Wicked Embers: Rebel Souls MC #1

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0.3 Nathan

I was breaking every rule I had. Every rule the club had.

I’d taken a ride without my cut. I covered the club logo on my bike with a plain black magnet so she wouldn’t see it. When the club found out I’d be lucky to keep my patch, let alone my title. I wasn’t naive enough to think they wouldn’t find out. They’d say I did it for pussy, spitting the word out like it was dirty. But she was more than that. So much more. I’d tell her about the club eventually, but I couldn’t risk her running before she even gave me a chance.

Despite the heat I’d take from the club, the feeling of the inside of her thighs, clad in those jeans- that hugged her perfectly- pressing against me, made it all worth it. She just had to walk out of her house looking like a biker’s wet dream. Tight pants, a silk blouse, a leather jacket and black leather boots. Looking at her body in that outfit I knew she was built to ride.

Feeling her tap my chest three more times I sped up. She’d been nervous at first but after the first few minutes she'd loved it. If I wasn’t desperate to have her underneath me, I’d take the long way home, down deserted roads where I could really open her up and fly, but that would have to wait for our second date.

Second date? Yeah, I’m a goner.

I’d never even taken a woman on a first date, let alone a second. Rain is the only woman I’d ever even fucked more than once. And that wouldn’t be happening again. Ever.

The club had some old school yet progressive ideas about women. Sure we called the soul suckers sluts and whores, but we also knew that we were the same. A man fucking a woman easily didn’t mean she was less than he was. See? Progressive. I’d even fucked Megan and Liza before Hands and Greaser had made them old ladies. We didn’t get old school until we found the woman we wanted to make our old lady. Then we were cavemen. Possessive, chest pounding, she’s mine cavemen. And I’d never felt the desire to have those tendencies until now.

By the time we pulled up to her apartment building I was already raging hard in my jeans. She hopped off the bike, delicate fingers unfastening the the strap of the helmet I bought specifically for her. I stayed put. Even though I was desperate to go inside, she was going to have to ask. I wouldn’t be presumptuous. Her brown eyes looked at me and I could see the question in it. She bit her bottom lip, a habit that was going to kill me.

“Do you want to come in for coffee?”

“Coffee?” I couldn’t help the smirk I gave her. She blushed scarlet and it was a color that suited her; one I hoped to make her have often. “Sure.” I took her helmet from her before placing it next to my own. She walked in front of me, up the stairs and to her apartment. My eyes were glued to her ass the entire time.

Nervously she fumbled with her keys as she tried to open her door. Her kitchen light was still on as I took in the space. It was small but open. Before she could ask anything I had her door closed and my body against her’s. Spinning her around I crashed my lips to hers, loving the little whimper she released at the contact. Lifting her easily I sat her on the counter, stepping between her legs. Biting her bottom lip I begged for entrance to the cavern of her mouth. As she granted it I slipped my tongue past her teeth, running it along hers before retreating quickly. She whined in protest when I broke the kiss but quickly moaned as I kiss along her jaw, down her neck. “Nathan,” she moaned my name and it went straight to my dick. No one had ever called me by my real name during sex. Hell, none of the soul suckers even knew my real name. I couldn’t even remember when the last time was anyone called me anything other than Blade or Prez. Probably before I patched in.

Grabbing her legs I wrapped them around my waist before sliding my hands under her firm ass and lifting her up. My lips never left her skin. She’d be covered in hickies tomorrow and I hardened further at the thought of marking her. Carrying her down the hallway I saw only three doors. I like the odds of finding her bedroom. I passed the first one and take the second on the right. “Wrong room,” she mumbled.

“How do you know I wasn’t looking for the bathroom?” I retorted, refusing to admit defeat.

"Not the bathroom either. Spare bedroom." She laughed softly against me as I opened the door across the other bedroom and carried her into her's. Laying her down softly on the bed I stood, looking down at her. Her brown locks were fanned out above her, brown eyes hooded with desire as she looked at me. She squirmed under the moonlight, the only light in the room. It gave her an alluring glow.

Unable to wait any longer I climbed onto her bed, sitting on my knees above her. Returning to her lips, I kissed her aggressively, unwilling to tame the beast that needed to claim her. I bit at her bottom lip, willing her to open for me. She did without hesitation. Settling between her thighs I lifted her close enough to push her jacket off her shoulders and pull the flimsy silk top over her head. I was greeted with her perfect tits spilling over a black lace bra. As delicious as she looked in it, it had to go. I splayed my hand across her back, letting her feel its warmth before quickly unclipping it and tossing it to the floor. She leaned back and I moved my hands to her front, squeezing her heavy tits in my hand.

