Your Eyes

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In a world where the strong prey on the weak, where perversion enslaves the pure , where evil defile the good..... Your Eyes see through my soul, a sinful redemption. Two souls collide into euphoria. An account of where the Devil himself saves the lamb.

Romance / Horror
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"Happy Birthday dear Pura "
You would've turned 18 today.......
I miss you.

~M "

It was almost dawn when he finished the letter, Metrom had been hunched over his desk since midnight, trying to come up with right words .

He sealed the letter .

Walking out onto the balcony to get some fresh air, closing his eyes only to be evaded by the memories.... Thinking to himself, after all these years, he still can't seem to tell her.....

No stranger to the pain but something about today seemed unbearable.

A faint warmth seeping through the sharp cold , opening his eyes to the rising sun he feels an uneasy calm.

This trans is broken by the buzzing of his phone, checking to see , realising it's day 1 of the fall semester.

Every year the university hosts a bon fire to commence the fall semester and this year was no different, students of all faculty attend and this year the science faculty was on the hosting committee which meant he could earn a bunch credits if he volunteered ;

Having been away so many days the last semester a few extra credits wouldn't hurt, not that Met enjoyed any of these activities he was a loner for the most part and preferred it that way but Senior year in the science faculty wasn't easy to say the least so if it meant enduring a bon fire , he would .

The bon fire starts at 9pm , so he had enough time to pick up a shift at the internet cafe he works part time at.

Met rings the manger.

"Hey Gale could I pick up an extra shift today"

Gale on the other line "Sure Met, till what time can you cover "

" Till about 8 , I have a uni thing later "

Gale " Alright, see you then "

Glad to be busy Met leaves the apartment, taking his bike to the cafe.

It's a slow day today at the cafe, most of the customers are the uni students ,who are busy preping for the bon fire tonight .

And just like that it's almost 8pm .

Deciding not to take his bike as the university is at a walkable distance .

" Hey Met don't forget to take your jacket " Gale yells from the back room.

Met smiles thinking to himself how Gale is almost like a elder sister always taking care of him , heading out the evening is quite cold and rather.

" Metrom ! Bud wait up" Max , Met's friend runs up behind him, throwing his arm around his shoulder.

"Hey Max " Met replies in dull tone.

"What's with you dude, it's the BON FIRE! Show some excitement, it's our senior year man!! Think about all the ladies that may need assistance today, fuck that's the only reason I'm volunteering today .... Woooo!! ...... " hollering , Max runs ahead to catch up with a bunch of guys leaving a disinterested Met by himself .

" Great "

The rest class has been assigned duties to set up stalls and the bleachers . The bon fire is setup near the wooded areas adjacent to the football ground. The students gather is herds of black figures walking towards the smoke like moths to a flame , it's loud , a lot of music, clouds of smoke and stench of beer everywhere.

"Hey Met"

Metrom is greeted by his classmates to which he nods not interested in mundane conversation. He gets busy working on setting everything up.

He takes a seat on the bleachers, taking a break sipping a beer .

The music drowning all the voices, watching people , countless faces
Thinking to himself
" I can't help but think that I've never been meant to be a part of this, I didn't get the manual to life, free enough to talk to anybody about absolutely anything , weightless, happy , above all alive ... "

Snapping out of it " Wait... What's happening.... I can't see clearly ... Hey! HEY! "
Metrom says aloud rushing towards the crowds unconsciously.

He approaches a tall figure... Who seems visibly irritable.... As he reaches him, the figure falls.

"Hey! "

" Here let me help you "

" Are you alright "

The person doesn't respond , the blood has left his face, he looks pale.... And....

" Hey! .... Come with me " Met grabs the person's hand leading him away the crowds....hurrying towards the woods.

The person holds his head his hands, unable to walk any further, falling to the floor.

Metrom talks off his jacket and grabs the arms of person and wraps the jacket on his head.... Covering his head and telling him...

" It's alright! , you're alright! "

" Breathe... Just breath..... Take a breath with me..... In.... Out..... Yeah that's it.... You're good! "

The person follows Met's directions .

" You're alright "

" Look at me... Breathe.... Just breathe "

In this moment of chaos , Met can't help but think

'His eyes '


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