myself to him without even knowing his name, but he still treated me better post sex than a man I’d been with for nearly 4 years.

He tucked himself back in and pulled his pants up as I attempted to straighten my dress and cover all my bits. I felt exposed without underwear and I could still feel my arousal dripping down my legs. He smiled wickedly at me. Fuck me that’s good smile. And those dimples. How had I not noticed them before? “I’m Nathan,” he said before kissing my lips briefly. “Next time I want you screaming my name,” he whispered seductively in my ear as he handed me his business card before disappearing, leaving me alone to clean myself up and find my way back to my friends.

Glancing down the card he’d slid me. Nathan Meyer. It said he was the owner of a tattoo parlor in Riversville. That explains all the ink.

Biting my lip I wondered if there was more I hadn’t seen.

I looked absolutely wrecked. Raccoon eyes from my running mascara, smeared lipstick and wild hair from his hands in it all stared back at me. Grabbing some paper towels and wetting them I cleaned my face as best I could. Damn waterproof mascara wasn’t making it easy. Grabbing a tie from my wrist I pulled my hair up into a high pony. The wildness of it from his hands gave it a full, voluminous look. As I tossed the last of the paper towels into the bin the door swung open.

“Am I that drunk?” The guy slurred at me. “This is the men’s.”

“Sorry,” I smiled sweetly. “The ladies’ line was just too long.”

He nodded before stumbling over to the urinal.

Hightailing it out of the bathroom I went in search of my friends.

“Where were you?” Chrissy shouted at me, relief washing over her face.


“For how long?” Annie chided.

“However long it takes to be thoroughly fucked.” Their mouths dropped open. Apparently whatever orgasm high I was on was still going strong. For the third time tonight I didn’t recognize myself.

“You fucked that guy in the bathroom?” Jamie asked.

“Yupppp,” I said dragging out the word and blushing slightly.

“Was it good? What’s his name? How? Did you get his number? What?”

I couldn’t keep track of who was throwing questions at me.

“His name is Nathan. And he gave me his card.”

"So you’re going to call him?” Jamie asked.

“No,” I said firmly.

The last thing I needed was a new relationship.

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