“Nathan,” she moaned my name again and I groaned at the sound. I never knew how much a woman moaning my real name would turn me on. Descending on her I captured a nipple in my mouth while my other hand pinched the other. Her hips lifted, seeking contact. “More,” she whined. Switching sides, I wrapped my lips on the nipple I had been pinching. Releasing it I blew air over it. “Fuck!” She hissed. Kissing between the valley of her breasts I made my way down her body, my fingers staying on her nipples the entire time. I dipped my tongue into the waistband of her jeans, teasing her skin, her hips bucking at the contact.

Releasing her hardened nipples I sat back on my heels, undoing the button to her pants. I left it open, desperate to get to the treasure it was hiding, but focus on taking her boots of first. She moaned again as I ran my hands down her legs. Quickly I rid her of her boots. She lifted her hips for me as I pulled her pants and panties down in one motion, revealing her dripping pussy.

As I pulled them off, I stood, taking in her naked form. Shyly, she pushed her bent legs together. “Don’t hide from me Rachel.” It took a moment but she let her legs fall open. Never removing my eyes from hers I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall to the ground. “Touch yourself for me.” Her eyes went wide as saucers at my request. “Don’t be shy, baby.” I watched as she tentatively trailed her hand down her body, slipping her fingers through her wet folds before settling on her clit. “Have you touched yourself thinking about me since I fucked you in the club?”

“Yes,” her answer came out so low I barely heard it.

“How many times?” I was naked now, desperate for her but I was too caught up in the show to move. My erection rested against my stomach, already leaking precum.

“Every day,” she admitted.

“What did you think about?”

She plunged two fingers into her pussy and I was frozen, entranced by the sight. “This. You fucking me hard and rough like I know you can. Making me do things I’d never do.” Hard and rough? That I could definitely do.

“Like fuck in a bathroom?” I chuckled. She nodded.

“Or touch myself in front of you.” I’d been right. She was experienced but decidedly vanilla.

I could change that.

“You have no idea fucking sexy you are.” My voice came out as a growl.

Climbing between her legs, I pushed her hand away and replaced it with my mouth. She tasted like heaven. Nectar sweet and dripping all for me. “I love the way you taste,” I whispered into her folds. She let out a low whimper and grabbed my head, holding me where she wanted me. I would never get enough of her.

Wrapping my lips around her clit I slid two fingers into her velvety heat. She clamped around me immediately and I couldn’t wait to feel her wrapped around my dick again.

“Nathan. I’m going to come.” She was so responsive and I loved it. Her hips bucked up, seeking more contact. Moving my fingers faster and faster I hit that spot every time. Her back bowed and her head rolled back as she clamped around me, releasing on my mouth and fingers. “Ahhhh,” she cried. Lazily I licked through her folds and slowed my thrusting fingers without stopping. Once she stilled and her orgasm has passed I pulled my fingers away, giving her one last lick.

Grabbing her by the hips I flipped her over and pulled her ass up. I ran my hand from her neck to her ass, loving the way she shivered under my touch. Her ass was perfect, the creamy round globes stuck out, begging to be touched. “You want hard and rough babygirl?” I whispered against her skin.

“Yes,” she hissed as I firmly grabbed her ass, squeezing her full cheeks. Raising both hands at the same time I let them fall, spanking her. “Fuck!” The curses falling from her mouth only spurred me on. I spanked her again and she pushed her ass back out, rotating her hips in invitation. Her ass was a fiery red and she was already a moaning mess underneath me. Moving behind her I rubbed the head of my cock between her folds, teasing it along her clit. “Condom,” she blurted out right before I can push into her. I bite back a curse.

There wasn’t technically a club rule that condoms were a requirement. Not like we could even enforce it if there was, but Hawk’s dad, and my own, had drilled into us that you never take a woman raw unless you want her knocked up. And the only woman you ever want to knock up is your old lady. Baby mama’s were too much trouble if they weren't your old lady. That was what the crazy old men always said anyway. Hawk took it a step further. He always used a condom but he’d never even come into one, pulling out and either shouting himself down the girl's throat or on her back. Nowhere below the waist was his rule.

But I’d been ready to take Rachel without one. I still wanted to. I was done for. She was going to be my old lady. But I wouldn’t fight her on it. Not yet. I could be patient before I claimed her.

