Call of the Moon

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Chapter 3

Sunlight was the first thing that Champrelle saw as she woke up.

Rays of light lit up the room, casting shadows everywhere. The furniture and curtains created shadows that thankfully shielded her face so she wasn’t blinded.

The last thing she remembered was seeing a wolf turn into a gorgeous bronze skinned man and now she found herself in a comfy bed under a handmade quilt in a room she didn’t recognize. Her heartbeat sped up as she shot upright, fully taking in her surroundings.

Champ was in a king size bed in what looked like the bedroom of a cabin; a large one guessing by the distance from the bed to an en-suite across the room. The walls were rich red-brown wooden panels with various Native looking art pieces dotting them. A massive painting of Mt. Olympus hung above a huge fireplace that was easily big enough for a person to sit inside comfortably.

How the hell did she get here and why? That question raced through her mind, pushing the vague fear of unknown surroundings to the back of her mind.

Looking down at herself, relief flooded her. She was still in her clothes. The purple leggings and grey Nike sports top were still there. Everything was where it should be on her body. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her green Patagonia hiking backpack in a chair with her shoes neatly put on the floor next to it.

She tossed the quilt aside and walked to her backpack to check if everything was there. Quickly, she located her small can of mace on her key ring and unclipped it, shoving it into the mesh pocket on her leggings.

A girl never knew when she’d need it and remembering how big that fine wolf-guy was, she wanted it just in case. Champ wasn’t going to get caught out by some chump wanting a piece of her ass, at least, not again.

Definitely not again.

The turn of the door knob caught her attention, stopping midway as she pulled out her water bottle.

Standing in the doorway was the man she had seen in the woods, the one she swore she saw turn from a wolf. He was huge, filling the frame of the door. The poor guy had to duck slightly so his head wouldn’t hit the top of the frame as he walked in carrying a tray of food.

“Oh, I’m glad to see you’re awake.” He offered her a small smile.

In her chest she could feel the deep rumble of his voice, deep and sexy. The bass of it caused her toes to tingle as that warm sensation came over again.

Standing before her was the most gorgeous specimen she had ever laid her eyes upon. He was like a walking bronze skinned god. A Native god, guessing from his high cheek bones and strong jaw that could cut glass. His hair was long and straight, reaching his waist in silky smooth ebony. A five o’clock shadow covered his low face, giving the impression that it had been a few days since he had shaved.

All she could do was stare like a stupid deer in headlights as he set the tray down, that long gorgeous hair of his falling to cover his face.

Oh my freakin’ god. He’s so hot. Holy shit! Holy shit!

Breaking herself out of her staring she took note of the clothes he wore as he laid out a few plates of food on a table she had overlooked.

This walking god of a man wore a Buffalo plaid button-down shirt with some well loved acid wash jeans that hugged his hips oh so nicely, putting emphasis on a bulge between his legs. Champ’s inner slut was dying to see that package with her own eyes, unhindered by clothing.

He cleared his throat, once again yanking her out of her thoughts. She could feel her cheeks heat up in embarrassment. The damn man had caught her staring and she was mortified.

She really needed to stop being a creep and stop staring.

“Hi.” Champrelle squeaked, clearing her throat slightly.

“Hi.” His pearly smile made her heart skip a beat in response.

“Soooo . . . where am I? And who are you?” Standing upright, she set her hands on her hips.

Lust danced across his eyes briefly as he swept his hair from his face with his fingers. Fuck, his hands could cover her whole face individually! Everything about him was super sized.

“My name is Kota and you’re on my land, the land of the Quyakal. I’m the leader, the Alpha.”

Quyakal? She didn’t recognize the name as one of the tribes in the area. She vaguely remembered the Quileutes and the Quinalt. Champ knew there were dozens more but she must’ve missed the Quyakal when trying to remember them all. There were too many ones that started with Q and she easily mixed them up.

Before starting her backpacking for the weekend in Olympic Park, she had made sure to study up on Native Tribes in the area so she wouldn’t accidentally find herself camping on their lands or being disrespectful. The last thing she wanted to do was be just another outsider being ignorant.