“Here,” she said, holding a foil wrapper out to me. I must have been too lost in my thoughts and taken too long. Grabbing the wrapper I opened it with my teeth before sliding it down my length. Unable to wait any longer I pushed into her in one thrust, her tightness enveloping me.

“Oh God,” she moaned at the first contact. My hands gripped her hips firmly pushing her away before pulling her back as I fucked into her. Her pussy was gushing, the sounds spilling into her room, my balls slapping against her as I continued to thrust into her, my strokes fast and deep. “More,” she begged. And although I wasn't sure she knew what she was begging for I gave it to her. Using my right hand I pushed her chest to the bed, holding her there as I slid faster into her. She looked over her right shoulder at me, eyes wide as needy whimpers escaped her lips. She was so lost in pleasure. Her hands fisted in her sheets as her mouth hung open.

“You’re so fucking tight, Rachel. Best pussy I’ve ever had. Do you hear how wet you are for me?”

“Yes,” she cried and I didn’t know if it was to answer my question or from the sensations running through her. “Nathan. Oh my God. I’m going to come again.”

“Come for me, baby. Come all over my cock.”

“Mmnngggf,” she let out an unintelligible sound as her pussy clamped down around me, squeezing me like a vice. I had to fight off my own release, but I managed. Sliding out of her I puledl her up, her back to my chest.

“I’m not done with you yet,” I whispered before nibbling on her ear.

“Oh fuck,” she let out. I had to hold back a chuckle. Sliding away, I laid on her bed, helping her straddle me, sliding into her with ease. Once she was fully seated she stilled, still trying to recover from her second orgasm. My hands dug into the flesh or her hips. Her brown hair fell in front of her face like a curtain as she dug her little fingers into my chest. Setting her own pace, I was content to just lay there and let her ride me however she wanted.

“You gonna make yourself come on my cock again?” I asked. Her eyes flashed open, looking at me.


“Good girl.” Gripping her by the ass I pushed her up, increasing her pace slightly. I could tell she was close again and I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. I rubbed my right hand against her clit, lubricating it with her own release, before sliding it between her cheeks. I was testing the waters but someday I’ll claim her ass too. I pushed my right hand between her cheeks, resting against her hole while my left hand rubbed quick circles around her clit.

“Oh fuck. Nathan!”

“You like that?” I asked, adding more pressure to her ass.

“No. Yes. Fuck. Yes. Yes.” She did but she thinks she shouldn’t. Gently I pushed just the tip of my finger into her, she relaxed, letting me in immediately. Her rhythm picked up and become sloppy. “Yessss!”

Her head fell back as she clamped around me for the third time. I groaned out my own release, spilling myself in the condom, while her exhausted form collapsed against my chest.

Her body was covered in a thin layer of sweat, as was mine. “Fuck,” she cursed softly as she trembled in my arms, after shocks still rocking her body. “I’ve never come like that before,” she said, rolling off my body.

A prideful smile pressed against my lips as I kissed her quickly. I climbed out of her bed and walked to the bathroom. Ridding myself of the condom I searched for a washcloth and filled the cup by the sink with cold water. She was laying on the bed, eyes fighting to stay open. “Drink this,” I said handing her the water. As she sat up I wiped gently between her folds. Seeing a hamper in the corner I tossed the washcloth there before setting the cup on her nightstand. I wrapped her in my arms and held her until we both fdll asleep.

This was how I wanted to fall asleep every night.

I woke up to the continual buzzing of a cellphone. Realizing it was coming from my jeans I untangled myself from Rachel and went to answer. Flipping it open I realized it was too late and see seven missed calls from Hawk. It started ringing in my hand again. “Yeah?”

“The fuck are you?” He shouted.

“Shh,” I hissed, stepping away, not wanting to wake Rachel.

“You need to call church. Bubbles has been trying to get ahold of you all night.”

“One hour,” I said hanging up the phone.

“If you want to sneak out, you’ll need to be quieter,” Rachel mumbled, her voice still clouded with sleep. I didn’t miss the accusatory tone or hurt she tried to hide.

Why would she think I’d run out on her.

“Look at me,” I said, sitting on the bed next to her, my jeans unbuttoned on my hips. “What makes you think this is a bang and bail? If I didn’t want to see you again I wouldn’t have given you my number.”

She was hiding something; I could see it in her eyes. Her self confidence was only surface deep. She’d been hurt and there were clearly trust issues.