“Quyakal? It doesn’t sound familiar.” Admitted Champ. She hoped he’d tell her more.

He nodded, “Yeah, we prefer to stay off the radar. We want to keep the peace with the humans.”

“Humans? That was a weird choice of words.” she thought.

Squinting her eyes in suspicion she asked him upfront, “So, what, you’re like a werewolf or something?” She chuckled, hoping it was just her imagination that conjured what she saw.

He didn’t laugh. He was dead serious.

Oh no. This is real.

Scratching at his neck he avoided her eyes, clearing his throat.

“Yes, I am, actually. An Ulfnar as we call it. We’re technically Lycans but, yes.”

“You’re shittin’ me.”

He seemed to not understand the slang she used, “No, I’m not shitting you. You saw it with your own eyes, my dear.”

She liked it when he used an endearment for her. A knot tightened in her belly.

“Well, Mister Kota Ulfnar man, my name is Champrelle but you can call me Champ for short.” Extending her hand before her they shook hands, his much larger one making hers disappear. Her eyes grew huge.

“He’s got to have a big dick. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t!”

With hands like his, he could easily subdue her if he wanted to get in her pants.

She jerked her hand back, that vague fear returning. The fear of her potentially being raped or something worse.

“I brought you some food from the dining hall, Champrelle. We need to talk about something. It’s important.” Kota beckoned her to join him at the table where he had set some food.

Quickly she joined him. Without her noticing he had set the table for two. Laid before her was a meat and vegetable stew, flat bread, and veggies. It smelled divine and her mouth watered from the smell. The last thing Champ had eaten was an Epic Apple & Bacon Beef bar.

She waited for Kota to dig in before she did. Spooning some of the stew onto the soup spoon, making sure to get a couple of beef cubes in there, she took a bite.

The taste of Venison flowed through her mouth as she ate the spoonful. Normally she didn’t like Venison due to the gamey flavor but whoever had prepared this had cooked it out. Forgoing the manners her mom had taught her, she dug in. Kota and her sat in silence as they ate the meal, avoiding each other’s eyes.

“That was fantastic! I didn’t realize I was so hungry.”

Kota nodded with a smile as he cleaned up their dishes, setting them back on the tray.

“I’m glad you like it. My cousin Kiisa makes the best food. She was blessed by the Moon Mother with exceptional cooking skills. Growing up, she was always helping in the dining hall.” She saw him light up as he talked about his cousin, reminiscing about his childhood.

Champrelle wasn’t close to her cousins growing up. Her dad was an only child and what cousins she did have, there wasn’t much in common so they never spoke aside from the occasional holiday card every Christmas. At the current point in her life she had stopped caring.

“Well, I send my compliments to the chef.”

“Actually, you can tell her yourself. I have to return the dishes before she lets the spirit of mischief loose again and I’m sure I still won’t learn my lesson.” He grimaced a little as they approached the door.

Champ giggled. “Can I come with?”

“Of course. You’re my guest! We still have to speak about that important matter. We both got caught up in our food it seems.”

He was right. They both pretty much inhaled the food.

She nodded in agreement as they left the room, Champ closing the door behind her after slipping on her shoes.

Before leaving to continue her trip, she wanted to see around the Quyakal territory and possibly learn a little about the people here. Hopefully, she didn’t have to stay too long. She really wanted to finish this already whacky adventure and go back home to Spokane.


Author’s Notes:

*All names and locations in this book are fictional and aren’t intended to represent real world people, places, or actual indigenous groups. I tried my hardest to come up with my own people and not use stereotypes to keep from being just another White person adding to the collective trauma of the Indigenous people of North America, specifically the United States. The land I reside on is the historical/ancestral lands of the Chickasaw people.*


Kota: (KOH-TUH)
Ulfnar: (ULF-NAR)
Quyakal: (COO-YUH-CALL)
Quileutes: (QWILL-YUTES)
Quinalt: (QWIN-NALT)
Kiisa: (KEE-SUH)

I hope you are enjoying this so far! Like, comment, review, and share if you like it so far! ❤️

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