I needed to come clean about the club sooner rather than later.

“I like you, Rach. A lot. A lot more than I should after one date.”

Her brown eyes flickered back and forth between my own searching for the lie. When she didn’t find it a soft smile appeared on her delicious lips. Bending down I kissed them softly. She sighed happily against me and it was going to take all my strength to walk out of here and leave her. Even if it was only for a little while. “Can I come back, later?”


“Whenever you want me.”

“I’m having brunch with the girls. I’ll text you when I’m back.”

“Have a good day, baby,” I said before kissing her lips again. “Go back to sleep.”

She nodded, snuggling deeper into the covers as I finished dressing and left. Once outside I pulled the magnet off the bike, revealing the club logo and pulled my cut out of the saddle bag with my helmet. I shrugged it on before readying myself and taking off towards Riversville.

I rode past the tattoo shop in Rikersville, the only town between Riversville and the city. Business was booming which was good, makes washing cash easier.

Normally riding was the only thing that let me clear my mind. But not today. All I could think of was her.

Hawk was waiting for me in the parking lot when I pulled in. “Where the fuck have you been man?” He asked before I can even step off my bike.

“Did war breakout while I was gone?”


“Then it doesn’t matter where I’ve been,” I growled at him.

Walking into our meeting room, Hawk hot on my heels I found the rest of the guys waiting for us. I took my seat at the head of the table and took a deep breath, lighting a joint Bender passed me. “Someone want to tell me why the fuck I called church at seven in the god damn morning on a Saturday?”

“I got new intel,” Bubbles said. “Echo and I checked it out last night. This guy, José. He’s definitely a cop.”

“Your sure?”

“Yeah,” Echo answered, turning his laptop screen to face me. “I didn’t find him before because they scrubbed him.”

“Isn’t that protocol for deep cover?” I asked, blowing smoke out as I do.

“Yeah. But,” he said enthusiastically and I already knew he was super pleased with discovering whatever he’d found. “They scrubbed him because he went rogue.”


“Loved outlaw life so much he decided to ditch his burner phone and disappear.”

“You sure he’s not dead?”

“Positive, because this is what he looks like now.” Echo turned the laptop to me and showed me a guy who looks similar to this José character but different. “He’s had a little work done. Nose is slightly smaller, cheekbones a little higher.”

“Cartel pay for that?”

“I’m guessing.” Silently I wondered what story he told them to get them to believe he needed his face redone. If they thought he was a cop they’d have put a bullet between his eyes.

“And you're sure it’s the same guy?”

“Fingerprints match.” My eyebrows pulled together in a frown. Sensing my confusion Echo continued. “Look Prez, you can either listen to me go off into geek talk and explain the back channels I used to hack government systems, find memos and evidence that this is the same guy. Or,” he continued, “you can take me at my word and if I’m wrong you can have my patch.”

The room went dead quiet. I believed him. He wouldn’t say that if he wasn’t absolutely sure.

“Okay. So how do we find him?”

“That’s where I come in,” Bubbels chimed in. “My guy in Rodeo City has a beat on him. But it’ll get messy if we go in. They’re willing to do it for a price.”

“How much?”


“Shit,” I let out a low whistle. “Vote it.” Club law said anything above 10K has to be unanimous. Anything else majority carries. Twenty ayes went around the room. We were still talking about catching my sister’s killer. The MC princess, even if she was a cop. Even if they wanted 100K we would fork it over. It’d put a dent in our bank account, but we’d make it back. “Half up front half on delivery. Dismissed.”

I could feel Hawk’s eyes burning a hole in the side of my skull, just like they have been all of church. When we were alone I turned to him. “Spit it out.”

“Were you with her?”

“Her name is Rachel. And yes.”

He blew out a harsh breath. “You didn’t pick up your phone all night. You weren’t here.”

“Just because I was there doesn’t mean I would have been here if i wasn’t. I have a house.”

“Look, man. You’re losing touch. The club is slipping.”

“No it’s not. Finding Jenny’s killer is still my top priority. Other business is booming. You complaining about the ten grand you lined your pocket with last week?”

“You gonna make her your old lady?” He asked, ignoring my question because he knew I was right.

“I fucking hope so.”

With that Hawk stood and walked out.

I knew this conversation wasn’t over but when he brought it up again it wouldn’t be my words speaking, it’d be my fists.

And I sure as hell hoped I got to turn this shit around on him some day when he found his old lady.

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